Tips for Buying a Massage Chair Online

Best massage chairs online
Best massage chairs online

Are you thinking about buying a massage chair?

Shopping online might not be your first inclination, but doing so can be a great way to get a chair that meets your needs and budget. You’ll have a wider range of options than you would with most brick-and-mortar stores – and, in all likelihood, you’ll save money on the purchase.

But how do you choose from the many different models without giving them a try? Below, you’ll find our best tips on buying a massage chair online.

Choose a Reputable Retailer

First and foremost, you’ll want to make your purchase at a trusted website with a longstanding history as an online retailer. For a headache-free shopping experience, look for a company that offers a satisfaction guarantee on their therapeutic chairs along with free shipping and returns.

Read Massage Chair Reviews

A premium therapeutic chair can be priceless in terms of the benefits it provides, but the price tag can be on the high side. To make a smart purchase, take the time to read product reviews – the more, the better. Reading about the experiences others have had with specific features and models can help you understand which chair is right for you.

Consider the Warranty Coverage

When you buy a therapeutic chair from a leading manufacturer – like Inada, Human Touch, Panasonic and Osaki – you can count on some form of warranty coverage. Most offer three- to five-year limited warranties, though labor is often only be covered for the first year. With some online retailers, however, you can get a warranty that covers your labor costs for longer.

Why Shop at Massage Chair Relief?

Clearly, we’d love for you to make your purchase at Massage Chair Relief – and we’re confident you’ll be happy if you decide to shop with us.

We’ve been in the business of selling high-quality therapeutic chairs since 2005, and the owner of our company is a well-respected industry expert. We know what brands are the best, and our exclusive My Chair Finder makes it easy to find models with the features you want.

We offer free shipping, free returns and a full 90-day unconditional satisfaction guarantee on all of our therapeutic chairs. We also provide a Peace of Mind Lifetime Labor Warranty. So, if your chair ever has a problem, contact us – we’ll help you find the replacement parts to purchase, and we’ll have a technician come out to complete the repair at no additional cost.

At Massage Chair Relief, you can also take advantage of money-saving sales and our deferred-interest financing program. We’re here to meet your needs, and we welcome questions. Plus, if you’d really rather not make an online purchase, you can always stop by one of our showrooms, located in northern Utah, southern California and south central Arizona. If you’re ready to buy a massage chair, visit our website or reach out to our friendly team today.

Why a Massage Chair Is a Smart Investment

Benefits of owning a massage chair
Benefits of owning a massage chair

A high-quality massage chair doesn’t come cheap – you can expect to pay at least a thousand dollars, and the cost could be quite a bit more. So, wondering whether a chair is worth the money is completely understandable.

That said, once you learn about the many benefits of owning a therapeutic chair, we’re sure you’ll agree that buying one can be a smart investment. Here’s a look at what you have to gain when you make a purchase.

Get a Massage Anytime

Buy a high-quality therapeutic chair, and you can enjoy a massage whenever you like. The middle of the night, first thing in the morning, lunchtime, right after work – anytime is a good time to take a seat. And, you can use your chair as often as you want.

Be Your Own Massage Therapist

If you don’t like disrobing and having a stranger touch you – or if you’re just not a fan of chitchat and awkward conversations — you’re not alone. With a chair in your home, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Instead, you’ll be able to sit back and relax, ensuring you get a great massage.

Save Money on Massage Therapy

Each visit a massage therapist can cost up to $100, and if you make a weekly appointment, you’ll spend over $5,000 in a single year. At that rate, a high-quality chair – even one that costs $10,000 – will pay for itself in a relatively short time. And since you can count on it lasting for many years, buying a chair can save you a great deal of money.

Which Massage Chair Should You Buy?

If we’ve convinced you to invest in a high-quality massage chair, your next step is to decide which model best meets your needs. And with all of the options available, making a choice may be a challenge.

That’s why we created our exclusive My Chair Finder. Use it, and you can easily compare the different models and see which options offer the features you want. But, we also welcome questions, and you can come talk to our therapeutic chair experts at our southern California, northern Utah or south central Arizona showroom.

Massage Chair Relief is an industry leader, in business since 2005. All of our products come with a 90-day unconditional satisfaction guarantee – and we’re willing to match any advertised sale price. We also offer free shipping and free returns, so you can shop with confidence.

Make your purchase at Massage Chair Relief, and you’ll be making a smart investment. To find the right high-quality massage chair for your home, visit our website or get in touch with us today.

How to Clean a Massage Chair

Massage chairs online
Massage chairs online

Massage chairs don’t require much in terms of maintenance, but a good cleaning every now and then is essential. Regular use can take its toll, and if you don’t take the time to clean your chair, it’s not going to remain in tip-top shape for long.

Fortunately, cleaning a massage chair isn’t difficult – and you can complete the task in just a few minutes. Here’s what you need to do.

Remove any Detachable Cushions

If your massage chair has any detachable pillows or cushions, remove them and set them aside. Then, using the crevice tool on your vacuum, sweep out any dirt, debris and pet hair from underneath. While you’re at it, make sure to vacuum all of your chair’s nooks and crannies.

Wipe Down the Surface of the Chair

Take a soft, dry cloth and use it to dust the surface of your chair. If that’s not sufficient – and your upholstery is synthetic leather — use a diluted, mild soap solution and a slightly dampened sponge or cloth to wipe it down. If you have a real leather-upholstered chair, you can use a special leather cleaner, but test it in a small, nonvisible area first.

Make Sure the Upholstery is Dry

If you opt to use a water-based solution or leather cleaner, make sure you thoroughly dry the surface afterwards. You don’t want to leave the surface of your massage chair wet, as that could result in spots or discolored areas in the upholstery.

Clean the Removable Cushions

Now’s the time to clean the pillows and cushions you set aside earlier. Use the same approach as you did for the chair itself, but do the cleaning in a different area – that way, nothing on the cushions can end up on the surface of the chair. If you have synthetic leather upholstery and you’re able to unzip the inserts, you can use the gentle cycle on your washing mashing to get them clean. But, be sure to air dry, as using your dryer may cause them to shrink.

How Often Should You Clean Your Massage Chair?

A high-quality chair is an investment, and the better care you give yours, the longer it will serve your needs. That said, you don’t have to worry about cleaning very often. As a general rule, chairs should be cleaned every couple of weeks or so. For those that get a great deal of daily use, a weekly cleaning should suffice.

Do you have questions? For expert answers and advice, turn to the professional team at Massage Chair Relief.

We enjoy helping our customers, and you can give us a call or send us an email anytime. Or, if you’re in southern California, northern Utah or south central Arizona, you can drop by our showroom for a chat with our staff. Reach out to Massage Chair Relief today!

Choosing a Massage Chair for a Retirement Gift

Giving the gift of a massage chair
Giving the gift of a massage chair

Is one of your relatives or friends retiring this year? A high-quality massage chair makes for an excellent retirement gift – trust us, it’ll be their favorite present by far.

Before you start shopping, however, you need to consider the person you’re buying the massage chair for and how you can best meet their needs. To make a smart decision and, take the following into account.

Room Space

First of all, think about the home your retiring family member or friend lives in and where they will put their new therapeutic chair. Is there plenty of room available, or is the floor space rather limited?

