Is back pain killing us?

June 7, 2017
 By Alyssa
June 7, 2017
 By Alyssa

Is back pain killing us?

A study of Danish twins over 70 published in the European Journal of Pain indicates that people with lower back pain have a 13 per cent greater chance of dying from all causes. 700 million people worldwide suffer from back pain. It is a major cause of disability, and may contribute to death as well, according to the study. Not many studies have investigated a possible correlation between lower back pain and death rates. Investigators said more study of this connection is indicated.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lower pack pain is the biggest cause of disability in the world.
  • Lower pack pain increases mortality for any cause in elderly people.
  • Commonly proscribed treatments for lower pack pain are not effective.

“Nearly four million people in Australia suffer from low back pain and the total cost of treatment exceeds $1 billion a year.”

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