What Does a Good Massage Chair Cost?

Cost of massage chairs
Cost of massage chairs

A good massage chair can be worth its weight in gold, as therapeutic chairs offer a multitude of physical, mental and emotional health benefits.

But how much can you expect to pay for a high-quality chair?

Prices for therapeutic chairs vary greatly and can range anywhere from $1,000 to upwards of $10,000. Generally speaking, the more expensive models offer more desirable features, but many low-cost chairs provide outstanding massages. And in any case, a good massage chair can be a practical investment. Here’s why – and how to find an affordable model that meets your needs.

Features that Affect Massage Chair Costs

High-quality therapeutic chairs come with a number of different features designed to optimize the massage experience. Those on the higher end of the price scale tend to have the latest technologies and additional attributes.

Several design factors can impact the price of a therapeutic chair. Features that drive up the cost include:

  • Automated and customizable massage programs
  • Advanced rollers for direct and concentrated massages
  • Massage tracks that reach the spine, neck and legs
  • Airbags for flat, even muscle pressure
  • Zero-gravity recline capability
  • Advanced reflexology massage for the feet and calves
  • Lumbar and full-body heating elements
  • Body scan technology for personalized massages
  • Space-saving design for a full recline in a few inches
  • Bluetooth speakers and app functionality

Why a Good Massage Chair is a Smart Investment

Making a big purchase can be stressful, but investing in a high-quality therapeutic chair can be a sound financial move.

How so? Consider this – the cost for a massage from a professional therapist can be $50 to $90 per hour. Add in a tip, and you might pay over $100 for a single session. Book an appointment once every week, and you may spend anywhere from $3,000 to more than $5,000 over the course of a year. That’s more money than it takes to own a brand new therapeutic chair from one of today’s leading brands!

Buy a good massage chair, and the purchase can also pay for itself in convenience. Instead of scheduling appointments and shuttling yourself to and from the spa or therapist’s office, you can relax and enjoy a massage anytime you like.

Finding an Affordable Therapeutic Chair

Finding a high-quality therapeutic chair that meets your needs and fits your budget is easy with Massage Chair Relief.

With our exclusive My Chair Finder, you can simply enter your height and weight along with the features you want, the brands you prefer and your price range to see a listing of models that match your criteria. You can also use our feature comparison chart to find the perfect chair, or just give us a call. And if you’re in northern Utah or southern California, you can always stop by our showroom.

As for affordability, Massage Chair Relief offers a deferred-interest financing program, and we frequently run money-saving sales. With our free shipping and returns, price matching, 90-day satisfaction guarantee and lifetime labor warranty, we’re a retailer you can trust. If you’re in the market for a good massage chair, contact us today!

Review of Titan TP-Pro 8400

Just about a year and a half ago, Infinity came out with their Iyashi, the first massage chair that I was aware of that was officially on the market with an extended roller track, now commonly called an L-Track. What a great innovation in the massage chair industry. A couple of years prior to that I had sat on an Inada test model that had rollers extend from the neck down to the calves, covering everything in between. It was called the D2 or something like that but was never officially developed and brought to the USA.

Since the introduction of the Iyashi, we’ve not seen many more chairs with the L-Track, that are name-brands anyways. Until now!

Recently, the Titan line of chairs (same company as Osaki) introduced two new models, both with extended roller tracks…even an inch or two longer than the 49″ roller track of the Iyashi. Those models are the Titan TP-Pro 8400 and the TP-Pro Alpine. I have both of those models in my showroom and both deserve a review. Today, I will be reviewing the 8400. I have already started a playlist on YouTube for the Titan 8400 and, at the time of this writing, have the intro video up of this chair.

Here are my thoughts and experience of the Titan TP-Pro 8400:

1. It is a smaller looking chair so it won’t take up as much space in your room. I have taken a picture of it next to the Osaki OS-4000T model so that you can see the comparative sizes. The outer aesthetics of this chair are great. It is a beautiful looking chair with great lines. The colors that are available incorporate two-tone colors on the exterior vs. the interior. It is a more classic looking chair that I think will look a little more like it belongs in a room, regardless of the decorum.

2. The chair is very easy to assemble. It comes in one box, is relatively light, and does not require the attachment of arm rests, which is the hardest part of the multiple box chairs to assemble. You only have to attach the ottoman and you are good to go.