Some models are larger than others, and you don’t want to choose a chair that takes up too much room. Fortunately, with today’s space-saving technology, you can find high-quality massage chairs that easily fit into tight quarters.

Chair Appearance

A number of materials, including genuine leather, synthetic leather and fabric upholstery, are available for therapeutic chairs, and you’ll have your choice of several colors. Some models also have accessories, like extendable leg rests or a separate ottoman.

Looks matter when it comes to a retirement gift massage chair. After all, the model you purchase will be sitting in the home of your relative or friend, and chances are they would prefer a chair that suits their interior design style.

Chair Features

Massage chairs may have a range of different features designed to provide an outstanding massage experience. Most high-end models have automated and customizable programs as well as tracks that reach the spine, neck and upper leg muscles.

As you shop for your retiring relative or friend, consider whether they’d appreciate additional attributes. Zero-gravity recline capability is a popular option, and many people prefer chairs with body-scan technology and full-body heating elements. These types of features increase the cost, but can be well-worth the investment.

Satisfaction Guarantee

A high-quality massage chair can be a pricey present, so look for a model with warranty coverage and shop at a retailer that offers a satisfaction guarantee.

As careful as you may be in making a selection for your retiring family member or friend, the therapeutic chair you purchase may not be a good fit for their home. Or, they could find that it doesn’t provide the type of massage experience they need. Choose a retailer with an unconditional money-back guarantee, and making an exchange won’t be a problem.

When you’re ready to shop, visit Massage Chair Relief. We offer a vast selection of the world’s leading brands and models, and we’re willing to match any advertised price. We also have a 90-day unconditional satisfaction guarantee, and with us, shipping and returns are free of cost.

Try out our exclusive My Chair Finder, and you can easily find a therapeutic chair with the features you want and a price that fits your retirement gift budget. For more information, stop by one of our showrooms or head to the Massage Chair Relief website today.

Reasons to Buy a Massage Chair for Your Home

Massage chairs online
Massage chairs online

You’ve no doubt seen massage chairs at the mall or airport, and you may even want to buy one. But should you do so?

A high-quality massage chair is no small investment. However, ordering one for your home can be a smart decision for several reasons. Here, we look at the many benefits of owning your own therapeutic chair.


One of the more obvious reasons to buy a massage chair is because sitting in one feels quite good. If you like getting massages – and who doesn’t? – that could be enough of a motivation to make a purchase. And to make the experience even more enjoyable, you can relax while you watch TV or read a book.

Stress Relief

Constantly dealing with stress at work or at home? Having your own therapeutic chair, one you can use at the end of every stressful day, can make a definite difference in how you feel. Regular massages can help you unwind, soothing away your tension and replacing it with feelings of rejuvenation.

Pain Relief

If you have a bad back, aching muscles, joint pain or arthritis, buying a therapeutic chair makes good sense. The massage action it provides can naturally relieve your pain, and using the chair on a regular basis may even reduce your need for medication and medical treatments.

Better Sleep

Sitting in a massage chair is very relaxing – many people actually start to snooze not long after they take a seat. If you suffer from insomnia or simply have trouble drifting off at night, investing in a high-quality therapeutic chair could help solve your sleep problems.


Going to a massage therapist is great, but who has the time? And even if you can fit sessions into your busy schedule, you can’t really see a therapist any time you like. When you have a massage chair in your home, you can use it whenever you want and as often as you need – and the convenience makes the purchase more than worthwhile.

Special Gift

Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one – or something special for yourself? A therapeutic chair is the ideal choice, and with some retailers you can opt for white glove delivery service. That means you can get a chair delivered, unpacked, assembled and positioned in the spot of choice, making it ready for immediate use. As far as gifts go, that’s pretty hard to beat!

Have we convinced you to buy a therapeutic chair? At Massage Chair Relief, we offer the world’s best brands and models – and we’re willing to match any advertised price.

Shipping and returns are absolutely free with us, and all of our products come with both a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and our Peace of Mind Lifetime Labor Warranty. We offer white glove delivery service and financing plans to make buying a high-quality massage chair easier and more affordable.

For more information, or to get answers to your questions about buying a high-quality massage chair, contact us today.

Update to the Inada & DreamWave Saga – OHCO!!

OHCO massage chair logo
OHCO massage chair logo

Well, things certainly can change in a hurry! Back in May of this year, I wrote an article discussing the history of Inada USA, Family Inada in Japan, and the new DreamWave  line of chairs. I won’t go into redundant details, but DreamWave was a new line of chairs created by Furniture For Life (FFL), the parent company of Positive Posture, Inada USA, Panasonic, and BodyFriend massage chairs. The term “DreamWave” was the brainchild of Cliff Levin, President of FFL, and was used as the name of his new chair line.

OHCO massage chair logoRecent legal wranglings about the use of the DreamWave term have now led to the renaming of that brand to OHCO. The chairs are still the exact same, the model names are the same, the brains behind the new line is still the same, and the pricing hasn’t changed…only the brand name has changed. In an interview with me last month, Mr. Levin explains the OHCO name along with the nuance of it’s meaning and significance. You can watch that interview at this link:

Cliff Levin Interview – New OHCO Massage Chair Brand

(If you are interested, you can read the Press Release from FFL announcing the name change, which I have placed at the end of this article.)

Inada Therapina Robo massage chair
Inada Therapina Robo

As a result of the inception of this new line of chairs, FFL then surrendered the US distributorship for the Inada massage chairs. That leads me to the next part of this article. Osaki Titan has formally entered into an agreement with Family Inada of Japan to become their new US distributor of the Inada massage chair line. Chairs should be available next month (“mid-December”) for purchase. So far, two models have been announced – the familiar Inada DreamWave and the new Inada Therapina Robo, which is a chair that was introduced to us at CES last January in Las Vegas. I saw the chair for the first time and video taped it. I didn’t sit in it at CES because the line was pretty long. You can watch that video here (the footage of the Therapina begins at the 16:24 point of the recording):

Inada Therapina Robo CES Footage

As you can tell from the image above, the look of the Therapina has changed a bit since my CES footage last January. We look forward to familiarizing ourselves with the new Therapina Robo once it is available and hope to floor it in at least one of our showrooms. Once we do, you know that we’ll be talking about it in this blog and on our YouTube channel.

Dr. Alan Weidner

PRESS RELEASE: Say Hello to OHCO: The New Brand Name for the Best Luxury Massage Chairs in the World

BOULDER, Colo.Oct. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — FFL Brands proudly announces a new name and brand identity for its Ken Okuyama-designed massage chair lineup. The M.8LE, M.8 and new R.6 are the world’s most meticulously designed and technologically advanced full-body shiatsu massage chairs, and will be marketed under the new OHCO brand effective immediately in the USA. OHCO branding will be gradually rolled out in other countries around the world in the coming months.

Visually, the new logo is designed to invoke feelings of tranquility, calmness and peace. The typography epitomizes fluidity, and the deliberate placement of the letter “O” at the beginning and end of the word symbolizes flow, timelessness and abiding wellness. The logo also speaks to the company’s ties to the ancient Eastern traditions and sensibilities that are built into all OHCO products. Practically, the OHCO name is also easily and consistently pronounced in all countries and all languages.

