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Placing a USA Order

To place an order on our website, please use our secure on-line shopping cart and enter your credit card information. If you would like to place an order by phone, please call us toll free at 888-259-5380. If you are not living in the continental United States, you will need to call or e-mail us in order to have your chair order processed. The online form is not designed to handle International orders or those from Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

If you have questions regarding any of our products and services, you can email us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from our contact us page.

Placing an International Order

Please visit us here to learn more about international orders: International Orders


Our goal is that your experience with us is second-to-none, from your initial visit to this website to long after you are relaxing in your massage chair at home or at work (yes…many folks buy these massage chairs for the office, too!). This is very important to us. Carrying the finest and most innovative product available on the market is important, but it will be your interaction with us that will leave a lasting impression. Therefore, our customer service is where we shine. We will be with you every step of the way. We’ll never “leave you hanging”. You will have peace of mind throughout the entire purchase process.

If you have any problems, and we mean any problems, with your massage chair when it arrives at your doorstep, call the customer service number of the manufacturer that your chair came from:

Human Touch/Perfect Chair/iJoy: 1-800-355-2762
Panasonic: 1-800-211-7262
Omega: 1-800-659-3650 (ext. 302)
Inada: 1-888-769-0555 (ext. 106)
Osaki/Titan/Apex: 1-888-848-2630
Infinite Therapeutics: 1-603-347-6006
Cozzia: 1-877-977-0656
Ogawa: 1-844-438-6249 (opt. 2)
Luraco: 1-800-483-9930

Each of these manufacturing companies are fantastic and will take care of your concerns immediately. If you have any trouble getting a hold of them, then by all means call us at 888-259-5380 and we’ll get involved in the process.

Methods of Payment

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

PayPal Visa Master Card Discover Card American Express

We can also accept money orders, cashier’s checks, and personal checks. In the event you use a personal check or cashier’s check, please send to:

Massage Chair Relief®
2248 W. 5400 S.
Taylorsville, UT 84129

All orders by check or money order will be processed upon funds clearing.

Delivery Time

Your order should ship within 48-72 hours and arrive at your home or office within 7-10 business days from the time you place your order. Expect delivery to take up to an extra week for delivery when ordering White Glove Service.


All massage chairs are sent via ground freight within the United States. Shipping rates range from $300.00 - $800.00 per chair. One of the bonuses of ordering through this website is that you will receive FREE SHIPPING when you order any chair through this website (continental US only; Alaska/Hawaii/Puerto Rico and International orders not included). Standard freight shipping will drop the packaged chair off at your home. It is typically known as "curbside delivery" and is not delivered into your home (except for Panasonic, which offers "threshold delivery" on all of their chairs, meaning the delivery people will actually bring the chair into your home). You will be responsible for the unpacking and assembly of your massage chair. However, you may be interested in our "White Glove Service ", which takes care of unpacking and assembling your massage chair, as well as getting rid of all the cardboard and other packing materials that come with the chair.

International and Hawaii/Alaska/Puerto Rico shipments are dealt with slightly different and will require an over-the-phone order. The shipping will be explained at that time. Duties and custom clearance issues and costs will be the responsibility of you, the buyer.

Sales Tax

Pay No Sales Tax on any purchase from! (except Utah & California)

Refund/Exchange Policy

90 Day Money Back Guarantee * No Restocking or Handling Fees * We Pay 50% of the Return Shipping Costs

We boast a 90-Day, Unconditional, Money-Back Guarantee, from the date of purchase, for all chairs purchased through Any other massage recliner retailer that has a guarantee will give you a 30-day money back guarantee. 90 days is UNHEARD OF! And that is what we offer you. It must be noted that our 90-day money back guarantee is offered by Massage Chair Relief® and not by any of the manufacturers.