2014-12-12 12.52.343. The remote control can fit in either one of two side pockets, which makes it easy to reach as well as hides it from visibility (no pedestal).

4. When you first turn on the chair, the chair defaults to one of the 5 auto programs (the “Comfort” program). Just pushing that one button gets the chair in a reclined position and starts the massage program. The chair does not have 3D rollers (I don’t think any of the L-Track chairs have developed that versatility in the 3D roller system yet), so you are set with the default intensity.

5. If you haven’t experienced a massage chair with an extended roller track (L-Track), you’ve been missing out. The 8400 has a 50″ roller track that goes past your low back and into your butt and upper hamstrings. Before these L-Track chairs came along, the only thing in a massage chair that could address things like sciatica, piriformis syndrome, or gluteal muscle soreness or tightness was airbags in the seat. Now, with the extended roller track, this area gets the same attention that the neck, mid back, and low back have been enjoying for years.

It also seems as though this chair’s rollers extend a bit longer than those of the Infinity Iyashi, which was the pioneer L-Track chair in the market (July 2013). You can feel the difference when the rollers hit the top of the hamstrings. It just felt like the rollers in the 8400 were moving lower down the hamstrings.

I’ll just mention that the extended rollers tend to lift your butt up and forward when they hit your hip area. I had to remind myself to shift my butt back up against the chair back to make sure that I was getting the full benefit of the rollers in the glut region.

6. The mechanical foot rollers can be intense when they are on with the associated foot airbags pushing down on the top of your feet. You can drop the intensity of the foot massage in a couple of ways: a.) decrease the foot airbag intensity and b.) change the speed of the foot rollers. That’s right, this is the first massage chair with foot rollers that allows you to adjust something…in this case the speed of the rollers. There are 3 different speed settings. If it is still too intense, you can always shut off the foot rollers altogether.

Another thing I noticed about the foot rollers is that it feels like there are two different types of foot rollers working you over. I could swear that there is a roller at the balls of the feet moving in a circular motion, while at the same time some rollers working lengthwise along the arch of the feet. Pretty cool, if that is really what is happening.

While I’m on the topic of the feet massage, I thought I’d mention how much I like the heel airbags in this chair. There are some airbags that inflate around your heel and anchor them down as part of the foot and calf massage. Feels great and really keeps the feet anchored in the ottoman.

7. This chair does not have a vibration feature or a stretch program. There is a stretch button on the remote, but it does not appear to offer any kind of a stretch program. As near as I can tell, that button just affects how the rollers work on your spine. After having been on the Iyashi, the Titan Alpine, and the 8400, it is obvious that a stretch program is not especially viable in these types of chairs since the back and seat are all one moving unit in order to maintain the integrity of the extended roller track. The chair just can’t physically move the chair back independent of the seat. So, most stretching programs in these types of chairs involve nothing more than the ottoman airbags inflating on the legs and the ottoman extending, thus pulling the lower half of the body out.

8. There are no hip airbags in this chair. This can actually help larger folks fit in the chair (see #14 below).

9. The literature says that this chair accommodates folks as tall as 6’5″. I would totally disagree with that. The ottoman has a manual extension feature but  I haven’t found it to extend too terribly far. I would say that the chair would fit someone as tall as 6’1″ – 6’2″ tops. Otherwise, it seems that the user is too big for the chair.

10. The arm massage has what I have come to call sequential airbag inflation. There appears to be two air cells in each arm, one for the hand and fingers, the other for the forearm. These air cells inflate sequentially and simultaneously throughout a massage session. Both arms inflate at the same time, so if you have to get your arms out quickly to get out of the chair, you might have a little trouble pulling your arms out right away because of that.

11. There is a lower thoracic/upper lumbar heating element that you can feel pretty quickly after turning it on.

12. The chair has a 20′ massage session timer that is displayed on the remote control.

13. As with most massage chairs, the back roller speed and width can only be adjusted in the manual settings.

20140414. Titan designed this chair with shoulder airbags that flare out. This is a pretty smart move as it will allow broader shouldered users to fit in between the shoulder airbags more easily. One of the biggest beefs we have with the new modern massage chairs is the less than optimal distance between the two shoulder airbags and, more specifically, the shoulder airbag housings. It is a little thing but will allow larger bodies to fit in the chair better. The lack of hip airbags also allows for folks who have a larger bottom to fit in the chair.