“We are excited to unveil OHCO, an elegant brand name that will come to represent the many ways we bring preeminent design and proprietary innovations and functions to the massage chair market,” said founder and CEO Cliff Levin. “We believe OHCO exemplifies the ultimate balance of strength, elegance and serenity, and we look forward to breathing life into this brand and relaxation into the lives of discerning consumers around the world.”

The business provides the world’s most luxurious and meticulously crafted massage chairs that promote enduring comfort, happiness and peace. OHCO’s goal is to continue to raise the bar for massage chair standards by developing beautifully designed, life-changing products that cater to the complete needs of the mind and body.

Top 10 Ways a Massage Chair Benefits Your Health

Long-term benefits of massage chairs
Long-term benefits of massage chairs

Why should you invest in a high-quality massage chair?

Several reasons, actually. Many people think that massage chairs are luxury items capable of providing only short-lived pleasure. The truth is, owning one offers many long-lasting health benefits.

No. 1: Relief from Aches & Pains

Chronic headaches, back and neck pain, leg aches, sore shoulders – high-quality massage chairs have been proven to alleviate all of these and more. Using one increases your serotonin level, which greatly helps with pain management.

No. 2: Faster Recovery

If you tweak a muscle during a workout or suffer an injury, sitting in your chair can help you heal more quickly. The therapeutic action reduces lactic acid buildup, diminishing the muscle soreness for a smoother recovery.

No. 3: Increased Mobility

Massage loosens tight muscles, and the decreased muscle tension helps improve your flexibility. If you have joint stiffness or a restricted range of motion, using a therapeutic chair can allow for easier movement.

No. 4: Better Sleep Quality

Do you toss and turn every night? Spend a few minutes in a high-quality massage chair before you go to bed, and you’ll feel much more relaxed. As a result, you’ll nod off faster and stay asleep longer.

No. 5: Enhanced Mood

If you’re feeling stressed or having a bad day, a session in your therapeutic chair can help. Massage increases your endorphin levels, and the feel-good chemicals can ease your mind.

No. 6: Lower Blood Pressure

When you sit in a therapeutic chair, the feeling of complete relaxation and well-being helps slow your heart rate and bring down your blood pressure. The long-lasting effects can lead to a decreased risk of heart disease.

No. 7: Improved Circulation

Massage effectively improves the venous and lymphatic flow through your entire body. This clears away toxins and allows your muscles and tissues to absorb more nutrients, thereby enhancing your overall body function.

No. 8: Boosted Immune System

Therapeutic massage increases the number of lymphocytes in your body, which help protect you from illness. By sitting in your chair, you’ll be better able to fend off viruses and infections.

No. 9: Posture Correction

By sitting in a high-quality massage chair, you can help correct spinal misalignments. The ergonomic design relieves pressure on the back, neck, shoulders and hips, and the therapeutic action can lead to better posture over time.

No. 10: Healthier Skin

Because getting a massage boosts your circulation and allows for improved nutrient absorption, using a therapeutic chair can give a fresh glow to your skin. As time goes on, your skin will look much healthier.

Now that you see how a massage chair can benefit you, the real question is – why wouldn’t you want to buy one?

At Massage Chair Relief, we make owning a high-quality chair affordable for anyone. With us, you can finance your purchase, and we offer both zero-interest and deferred-interest plans to meet your needs. For more information, or to browse our vast range of massage chairs from the word’s best brands, contact us or stop by one of our showrooms today.

How Does Massage Chair Body Scanning Work?

Buy massage chairs online
Buy massage chairs online

The best massage chairs available today all have some sort of body scanning feature. By taking a scan, a chair can determine your height and where your muscles are tight, then use the data to deliver an effective massage.

Thanks to body scanning technology, each person who sits down has a personalized massage experience. Here’s a look at how scanning works.

Back Scanning

High-quality massage chairs use back scanning to figure out how to properly adjust the mechanisms that perform the kneading, rolling, tapping and pushing.

Back scanning starts at the seat of the chair, as everyone’s bottom sits in the same spot. A sensor rolls up the spine until it detects no pressure. This tells the chair where the top of the shoulders lie and, therefore, the upper limit of the massage cycle. In some models, the sensor also analyzes musculature to identify tight spots.

Leg Length Scanning

Chairs that provide leg massages also feature leg length scanning – which, as you might suspect, measures the length of your legs in order to design an effective massage.

Massage chairs have either spring movement, motorized movement or mechanical leg length scanning. In chairs with spring movement, manual foot pressure on the ottoman measures the distance to extend the massage. Motorized movement allows you to set the lower limit of the massage by pushing button to slide the ottoman into position. And mechanical leg length scans use a sensor to automatically adjust the ottoman.

Scanning Considerations

How do you compare the body scanning features in different massage chairs?

First of all, not all chairs have the same level of scanning accuracy. For the best results, look for a 3D or 4D massage chair. These models can detect forward pressure and spinal curvature across a wider area, which means they are capable of providing a more personalized massage.

As for leg length scanning, spring movement is quite common and less expensive than the other two options. However, motorized or mechanical scanning may be better suited for those with leg pain and mobility issues.

With just about any chair, you can always override the body scanning feature by selecting a massage program before the scan begins. Some models also have a “shoulder position” button on the remote, which you can push to adjust the upper limit of the massage to your liking.

Are you ready to shop for a high-quality chair? At Massage Chair Relief, we offer the world’s leading brands and models – and we’ll match any advertised price.

With us, shipping and returns are absolutely free. Plus, we provide both a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime labor warranty. And with our exclusive My Chair Finder, you can easily find a model that has the features you want and a price you can afford.

For more information on massage chair body scanning technology, or to start shopping, stop by the Massage Chair Relief website or head to one of our showrooms today.

Do Massage Chairs Come with Warranty Coverage?

Massage chair with warranty information
Massage chair with warranty information

Massage chairs are high-tech products with advanced computer components and lots of moving parts. And though they’re engineered for durability, they can develop issues.

So what if your new chair breaks down? Will a warranty cover the cost of repairs?

The answer depends upon the manufacturer of your massage chair. As a general rule, however, most warranties cover labor and parts for at least a year. That said, the length of your chair’s warranty isn’t the only consideration. Here’s what you need to know to make a smart investment.

Manufacturer Warranty Coverage

Most good massage chairs – such as those from reputable manufacturers like Human Touch, Inada, Osaki and Panasonic – come with three to five year limited warranties. Some cover both parts and labor for the entire duration, while others limit labor to the first year. Almost all offer extended warranty options as well, so you can get coverage that lasts longer.

If you come across a low-cost chair that has an exceptionally great warranty, think twice before purchasing the product. Check the reputation of the manufacturer to ensure you aren’t buying a cheap knock-off, and find out how long the retailer offering the deal has been in business. After all, a super-long warranty is meaningless if the company selling you the chair isn’t around when your chair has a problem.

Retailer Satisfaction Guarantee

In addition to warranty coverage, make sure the massage chair you buy comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Your chair may arrive in perfect working order, but you might change your mind about the purchase. Or, you may find that the chair you chose isn’t a good fit for your home. With an unconditional cash back guarantee, you don’t have to worry about these kinds of issues.

Look for a retailer that offers at least a one-month guarantee. Longer is better in this case, however, and some companies – including Massage Chair Relief – provide a full 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

Lifetime Labor Warranty

Above, we pointed out that most reputable manufacturer warranties limit labor coverage to somewhere between one and five years. Yet it is possible to get a warranty that will cover your labor costs for as long as you own your chair.