We do not offer refunds or exchanges on discontinued, close-out, refurbished, used, or floor model massage chairs. We do not accept refunds or exchanges for International or Hawaii/Alaska/Puerto Rico orders. We also do not refund white glove delivery costs, should you order that feature with your new chair. For continental US orders, if you do decide to return your chair within the 90 day guarantee period from the date of purchase, for whatever reason, you will need to send it back to us in the original packing material and, of course, you will also be responsible for the disassembling and packaging up of the chair in the original packing material. The great news is that we will split the cost of return shipping with you (standard curbside delivery. Expedited return delivery not covered at all)!! Yes, you read that right. Any other company will expect you to pay for the full cost of return shipping if you choose to return your chair...and that return shipping can cost anywhere from $300 - $800, depending on...

  • The weight and size of your chair, and
  • Whether your chair is in a city or off the beaten path.
Well, put your mind at ease, because at Massage Chair Relief® you will only be responsible for 50% of our already low freight and shipping costs back to our office (which will usually only cost you about $125 - $175). Massage Chair Relief® will pay the other 50% of the freight and shipping costs (we strongly recommend that you keep the packing material when the chair is delivered or else return shipping will be much more expensive than it already is with the packing material!). This splitting of the return shipping fees applies only to standard curbside delivery and does NOT apply to expedited shipping.

If your chair has already shipped and is enroute to you and you decide, for any reason, to cancel your order before you receive it, you will still be responsible for 50% of the cost of return shipping (if you ordered white glove service and decide to cancel your order before receiving your chair, you will not be refunded the price of the white glove service paid at the time of the original transaction).

Any extended warranty purchased will be refunded. However, if you purchased a commercial warranty for your chair, that will not be refunded.

If you are returning or exchanging your chair, the chair must be in our showroom within 90 days from the date of purchase (unless the chair was on back-order, in which case the chair must be in our showroom within 90 days of the shipping date). If it arrives after 90 days from the date of purchase, you will be charged a 25% restocking fee. If it arrives after 110 days from the date of purchase, we will refuse delivery and it will be sent back to you.

For chairs that are returned to us and arrive at our showroom before the 90 days is up, you will receive back 100% of the original sale price (and tax, if applicable) of your chair minus...

> 3% for Visa, MC, or Discover credit or debit card fees charged to Massage Chair Relief® at the time of purchase OR

> 3.5% for American Express credit card fees charged to Massage Chair Relief® at the time of purchase OR

> 2.61% for 6 month, 5.41% for 12 month, 10.35% for 18 month, 12.07% for 24 month, 14.66% for 36 month, 16.72% for 48 month Synchrony Bank Financing credit card fees charged to Massage Chair Relief® at the time of purchase.

> 50% of the return shipping cost (which usually will only cost you anywhere from $100-$175)

However, you will NOT be charged any restocking/handling fees nor will you be back charged for the original shipping cost!

Your refund will be in the form of a mailed check from AM6 Distributing Inc. in the amount of the purchase price minus the credit card fees charged to Massage Chair Relief® at the time of purchase (in other words, the refund will NOT be to your credit card, to avoid more credit card processing fees) and minus your half of the return shipping/freight costs. The only exception to this is a purchase made with Paypal. In that case, the refund will be issued directly to your Paypal account and, if the processing fees are returned to us, no fees will be discounted from your return.

If you are a continental US customer and want to exchange your chair for another, you will need to send it back to us in the original packing material and, of course, you will also be responsible for only 50% of the freight and shipping costs of the chair back to our office. Once you have decided on the chair you would like in its place, we will either bill or credit you the difference. Free shipping also applies to the new chair.

In review, here are the highlights of our amazing return/exchange policy:

  • 90 Day Return Policy
  • No Restocking or Handling Fees (if returned within 90 days)
  • No Back Charging for Original Shipping!
  • We Pay 50% of the Return Shipping Costs
  • Your Refund Will be in the Form of a Check

Our return/exchange policy does not apply to any pre-owned/used massage chairs.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to!