12 Ways to Ease Low-Back Pain While Traveling – Newsmax

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Here are some great tips to relief lower back pain when traveling. One tip is to lift luggage and other items in stages to slow the pace and ease back pain. Also it is important to remember to not twist while lifting. People should not be scared to ask for help if  they suffer from back pain. Other options are to pack light or ship their bags directly to the end destination. If these fail then ice and heat packs are always nice to relief the pain. If people are sitting for a long flight or ride then be sure to get a lumbar pillow.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ship bags instead. Mail essentials to the designated destination and avoid luggage entirely.
  • Pack light. Moving a few light bags instead of one very heavy one, will likely avoid back injuries.
  • Heat wraps work. There are disposable, portable hot packs that heat up after opened and then apply them as needed.

“back pain can ruin even the best laid vacation plans.”

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