How so? Here at Massage Chair Relief, every chair we sell comes with a Peace of Mind Lifetime Labor Warranty. This means if a problem crops up, you simply need to purchase the parts and we’ll arrange for a technician to come out and perform repairs free of charge.

Our Peace of Mind Lifetime Labor Warranty is revolutionary – it isn’t something you’ll find at other retailers. And we’re no fly-by-night company trying to lure you in with an outrageous offer. We’ve been in business since 2005, and the owner of the company is a widely recognized industry expert. So, you can rest easy in knowing that you’re making a purchase from a trustworthy, reputable retailer.

Have questions? For more information on massage chair warranty coverage, contact us today.

Massage Chairs or Massage Therapists: Which Is Better?

Massage chair versus massage therapist – pros and cons
Massage chair versus massage therapist – pros and cons

Today’s cutting-edge massage chairs offer a host of health benefits. But, then again, so does massage from a human therapist. So, how do the two compare?

With an experienced masseuse, you can get a customized massage that addresses your particular treatment needs. That said, massage chairs have certain advantages over human therapists. Here are four reasons why buying a premium therapeutic chair can be a more practical choice.


With a human therapist, you have to schedule an appointment – and you’ll be limited to getting a massage during office hours.

No appointment is necessary with a therapeutic char. Any time you want, you can simply have a seat. And, you can use it as often as you need. Buying a high-quality massage chair transforms therapy from a luxury into a regular part of your daily routine, which enhances your quality of life.


A well-trained masseuse can react to your feedback and apply the pressure you need, but a therapeutic chair allows you to be in control.

With a premium chair, you can dial in the pressure you prefer and it will be just right, every time. And if you want to increase the pressure, you can easily get a deeper, stronger massage. You also have control over the programming, and the latest high-tech options include features that allow you to optimize your massage experience.


The human touch of a therapist can be beneficial, but some people find the experience uncomfortable or awkward – whether or not the masseuse is of the opposite sex.

Buy a therapeutic chair, and you can relax and get a great massage in the comfort of your home. And as you sit back, you have the freedom to chat with family and friends, watch TV, enjoy a good book or do whatever you like.


Book a weekly appointment with an experienced massage therapist, and you may spend more than $5,000 over the course of the year.

A high-quality therapeutic chair is no small investment, as some models cost upwards of $10,000. However, when you buy a chair, you own it – and you can count on many years of massage. So, you can actually pay much less over time than you would regularly visiting an experienced masseuse.

Clearly, there are upsides to owning a premium therapeutic chair. If you’re ready to shop the world’s highest-quality brands and models, turn to Massage Chair Relief.

We offer a vast selection of the finest therapeutic chairs available, both online and in our northern Utah and southern California showrooms. Shipping and returns are free, and we provide a 90-day satisfaction guarantee in addition to a lifetime labor warranty. We also match any advertised price – we will not be undersold.

For more information, or to start shopping, visit the Massage Chair Relief website or stop by one of showrooms today.

Make-A-Wish Foundation & Massage Chair Relief

Make-A-Wish Foundation logo
Make-A-Wish Foundation logo

As I’m sure you are aware, by either watching my Massage Chair Industry Updates or by visiting my site, I am a big fan of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It all began when I was still a practicing chiropractor. We have a local MAW chapter here in Utah which I approached many years ago to see if we could sponsor a Wish Child through my practice. It was an incredibly humbling and rewarding experience, for myself and staff and patients, the culmination of which was an emotional meeting our Wish Child. I have been hooked ever since.

When I began my massage chair company in 2005, I again committed to being involved with Make-A-Wish. I began by personally donating a portion of every one of my massage chair sales to this wonderful foundation and, in two instances, actually providing massage chairs to Wish Children from other local chapters who’s wishes included wanting a massage chair.

We don’t have specific Wish Children anymore but the funds we donate are used in whatever capacity, for whatever Wish Child, they deem necessary. To date we have donated close to $60,000 to the MAW Foundation! Thank you for your help. Without this massage chair business and your continued patronage, we couldn’t have done what we’ve done. You can visit my page, with it’s updated donation amount, at this link…

Dr. Alan Weidner’s Make-A-Wish Donation Page

massage chair relief and make a wish
Mark Simonson from Make-A-Wish (left)

One of the unexpected side benefits of my relationship with MAW has been getting to know Mark Simonson, their Senior Manager of Planned Giving. Mark travels from Phoenix, which is the location of their international headquarters, a couple of times a year and brings me MAW updates as well as beautiful gifts, including books written by Wish Children, whenever we reach certain donation thresholds. It has been a pleasure to get to know him.

Well, I was in Arizona Tuesday of this week signing the lease for our next Massage Chair Relief store, and Mark invited me to come visit the world headquarters of Make-A-Wish for a tour. After all my work with the store was done, I drove to their offices and got treated like royalty. I know in the grand scheme of things my donation total is nothing compared to what other donors give, but everyone I met on the tour made me feel like what I was doing was amazing. I’ll admit I felt quite embarrassed by the accolades when I knew my contribution amount was really just a drop in the bucket. But they were all so gracious and kind to me for what we were doing, you would have thought I was their #1 donor!

(L-R) Richard Davis, CEO, Dr. Alan Weidner, Mark Simonson

Part of the visit to the MAW headquarters was a 20 minute visit with Richard Davis, the President and CEO of Make-A-Wish. I was actually shocked that he would take time from his busy schedule to meet with me, but Mark made it happen. Again, he made me feel like a million bucks for our small part in all of this, but it was wonderful to chat with him about the Foundation and what is going on around the world with their organization and with the children. A very kind and gracious man. It seems that in every picture I’m in with folks from MAW, I am always the shortest!

While I was given the tour of the new Make-A-Wish national headquarters, Mark took the time to explain to me the origins of Make-A-Wish and how it all started. I did not know this but a wish to be a police officer was granted by some policemen and the mother of a child name Chris Greicius. Some local police officers, at the request of Chris’s mother, made him an honorary police officer for a day. Chris died four days later. From that humble and tender beginning an amazing foundation was organized. In their new headquarters there is a garden at the front entrance with a statue of Chris, as well as a display with artifacts, images, and the actual uniform he was given for visitors to enjoy.

Chris Greicius – the first Wish Kid!

Thank you, again, dear reader, for purchasing your massage chair from Massage Chair Relief and being a part of my effort to pitch in to this great cause!

Dr. Alan Weidner

P.S. Give us a “Like”, “Share”, or “+1” and leave me a comment or question below to share what you learned or ask any questions, so other folks can benefit from this material.

New Massage Chair Relief Store Coming to Arizona!!

Massage Chair Relief showroom
Massage Chair Relief showroom

I am so pleased to announce that we are going to open another Massage Chair Relief showroom, this one in Arizona! I traveled to Phoenix

lease signing for the new Massage Chair Relief store in AZ
Lease signing for the new AZ store

this morning and met with Ben Epstein at the Scottsdale offices of Arizona Partners Retail Investment Group, LLC, to sign the lease. They are the owners of the strip mall where our new store will be located.