Well, that’s about it for my review of the Titan TP-Pro 8400. I hope you found it helpful. Please leave a comment below if you have a question or something to add to this topic.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Review of the New Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber

OS-3D Pro Cyber
OS-3D Pro Cyber

I sat on this new OS-3D Pro Cyber offering from Osaki when I visited their headquarters in Dallas, TX on October 21, 2013. I loved the design from the moment I saw the image of it so I was quite looking forward to sitting on it when I made my trek to Dallas. It had the look of a sleeker, more contemporary designed OS-7075R, plus it had some features like 3D roller intensity technology that made it more unique.

I learned that this Cyber was not manufactured in the same Chinese factory as the OS-7075R, but just happened to have the same kinds of body lines by coincidence. I really enjoyed the chair when I sat in it and immediately ordered one for my showroom. It arrived last Thursday and I assembled it a day later. I am not a handyman in any sense of the word, whatsoever, but even I was able to assemble it by myself. It was a little hard getting the chair base out of the box, as well as getting the chair back out of the other box (yes, it comes in two boxes), but once I did have all the parts out, it was relatively easy to put it together.  Continue reading “Review of the New Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber”

A Chair for a 4’10” Petite Woman?

I often have calls and inquiries about which chairs would be best suited for tall folks, but once in a while I get an email like this one asking for chair suggestions for someone quite short.


Hi Dr Weidner, I found your site while researching for a massage chair for my mom. Your website and reviews are truly great, the best I could find on google. My mom is very petite, only 4’10” tall. She has lower back pain close to the spine. I really want to get her a massage chair to alleviate her pains. I’m wondering which models would fit her better? I’ve seen some good reviews about osaki models, would osaki 7200h fit her size? I also saw a human touch model in costco, that chair looks pretty small but doesn’t have many fancy functionalities that Osaki does. Could you please give some suggestions on which brand/model would work better for her case? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks, Liang Continue reading “A Chair for a 4’10” Petite Woman?”

Over 6′ Tall & 300 lbs – Which Massage Chair Is Right?

Things just come in waves. In the course of 2-3 days I had 3 inquiries from customers that had to do with size and weight and which chair would work. I had two folks that were over 6 feet and weighed between 300 – 350 lbs. On one of the days when I received an inquiry, I had a salesman at the showroom who overheard  me  talking on the phone with this customer about his size concerns. The salesman just happened to be 6’5″ tall and weigh 350 lbs and he just happened to offer to sit in all of my massage chairs in the showroom and give his honest opinion of which chairs fit OK and which did not.  Continue reading “Over 6′ Tall & 300 lbs – Which Massage Chair Is Right?”

“Why Do I Hurt After My First Time On A Massage Chair?”


I hear this a lot. Many folks say that they hurt after their first session on a massage chair. You know, the long and short of it is your body is not used to the therapy…it is not used to having something good like a massage chair massage done to it. I see this all the time in our clinic: a patient comes in for treatment for low back pain and, after a spinal manipulation and a brief spot massage from our massage therapist, they are sore for the next day or so.

Remember how you felt after the shoveling snow after the first snowfall? Or how you felt after working in the yard for the first time in the spring? Or how you felt after going back to playing basketball or golf or bowling, when you hadn’t done it in quite some time? That is the same idea.

You are getting muscles involved by the massage chair that you aren’t used to having worked over. They have been asleep for a while. Nobody likes to get woken up from a comfortable sleep! Your muscles and joints are no different. They are used to same old postural position day after day and now you want to break up the party by massaging and mobilizing them. They are rebelling!! Plain and simple.

So, don’t worry if you have some soreness after a massage chair session. It may even hurt for the first 2-4 sessions, bu eventually your spine is going to get it and snap into shape. You will begin to feel better very soon. You may even notice some great benefits in the rest of your body, even though your muscles might be sore at first. For example, you might feel taller, more limber, or that you can breathe deeper, or that you are sleeping better.

As  my kids say, “It’s all good, Dad.” Hey, “it’s all good” for your spine, too. Just don’t give up on your chair…it will be easier with each passing day. You are going to love your new massage chair. I guarantee it! If you have some other symptoms, besides just some sore muscles, you can always go to your doctor and get a check-up to make sure everything is up to snuff in the rest of your body. You will most likely know the difference between sore muscles and other “stuff”…you know your body.

Dr. Alan Weidner