A Visit From Inada Massage Chairs!

November 25, 2008
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
November 25, 2008
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

A Visit From Inada Massage Chairs!

We were privileged to have Ken Kojima from Inada come visit our showroom on Saturday. Ken is the chief technician for  Ken Kojima from Inada Massage Chairs Inada Massage Chairs in the US and came over to visit Inada vendors in Utah. We spent an afternoon together visiting about the Inada massage chairs, and Ken showed us some interesting things about each of the Inada chairs that we have in our showroom...the Sogno PLUS massage chair, the Robo Massage Chair, and the i2 massage chair.

Among other things, he told us that the Sogno PLUS chocolate colored chair has black material covering the interior portions of the chair, rather than the creme colored material that is on our original chair. I will have to get those new pictures on our website. The creme colored interior material is still on the Standard model.

I also learned about how to rearrange the shoulder nodules on the cervical traction unit of our Sogno PLUS massage chair to optimize the trigger point therapy on the traps and levator scapulae muscles.  He also went over the voice response system of the new D5 Robo Massage Chair that we just got a couple of weeks ago. It is absolutely fascinating. These folks make some great chairs.

Ken also told me a little about the history of the Inada company and the president, Mr. Inada. Apparently, Mr. Inada made his first massage chair in 1962 by adding some rollers to the back of one of his chairs. That was the beginning. Now, they are one of the largest massage chair companies.

Thanks for the visit Ken. It was great to get to know you. Mydaughter, Melissa, was at the showroom for her first day of training, so this visit from Ken was extra special since my daughter got to hear about these fine chairs from the source. She really appreciated the visit. (also, thanks for your pliers, Ken, to pull our key out of the showroom door...I don't know what we would have done without you. We got new keys this morning!!).

Dr. Alan Weidner

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