The address of the new store is 1955 W. Baseline Road, Suite 105, in Mesa (right between XO Nails and Papa Murphy’s Pizza). The property is at the corner of Baseline and Dobson, close to both the 101 and 60 freeways. The anchor store in the strip mall is an Albertsons grocery store.

The journey to this decision has been a long time in the making. I actually started looking at potential spaces in the Phoenix area about 2 years ago. I had traveled down there a few times to scope out prospective locations that fit our search criteria. I had narrowed down my search to 4 different locations. Because I am a bit older now and far more loathe to risking the loss of hard earned capital, I took my sweet bloody time making the decision. It was not easy. The prices were much higher than I had expected (on par with our lease payments for the California store) plus I would have to commit to a longer lease than I would have liked.

Of course, the opening of a store is a lot more work than just finding a location. Licensing, business registration/incorporation, lease negotiations, finding suitable staff and then training them, finding a delivery company, finding a capable technician to take care of our Lifetime Labor Warranty, arranging and paying for a showroom build-out, and buying showroom inventory, just to name a few things, can be a bit overwhelming for a fiscally conservative older guy like me.

inside space of new Massage Chair Relief store
Inside space of new store
Massage Chair Relief showroom
New Massage Chair Relief storefront – 1955 Baseline Road, Suite #105, Mesa, AZ

After months of stewing over the decision, and driving myself nuts with that indecision, I took the dive and committed to this particular location, one I had actually felt good about right from the start. First thing this morning, I signed the lease. Later this morning, I met with the contractor and went over the details of the leasehold improvements (aka build-out). We are patterning the layout and look & feel after our SoCal showroom, but with different color schemes and NOT carpet (man, what was I thinking?!?!). The picture below represents the blank canvas with which the contractor gets to work. I will post pictures when it’s done.

We anticipate about a month for the build-out to be completed. In the meantime, the search for staff begins. I found my manager at the California store, Michael, by reaching out to my current and prospective customers. If any of you reading this article know of anyone who would be interested in working with us in this store, please have them reach out to me, via phone at 801-417-8240 or via email at for an interview. I would love to visit with them.

For those of you who have purchased your massage chair(s) from us, thank you for your patronage. That is what has made it possible for Massage Chair Relief to take this next step. For those who read my articles and watch my videos, thanks for motivating me to open another store. I want to bring the chairs to you to help with your decision-making process.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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Review of the OHCO M.8 Massage Chair


The OHCO M.8 massage chair is currently a very popular chair. It was introduced to the world officially at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January of this year, but was not available for general distribution until a few months later. We received ours at that time and have it in all of our showrooms.

This model also comes in a limited edition, leather-upholstered version, called the M.8LE. Other than the upholstery and an included signed certificate from the designer, the M.8 and M.8LE are the exact same in form and function. Both models are beautifully designed by Ferrari designer, Ken Okuyama. It really is a nice looking chair.

Here is a point by point discussion of a.) my observations of the chair after hours of sitting in it and taking pages of notes, b.) info from the owner’s manual, and c.) feedback from customers who have already used the chair.

  1. 3D/4D Roller System – You can adjust the depth of the rollers with three settings. 3D alludes to the depth of the rollers, the 4th “D” alludes to the speed or rhythm changes during the auto programs. Pretty much all 3D chairs integrate speed or rhythm into the massage. I tried to judge the intensity of the rollers in each of the main spinal areas. What I found is that the roller massage at it’s greatest 3D depth is mild to moderate in strength in the buttock region and neck region (without the headpiece), moderate to strong intensity in the upper/mid back region and neck region (with the headpiece rollers). The rollers in the M.8 are quad (4) rollers.
  2. Neck Traction Headpiece with Rollers – The headpiece of the M.8 comes with rollers that massage the neck as well as airbags at the bottom of each side of the headpiece that inflate and compress down on the top of the shoulders, thus creating a traction effect on the neck. The headpiece has an attached back pad that extends from the bottom of the headpiece all the way down the back of the chair. Here are two things to consider about that set up:  i.) I would recommend that when you sit in the M.8 to begin your massage session, move the headpiece/back pad all the way down to the bottom of the chair back. Lean back and then turn on your program. When you set up this way, and
    M.8 Proper Positioning Set Up

    depending on how tall or short you are, you will feel the bottom part of the headpiece behind your shoulder blades. It will feel unnatural at that point, but when you turn on your auto program, the chair will recline and your body will move down relative to the headpiece so that when the chair has reached it’s recline position, the headpiece is ideally sitting on your shoulders. If the headpiece is still not completely out from under your upper back, shrug your shoulders a couple of times to get your shoulders right underneath the headpiece airbags. That is how you want it to be so that the rollers in the headpiece are on your neck and not at the back of your skull.If you are so short that the headpiece won’t reach the back of your shoulder blades, pull the back pad down even further, onto the seat. That should bring the lower part of the headpiece down to your shoulder blades level. This positioning issue is important to fit on the chair optimally for your height. If you do not position the headpiece correctly, it will ride up the back of your head, causing the neck rollers to actually hit your skull as well as the shoulder airbags will be too high to effectively compress and traction down on the top of your shoulders. Plus, your head will not be cradled in the headpiece comfortably because your chin will be tucked into your chest rather than pointing up in a neutral position.  ii.) The neck rollers in the headpiece offer a nice, vigorous massage. However, the

    M.8 Headpiece & attached back pad

    attached back pad is just another layer of padding between your back muscles and the chair rollers. If you want a more intense back massage, other than increasing the depth of the 3D/4D rollers (which is sometimes not enough for folks who want a strong back massage), you can lift the headpiece and attached back pad up and over the back of the chair so that you now only have one layer of padding between your back muscles and the chair’s rollers. This will increase the intensity of the back massage for you. At it’s highest intensity, though, I can still see some folks wanting more in terms of massage strength. In my opinion, it’s not that the rollers don’t have sufficient forward motion to dig in deep, but I think it’s because the material between your back and the rollers is synthetic leather. Most other chairs use linen in that place, instead of synthetic leather, which is much, much thinner than the quality grade synthetic leather used in the M.8. You would get a stronger roller massage but the linen tends to wear out easily, thus setting you up for warranty headaches later on.As an aside, there is a quick key on the remote control that turns on the headpiece neck rollers. There are 3 different massage programs for the neck headpiece, each program representing different roller direction movements. There are also 3 different speed adjustments for the headpiece neck rollers. The rollers stay in one position…they do not move up and down like the primary back rollers do. These headpiece neck rollers are stronger on the neck than the primary rollers are when you move the headpiece out of the way. The shoulder airbags do not work when the headpiece neck rollers are deployed as a manual program.The traction of the neck is facilitated when you are situated correctly in the chair with your head properly sitting in the headpiece. In this position, the base of your skull “hangs” in the middle of the headpiece while the shoulder airbags simultaneously inflate and push down on the shoulders. That constitutes the tractioning. I was hoping that the shoulder airbags would have inflated more to compress harder on the shoulders and that the airbags would have remained inflated for a longer period of time than they actually did. I feel that this would have really created a much better, more therapeutic neck traction experience .

