International Massage Chair Orders

September 29, 2010
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
September 29, 2010
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

International Massage Chair Orders

There are certain times when we get more overseas buyers inquiring about massage chairs than others, and now is one of those times. We can go for literally months without an international massage chair inquiry and then all of a sudden have 3-4 a week. I have decided, and this is only observation, that when the US dollar is weak and the international dollars are stronger, the US massage chairs are a better bargain for our international customers.
So, given that now is a popular massage chair shopping season for our international clients, I thought I would review our policy for sales outside of the USA.

1. Generally speaking, warranties on chairs sold in the US are not valid overseas.

2. Inada’s warranty will cover chair sales to Canada and Mexico, in addition to USA. Also, if you buy an Inada massage chair that is shipped overseas, the warranty will pay for parts, but not shipping and you will be responsible for the labor on the chair in your country.

3. Panasonic and Sanyo are international companies and have a presence in most countries. You will probably have a better chance of getting warranty coverage overseas for a Panasonic or Sanyo massage chair (even though it may be a “crapshoot”, depending on where you live).

4. We do not offer refunds on international chair sales.

5. The buyer is responsible for shipping costs. We do give some breaks on some chairs, in lieu of the free shipping that we offer on domestic US sales.

6. Generally speaking, free shipping does not apply to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico (call us to be sure, depending on the model of chair you get).

7. No online ordering for international orders, unless you are having the chair shipped to a US destination where you will take care of shipping from there to your country.

8. We need your shipping city and zip/postal code in order to get you a shipping quote.

9. We can get you freight quotes for sea and air shipping.

10. Wire transfer is the preferred payment method for international orders. In some rare cases, we will accept a credit card.

11. Bonus gifts and 90 day money back guarantees do not apply to international orders.

12. You will be responsible for customs and duty taxes, if applicable.

13. We use 110 V electrical outlets in North America. Many foreign countries have 220 V outlets. You will need a step-up/step-down transformer in that case. We can provide you with a heavy duty transformer which runs $195.

Well, that should just about do it. Please feel free to call us at our showroom if you live overseas and are interested in a massage chair from Massage Chair Relief. Our number is 1-801-417-8240.  Here is the link to our policy page on our website regarding international orders:

Looking forward to hear from you!

Dr. Alan Weidner

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