International Massage Chair Orders

August 19, 2009
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
August 19, 2009
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

International Massage Chair Orders

We have been selling a lot of massage chairs internationally lately. Just in the past 3 weeks, we have sold massage chairs to Costa Rica, India, Bermuda, and Chile. I suppose the dollar exchange rates are affecting this recent jump in international sales. I also find on my website statistics that we get quite a few visitors to our site from around the world. There are a couple of things to know about international orders:

1. some countries do not have the same electrical output as North America. For example, here in the USA we have 110 V outlets…in Europe it typically is 220 V. A transformer is necessary to make the transition. With a good transformer, it should not miss a beat when you plug your new massage chair in. Make sure that when you shop for a transformer, you get one that can handle the wattage of the chair model you want. We can provide you with the wattage of any particular model. We can provide a transformer for you too. Just let us know and we can get you hooked up with one to coincide with your chair shipment.

2. Warranties on some of the chairs do not apply overseas. For example, Human Touch massage chair warranties are void once their chairs leave US soil. Panasonic and Sanyo massage chairs have the largest worldwide distribution networks, so their warranties are typically supported in other countries. We have shipped all manufacturer models all over the world. But, the Panasonic and Sanyo models are probably the safest best for warranty support.

3. We, at Massage Chair Relief, will not ship the bonus gifts overseas.

4. Shipping costs for international orders are to be paid for by the buyer. We offer free shipping on all our domestic shipments, but not on our international orders. However, we won’t leave you high and dry. On some models, we can give you domestic shipping credit for your overseas shipping costs. For example, if our shipping cost would have been $150 to ship to continental USA, we could give you a $150 credit on  your shipping cost overseas.

5. We can get you ocean and air shipping quotes. Ocean freight is always cheaper, but it is not door-to-door. It will ship to the closest port and then you will be responsible for getting the massage chair to the final destination. Ocean freight will also take quite a while longer, sometimes up to 45 days (boats just travel slower than airplanes!). Air freight is more expensive, but goes door-to-door and only takes a matter of a few days to get to it’s destination.

6. Payment for international orders can be done by wire transfer, paypal, check or credit card. Of course, some overseas credit card transactions are considered a higher risk and would require some verification. Checks would have to clear before shipment is made.

7. Some countries have customs, duty, and/or import taxes/fees that they place products when they arrive to the destination country. You will be responsible for those fees so make sure you are aware of how much those taxes/fees are before you purchase your new chair.

8. We offer an industry-best 90 day money back guarantee on all our massage chairs, including international orders. However, you will be responsible for return shipping if you decide to return your new chair within the 90 day period. For transactions that required payment of fees, eg. credit card fees, wire transfer fees, etc., you will also be responsible for the fees. But, other than that, you will be refunded the total balance of your purchase, minus the initial shipping costs to your country.

Hope this information helps!

Dr. Alan Weidner

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