  3. MaxTrack Roller Track – OHCO has come up with a more versatile roller track, which is a modified version of the more traditional L-track. What makes it unique is that the rollers still go all the way down to your buttock muscles (gluteals and piriformis muscles) but still allows almost a full recline of the chair. What this means is that the user can have a better stretch program since the chair in full recline is closer to a full horizontal position. True L-track chairs don’t allow the chair to recline much further than the actual L-shape of the roller track, thus minimizing the effectiveness of the stretch program.
  4. Stretch Program – While I’m on the topic of the stretch program, what really fascinated me about the OHCO M.8 stretch was how the chair deployed airbags on the sides and front of the seat to accentuate the stretch as well as using the forward-most seat airbags to “dig” into the belly of the hamstrings. L-tracks rarely, if ever, actually reach the belly of the hamstrings (belly = the part of the hamstrings between the knee and the hips; what most people grab when they tear a hamstring). These airbags inflate during the stretch program and compress on the hamstring belly while the rollers are also working on the glute muscles and the top of the hamstrings. Pretty cool idea, actually. I was surprised and impressed by that feature. This combination of rollers and airbags massage in the seat region was fantastic.The full stretch program has a lot going on. The chair doesn’t just have the shoulder and seat airbags inflating while the rollers are working, as mentioned above, but it also integrates neck tractioning, foot airbags, along with upper back & waist airbags. The stretch program is not a purely axial decompression, like most other massage chairs, but uses a lot of body rotation and side-to-side movement (aka translation).
  5. Shoulder Airbags – Part of a good stretch program are the shoulder airbags. The M.8 uses shoulder airbags not just to pin the shoulders back during the stretch program to accentuate the stretch, but also to move the upper torso from side to side by inflating on one shoulder and then another. I did notice, however, a small popping sound when the shoulder airbags inflated. I assumed it was just a shifting of the plastic shoulder housing when the airbags were inflating and deflating. Not terribly bothersome, but thought I’d mention it.
  6. Side Entry Doors – This feature is completely revolutionary and innovative. Ideal for people who have trouble getting into and out of a massage chair, like older folks or for people in significant back pain, the M.8 has arm rests that swing open like car doors to allow you to enter from the side. Great idea! As a matter of fact, you will see in the owner’s manual that getting on the chair from the front, like every other massage chair, is not recommended. Getting in through the side doors is the “correct” way to enter the chair. On the outside of each door, the chair also has approach lighting that turns on when the user comes within a certain distance of the chair. Ideal for dark rooms that make it harder to see the chair.
  7. M.8 Approach Lighting

    Calf & Foot Rollers – Both of these sets of rollers feel very comfortable when they are in use. I didn’t feel the need for any foot pads, although some are provided with the chair. The chair also comes with heel shiatsu pads already installed. These pads are located at the inside wall of each heel well. If the heel massage feels to intense, those heel pads can be removed. The calf region also has Thera-Elliptical Kneading by the airbags, which, if you haven’t experienced that feature before, really enhances the calf massage in a wonderful way.

  8. Automatic Spool Remote Control – I love this feature. The remote is attached by a chord to the chair. Most chairs just have the cord laying around in a haphazard way. The M.8 cord is on an automatic rewinding spool that brings the cord back into the body of the M.8 and hides it. I have seen this feature in another chair model, but this one works so nicely and the cord never gets stuck. It reminds me of an iron automatic power cord spool.
  9. Remote Control – I love the remote. It is very intuitive and easy to use. It is also back lit, allowing for easy readability even in a dark room. The remote has a few quick keys which allow you to access certain functions, like the foot rollers, calf rollers, zero gravity, and neck headpiece rollers, without having to go into the main menu each time you want to change something.
  10. Heat – I have never sat on a massage chair that brought the heat like this OHCO M.8. It has heated rollers, along with heating elements in the feet, seat, back, hands, and headpiece neck rollers. They all turn on by default when you turn on a chair program, but you can either turn them all off or leave some of the areas on. It was too much heat for me. I had to turn them off. In the Utah winter, I might not find it to be so hot.
  11. Program Linking – Each auto program lasts about 18 minutes. If you find that to be too short, you can link two auto programs together so that they run one after the other, thus increasing your massage time to 36 minutes. Again, it is fairly easy to navigate this functionality on the remote control.
  12. Massage Choreography – OHCO employed the services of a master shiatsu practitioner to choreograph the M.8 massage experience. Being aware of that when I sat in the chair, I must say that the sequence of massage modes very much reminded me of what I typically felt when having massage administered by a Licensed Massage Therapist. The way the massage progressed along was very reminiscent of a real human massage experience.
  13. Arm Airbags – Each arm has 6 airbags (3 on top, 3 on the bottom) that
    Arm Airbags

    sequentially worked over each hand, wrist, and forearm. I love the sequential airbag massage and the intensity was great. What I found bothersome, though, was that the arm airbags tended to squeeze my arms out of the massage area. It may be because my shoulders are broader or because the synthetic leather is slippery, but I found that annoying when I was getting my arms massaged. I consciously had to push my arms back into the massage area. Hard to relax when you have to keep pushing your arms back into place.

  14. Manual Settings – I have a couple of thoughts about the manual settings that I wanted to share. First of all, the OHCO M.8 has a better variety of manual programs and manual settings. Like most chairs, you can set up a point or partial area massage with the manual setting, but what I like is that you have more massage mode options than just kneading and tapping. Secondly, you can turn on the rollers in the manual settings, independent of the air bags, and independent of the foot rollers, calf rollers. But, for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out was how to turn off the airbags once I had manually deployed them, and still keep the rollers going. I’m not saying that it couldn’t be done, I just wasn’t smart enough to figure it out (which means it wasn’t clearly intuitive on the remote control). I finally had to turn off the massage chair to get the manual airbags to stop inflating. Lastly, I really liked how, when using the manual settings, when I chose a point or partial roller massage, the roller buttons on the remote control lit up letting me know that I could move the rollers to where I wanted them. A simple thing, but made the use of the remote even easier while setting up the manual roller massage.
  15. Auto Programs – There are 10 full body auto programs with 4 more focused, regional programs. One of the auto programs is a full body air-only massage. A great program for those that just want the ultimate relaxation without the rollers moving the body around.
  16. Aromatherapy & Air Ionizer – The OHCO M.8 is the first massage chair
    M.8 aromatherapy module

    that I have seen that has a built in aromatherapy plug-in. You will receive a small device into which goes a “wafer”. You drop your essential oil onto the wafer and then plug in the device into a receptacle located behind the left speaker cover (left, when sitting in the chair). You can then turn it on from the remote control.The air ionizer is located behind the right speaker cover. It doesn’t require any device to use it. You just have to turn it on from the remote control. It blow air towards your face to rid your breathing space of various pollutants.

  17. The chair also has many of the features you come to expect in a massage chair today, i.e. body scan, space saver, chromotherapy (the remote control display changes color), BlueTooth technology, a USB charging port, and zero gravity positioning

I hope this review helps you understand this new, innovative massage chair a bit better. This is a long review because there are a lot of very interesting features that I needed to mention. Even still, I have probably missed something. If you have any comments or questions about the OHCO M.8 massage chair, please feel free to enter them below in the comments section. Discussion is encouraged.

Will Insurance Pay for Your New Massage Chair?

Using insurance for a massage chair
Using insurance for a massage chair

Getting a health insurance plan to pay for a new massage chair can be challenging but, for many people, it is possible to get your chair – or at least a portion of the cost – covered under certain benefit plans.

