Quick Hits – New Inada DreamWave; New Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide; Make-A-Wish

August 7, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
August 7, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Quick Hits – New Inada DreamWave; New Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide; Make-A-Wish

Lots of stuff going on in our massage chair world right now. You can check out my Massage Chair Industry Update for August 7, 2014 on our YouTube channel for more details, but here is a rundown on what is going on:

DreamWave 2_FM_3090 1. Inada has upgraded the Inada Sogno DreamWave as of August 1, 2014 and is now calling it simply the Inada DreamWave. You can go the product page on our website to see the list of new features. Most of the features seem to be programming changes and not so much hardware changes, except for new heating elements in the back and seat, different airbag technology in the forearms, a smart phone pocket, backlit remote control, and some extra bicep padding.

Software changes include adding deep relaxation session options to each of the 8 existing auto-programs, bringing the total to 16, consecutive session capability (thus able to increase session times from 15′ to 30′), auto recline at beginning and end of programs,  increased maximum air pressure for airbags, remote readout scroll speed, and manual mode instant start-up (no need for body scan in manual mode).

The chair’s upholstery color options haven’t changed, but the base color has been changed to dark gray.

The chair is $500 more in price ($8499) and, oddly enough, since August 1st, it is still selling at the same clip. Pretty impressive (pretty crazy, too!).

We just received the model in this week and my sons will be setting it up this morning. I’ll put up pics and a preliminary review in short order.

massage chair buyer's guide image 2. My new book is now on Amazon.com as a paperback and a Kindle download! This is the first book I’ve ever written and I wrote it to provide the ultimate resource for massage chair shoppers. It is called “The Ultimate Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide: How to Select the Perfect Massage Chair for Your Home or Business.” Please feel free to download the Kindle version and write a review on Amazon for it. Here is the link:


I’m very proud of it, though it is certainly not a literary trendsetter! But, I hope it serves the purpose for which it was written…to be a comprehensive guide to help massage chair shoppers find the right chair.

3. We have a new Wish Child…and her name is Evie. Please know that we donate a portion of every massage chair sale to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and, specifically, to our Wish Child. Our goal for 2014 is $7500…and we have pretty much reached that already. You can also donate, without buying a chair from us, directly through our Make-A-Wish page:


4. We have updated our Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and YouTube pages. We will be doing things a little differently on our Social Media properties from here on out. Follow us to see what will be changing in the next little while.

5. GE Capital financing will be changing it’s name to Synchrony Bank later this month. PayPal will also be changing the name of their “Bill Me Later” financing program to PayPal Credit.


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