Where Is Your Massage Chair Really Made??

luraco made in the usa

luraco made in the usaThe headline of this post alludes to the confusion that can come from trying to figure out where each massage chair model is made. There is so much hullabaloo about a chair being made in Japan or the USA vs. a chair manufactured in China. Typically, we understand that Japanese and American-made products are of a better quality than their Chinese-made counterparts. I am in agreement with that statement, and the numbers bare that out (Chinese-made chairs have a life expectancy of up to 10 years, a failure rate of 2-5%, and typically a 1 year parts & labor warranty. Japanese-made chairs expect to last 15+ years, have a failure rate of <1%, and come with a pretty standard 3 year parts & labor warranty).

Well, when speaking of being “Made in ____”, it may surprise you to know that it is not as simple as being made in one country. Let me explain…

When we talk about the making of a chair, we need to consider a few things, i.e. 1.) where the design and engineering of the chair is done, 2.) where the parts of the chair are made, and 3.) where chair is assembled. In some cases, all three components of the manufacturing process are done in 3 different countries.

china-flag-1444024 Most chairs, nowadays, are made in China. The design and engineering, manufacturing of parts, and assembly are all done in China. The Ogawa chairs, for example, are 100% made in China. Most of the Osaki, Titan, Apex, Omega, and Infinity chairs are made 100% in China.

But, did you know that some of the non-critical components of the Inada DreamWave chair are made in China, too, although it is rightfully claimed to be made in Japan? Did you know that the Luraco iRobotics 7 chair is an American-made, designed and engineered massage chair, but a minority of it’s non-critical components are made in Taiwan? Did you know that the new Navitas Sleep chair from Human Touch was designed and engineered by the Americans and Japanese, but the components are manufactured in Taiwan and the assembly of the chair is done in China? Furthermore, did you know that all the other Human Touch massage chairs are designed and engineered in America, but manufactured and assembled in China?

Panasonic is a Japanese company and their chairs are designed and engineered there, but all production and assembly occurs in Chinese factories. I don’t know what the situation is now, but in the recent past the factories in which the Panasonic chairs have been manufactured were Panasonic-owned factories so that the Japanese parent company could still have complete quality control.

stock-photo-13142341-japan-flagIt might surprise you to know that at the time of this writing, there is only one brand of chair that is 100% designed, engineered, manufactured, and assembled in Japan? That is the Fujiiryoki chair, one of the oldest massage chair companies in the world. Osaki carries a privately labeled Fujiiryoki model and it is called the Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium.

So, have I confused you? I know I was sure confused when I first started learning about all the nuances of what it means to be “Made in the USA”. When Luraco first introduced their line of chairs as being made in America, there was some pushback because a few of their non-critical components were manufactured in Asia. I found out, soon thereafter, that even Inada’s famous DreamWave, touted to be made in Japan, has some Chinese-made components in it.

Manufacturing and/or assembly in China is cost-effective. Cheaper-made product ultimately costs less to the end user…that’s you and I. So, companies have tried to integrate China or Taiwan in some of the process of making a chair to keep costs down across the board.

By they way, why can a chair like DreamWave say it is made in Japan when some of it’s components are manufactured in China? Or why can Luraco say their iRobotics 7 is made in America when some of it’s components are made in Taiwan (Taiwanese products are known to be of a better quality than their Chinese counterparts, in cases you were wondering). You may be asking yourself these questions. I know I did.

All I can say about that is that each country has it’s own guidelines as to what constitutes the term “Made in _____”. I suspect it is slightly different for each country. Below is a video recently released by Luraco that specifically addresses the “Made in the USA” standard. I hope you find this helpful.

If you have any questions about any model we carry or any other model out there, feel free to contact me anytime by phone, email, or chat. I am always at your disposal.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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10 Replies to “Where Is Your Massage Chair Really Made??”

  1. Hello Dr. Weidner, do you have any feedback on the Medical Breakthrough chairs brand? They claim to be also made in the USA.

    1. Hi, Angel
      Thanks for reaching out. I know that their chairs are manufactured in China. The only US-made chair is the Luraco brand (with non-critical components coming from Taiwan). They are a direct-to-consumer chair seller. I don’t know much about their chairs except that they are made in China. One of their models, and I can’t remember which one, is pretty much the same chair as the old Titan Executive, which was a decent chair for $2999. Try to find “real” reviews for the this company’s chairs and support, which are hard to find, to get a true perspective of how they really are. I hope this helps.
      dr. w.

  2. Hello Doctor, do you have any experience or opinion on the Dotast brand? Made in China but appears to have high end features. I am considering the A10. Thank you.

    1. Hi, Armen
      Thanks for your inquiry. I have heard of Dotast but have not known many chairs in the USA that are manufactured there. I don’t know anything about their current models either. I am really not much help to you.
      dr. w.

  3. Dr. Weidner,
    I have a question regarding a massage chair by trumedic mc2000 which is sold at Costco for 2995..00. Other retailers sell this chair for 4695.00 to 4995.00. Can you give me any information on this company and this chair.I have tried this chair and the Osaka 4000ls chair and in my opinion it out performs the Osaka chair.

    Thanks in advance,
    Roger Karstofsky

    1. Hi, Roger
      Thanks for your inquiry. I am not familiar with the Trumedic chairs at all, nor have I ever sat in one. All I know is that they are Chinese-made. I don’t know anything about their warranty or customer support, so I can’t speak to that either. Read as many reviews as you can about them to get an idea of what customers think. I wish I could help out more!
      dr. w.

    1. Hi, Steven
      Thanks for reaching out. I am not very familiar with their chairs at all. I know they are Chinese-made, but know little about their quality or the reputation of the company. I’ve never sat on one. They don’t appear to sell their chairs through a traditional retail network, but, like a lot of the low priced chairs, they sell direct to consumer through Amazon and affiliates pushing their products (you know, those “top massage chairs” sites and reports that link back to Amazon chairs…not very objective or truthful, in my opinion). Other than that, I don’t know much more. I know from experience with other customers that it is very hard to get customer support for their chairs. Maybe check into that. Most folks don’t fully appreciate how important customer support is until they have a problem with their chair. I’ve tried to find their own site, but have had no luck in doing so. I hope this helps.
      dr. w.

      1. Thank you, Dr. Weidner!

        You’ve confirmed for me my opinion that despite the very attractive price, it was too risky to go with that brand. The price just seemed too good to be true, and my research was also not kind to the distributor. The red flags I was seeing.were finally too many. I decided to go with the Human Touch Whole Body 7.1, which is at the limit of my price range. It does all I was looking for, and I’ve never been sold on the air bags — at least not in my price range. I found that they just squeezed me, which I don’t find therapeutic at all.

        I appreciate the effort you put into your expertise. Sadly, there isn’t enough data and in-depth reporting on massage chairs, but your reporting has been instructive for me in my search for a good and affordable chair.

        Thanks for you efforts and your help!

        Steve C.

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