Because the health insurance market has become so stringent on what is and is not covered, you might have to fight to get your plan to cooperate. But, even if your health insurance will not cover the cost of a massage chair, you may have other options for offsetting the cost of this worthwhile purchase.

Using a New Massage Chair to Help Meet Your Deductible

Some health insurance plans may allow you to apply the cost of a therapeutic chair against your annual deductible. Typically, this requires a doctor’s prescription for the therapeutic chair. Also, the insurance company will usually require that the chair be considered DME (durable medical equipment) under the plan terms.

To determine whether this is a possibility under your plan, talk to your benefits administrator or research the benefits and terms of your healthcare plan. You can also talk with your care provider to see if they can offer insight into how to get a massage chair covered under insurance.

Using an FSA or HSA to Pay for a New Massage Chair

If you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HAS) as a part of your medical benefits plan, you may be able to get reimbursed for some or all of the cost of a therapeutic chair.

If you can utilize these benefits for your purchase, you will derive even more financial benefit from the purchase because, in most cases, the money you deposit into your FSA or HSA typically goes in pre-tax. In other words, you won’t have paid income tax on the money you used to purchase your new chair.

Tax Deductions for a Massage Chair Purchase

In some cases, you can take a tax deduction for a physician-prescribed therapeutic chair purchase. Not everyone qualifies for a tax deduction, but your CPA or tax preparer can help you determine if this is possible for you. If you do qualify to take a deduction, you could reduce your income tax liability significantly.

It may also be possible to have the sales tax waived on a chair purchase (depending on the sales tax laws in your area) if the equipment was prescribed by a medical professional.

Even if none of these options apply in your case, you can find more affordable ways to get the relief you need. For example, you can finance your purchase and pay for it over time. If you do your research, you can even find zero-interest massage chair financing programs.

Massage Chair Relief has teamed up with Synchrony Financial to offer a deferred interest program that allows up to 48 months for you to pay off your new chair. If you qualify – and our program can get you an approval in less than five minutes! – we handle the entire process for you, including processing your order with the finance company. In no time at all, you’ll be enjoying all the pain and stress relief the doctor ordered, with a new therapeutic massage chair.

What Does a Good Massage Chair Cost?

Cost of massage chairs
Cost of massage chairs

A good massage chair can be worth its weight in gold, as therapeutic chairs offer a multitude of physical, mental and emotional health benefits.

But how much can you expect to pay for a high-quality chair?

Prices for therapeutic chairs vary greatly and can range anywhere from $1,000 to upwards of $10,000. Generally speaking, the more expensive models offer more desirable features, but many low-cost chairs provide outstanding massages. And in any case, a good massage chair can be a practical investment. Here’s why – and how to find an affordable model that meets your needs.

Features that Affect Massage Chair Costs

High-quality therapeutic chairs come with a number of different features designed to optimize the massage experience. Those on the higher end of the price scale tend to have the latest technologies and additional attributes.

Several design factors can impact the price of a therapeutic chair. Features that drive up the cost include:

  • Automated and customizable massage programs
  • Advanced rollers for direct and concentrated massages
  • Massage tracks that reach the spine, neck and legs
  • Airbags for flat, even muscle pressure
  • Zero-gravity recline capability
  • Advanced reflexology massage for the feet and calves
  • Lumbar and full-body heating elements
  • Body scan technology for personalized massages
  • Space-saving design for a full recline in a few inches
  • Bluetooth speakers and app functionality

Why a Good Massage Chair is a Smart Investment

Making a big purchase can be stressful, but investing in a high-quality therapeutic chair can be a sound financial move.

How so? Consider this – the cost for a massage from a professional therapist can be $50 to $90 per hour. Add in a tip, and you might pay over $100 for a single session. Book an appointment once every week, and you may spend anywhere from $3,000 to more than $5,000 over the course of a year. That’s more money than it takes to own a brand new therapeutic chair from one of today’s leading brands!

Buy a good massage chair, and the purchase can also pay for itself in convenience. Instead of scheduling appointments and shuttling yourself to and from the spa or therapist’s office, you can relax and enjoy a massage anytime you like.

Finding an Affordable Therapeutic Chair

Finding a high-quality therapeutic chair that meets your needs and fits your budget is easy with Massage Chair Relief.

With our exclusive My Chair Finder, you can simply enter your height and weight along with the features you want, the brands you prefer and your price range to see a listing of models that match your criteria. You can also use our feature comparison chart to find the perfect chair, or just give us a call. And if you’re in northern Utah or southern California, you can always stop by our showroom.

As for affordability, Massage Chair Relief offers a deferred-interest financing program, and we frequently run money-saving sales. With our free shipping and returns, price matching, 90-day satisfaction guarantee and lifetime labor warranty, we’re a retailer you can trust. If you’re in the market for a good massage chair, contact us today!

Buying a Massage Chair Online? Here’s What You Need to Know

buying massage chair online
buying massage chair online

If you’re nervous about buying a massage chair online, you’re not being overly cautions – you’re being a savvy consumer.

The good news is that consumers across the United States are buying their massage chairs online every day. This approach to purchasing offers many impressive benefits that are impossible to ignore. And, armed with our expert advice for buying massage chairs online, you’ll have everything you need to make an informed decision.

Today, It’s Safe to Buy Big-Ticket Items Online

You’ve probably seen the commercials for buying a new car online. You pick your vehicle, take care of the financial details and click “Buy!” The next thing you know, a voila!, they deliver your car to your front door.

But what if you drive the vehicle and hate it? What if it’s not what you expected? It’s not a problem because they give you a solid money-back guarantee. If you hate the car, you contact them and they pick it up and cancel your purchase.

If you can safely buy a car online, you’re definitely safe with a massage chair.

Choose Your Massage Chair Retailer Carefully

You can safely buy a massage chair on the internet today – as long as you choose your retailer carefully.

It’s easier for a disreputable seller to operate in the online space today than in a brick-and-mortar location. That means you have to do your research and make sure you research the retailer or reseller. If you find a massage chair seller online, check to see if they also have retail store locations. If they have a location near you, it’s even better because you can go in, try out the chairs and talk to an associate.

Check their online business reviews and customer testimonials too. Unhappy customers don’t usually hesitate to make their feelings known. If you find a reseller that has tons of positive reviews and glowing testimonials, you’ll know you’re in good hands.

Look for Reputable, Well-Known Massage Chair Brands Online

With an investment of this size, you never want to choose an obscure brand or one you’ve never heard of.

Look for an online retailer that carries all the major name brands you know and love, such as Osaki, Inada, Infinity, Titan, Ogawa, Panasonic, uKnead, Positive Posture and Johnson Wellness. Name brands have established reputations and offer the most comprehensive warranty coverage.

Buy Your Massage Chair from a Company with Great Customer Support

Finally, before you make your final decision, take a moment to give the company a quick call. Do they have live customer support? Are they easy to communicate with? That will be important if you need assistance after your purchase.

Finally, check the company’s shipping and returns policies. If a company’s massage chair prices are really low but they don’t include free shipping, you won’t be saving any money.

Massage Chair Relief has offered the finest massage chairs to our customers for more than a decade. We have two U.S. showrooms – in Utah and Southern California – and live online and phone support. We have countless testimonials and online reviews from our customers. We provide a lifetime labor warranty, 90-day satisfaction guarantee, free shipping and returns, and we will always match any advertised price for the same item.

When you’re ready to shop from the world’s highest quality and best-known brands and models, browse our website, call us or drop by one of our showroom locations. We’re the go-to expert you need when you’re interested in buying a massage chair online.

Give the Gift of a Massage Chair this Holiday Season

gift massage chair
gift massage chair

This holiday season, consider giving the gift of a massage chair. For dear friends, family members and loved ones, the health benefits alone can make a significant difference in quality of life. Not to mention, a high-quality model from Massage Chair Relief is the gift that will keep on giving for years or decades.

Choosing the right model is easy with our DIY massage and therapeutic chair finder. And, while you’re at it, consider giving yourself this thoughtful holiday gift.

gift massage chair

Why Give a Massage Chair for the Holidays?

A high-quality massage chair provides countless physical, emotional and mental benefits.

A therapeutic chair helps reduce tension, anxiety and stress. It improves blood flow, helps relieve aches and pain, facilitates spine health and improves sleep quality. Research suggests that therapeutic massage may even improve chronic conditions such as hypertension.

For individuals who are recovering from an injury or experiencing orthopedic challenges, the relief provided by a therapeutic chair can be life-altering.


Choosing the Right Massage Chair for Gift-Giving

Choosing the right chair to give your loved one for the holidays can present a challenge, especially when you consider how many options you have to select from. Fortunately, our knowledgeable, experienced team has many ways to help.

You can use our convenient feature comparison chart or our exclusive My Chair Finder interface. You can go the old-school, customer service route and give us a call. Or, even better, stop into one of our convenient retail locations in Utah and southern California.

Whether you elect to shop online or in one of our stores, you will reap the benefits of our knowledgeable associates and our commitment to exceptional customer service.


Considering Gifting Yourself with a Massage Chair

Even if you’re not considering giving a dear friend or loved one the gift of health and comfort this year, why not considering gifting yourself? The benefits you will enjoy can not only make you healthier and happier, but it may even increase your productivity level. What could be better than waking up energized and ready to take on the world?

If you’re concerned about affording a high-quality chair with the features and functions you desire, you can set those concerns aside right now. Massage Chair Relief has a massage chair financing program that can help.

Simply fill out the simple application and return it to us – all online. We will submit your application and, for most customers, have a response within five minutes.


Massage Chair Relief features the top brands at the best prices – and we include free shipping. Returns are free too, within the continental U.S. We’re featuring special holiday pricing on some of our top models, with instant savings of up to $1,000 or more. Contact us today to learn more about how easy and affordable it can be to give the gift of a massage chair this holiday season.

What Is a 3D Massage Chair?


3D-massage-chairsHave you heard about 3D massage chair technology? If not, you’re in for a treat.

Although traditional models provide an exceptional experience – especially when you consider the hundreds of options and available features – 3D chairs provide a more realistic massage experience.

To determine if a 3D design is right for you, it may be helpful to learn how this technology differs from traditional 2D designs.

How Does 3D Massage Technology Work?

A standard (2D) chair features two sets of rollers: one set massages horizontally (side-to-side) and the other operates vertically (up and down). The rollers remain on the same vertical plane.

3D models add another dimension to the roller action, extending and retracting the rollers into and away from your back. This mimics the pressing motions used by the human hands of massage therapists. This design provides substantially more options for adjusting the action to intensify or lighten the pressure.

With 3D massage technology, you can enjoy a deeper, more life-like massage than ever before while pinpointing a higher degree of accuracy.

Watch for New 4D Massage Technology Designs

It’s important to note that some manufacturers advertise 4D chairs but, in reality, they’re simply 3D chairs with speed control – a feature that virtually all models have today.

What Are the Best 3D Massage Chairs?

With dozens of 3D options available today, it would be nearly impossible to recommend any one as being the best. The answer to this question depends on what you want out of your chair.

For example, the iRobotics Luraco 7 Plus is considered by many to be the best 3D design on the market today. It’s made in the U.S.A., has a dazzling array of features and it comes with an exceptional 3-year parts and labor warranty.

Is a 3D massage chair right for you? And, if so, which is the best manufacturer and model for you? The experts at Massage Chair Relief can help you explore various models and features to find the best options for your needs and budget.

To help find the right model for you, check out our My Chair Finder tool. You can use this handy interface to compare brands and features or, for a more personalized experience, you can search based on your symptoms, like low back pain or poor sleep.

Massage Chair Relief is your go-to source for buying massage chairs online. We have the top brands, best prices and we offer free shipping and returns in the continental U.S. We also have live help, just a phone call away. Visit us online today to browse our vast array of options and to learn more about 3D massage chairs.

Office work can hurt the neck

Office workers often experience neck pain, but medical research points to some simple exercises that can lower the likelihood of experiencing it. New research from the University of Queensland reveals a series of shoulder and neck exercises that will strengthen the muscles that support the neck and either ease existing pain or even eliminate the chance of having it at all. Long periods of sitting can be hard on the body, and neck or back pain reduces productivity. As a result, employers are becoming more interested in looking for ways to resolve the problem.

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Cycling regularly reduces stress and anxiety

Riding a bicycle is generally regarded by medical professionals as an effective form of low impact exercise. Running, even walking, can put physical stress on joints; but cycling is an aerobic exercise that doesn’t risk damaging the skeletal system. Beyond the physical benefits, such as improved cardiovascular health, there are mental benefits to regular exercise. Instances of depression and anxiety are often reduced by an active lifestyle that includes exercise. A cycling routine can improve general health, but can specifically tone and work the legs and hips.

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Meditation could be the answer to holiday stress, anxiety and depression

Meditation is a proven stress reduction technique that anyone can master, and that can be done almost anywhere without equipment. Medical researchers have started investigating the benefits of medication more as new evidence and testimony comes to light heralding its positive aspects. As new evidence is brought forth, the practice is beginning to spread and become more broadly accepted. Some employers are even setting aside office spaces for their workers to use for meditation breaks, the same as they’d offer a break room or perhaps a park bench.

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Advancements in Tech Helping Millions of Chronic Pain Sufferers

There are a lot of reasons for the opioid crisis facing Americans these days, but the use or overuse of drugs doesn’t change the fact that many people are really in pain. Chronic pain is something that many people must face every day. Some medical researchers are starting to look to technology as a path to pain relief for patients. Advancements in treatment, in mattress and sleeping aids, and even some wearable devices that can help reduce pain are among the options being investigated.

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Avoid Santa Spine this Christmas

Back pain and stressing your spine plays no favorites, even if you’re putting your back through its paces for a good cause. To keep your smile as intact as your kids’, take care during the holiday season. Practice good posture when moving around, and especially when lifting or moving presents around. Spread trips out to reduce the weight, be cautious on ladders when hanging decorations, and never try to move something as large and heavy as a Christmas tree on your own.

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Acupuncture: An effective cure to common ailments

Asian medicine has included the practice of acupuncture for thousands of years. Needles are inserted into the body at certain points of stimulation, in an effort to effect physical changes in a person. There is modern medical research that shows acupuncture offers tangible benefits with reducing nausea and pain, though the exact cause and reason is not yet understood. Acupuncture can also relieve muscular or skeletal problems, such as back or other spine issues, and help blunt chronic migraines. The practice is spreading as more people become aware of it.

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Lets Not Ignore That Back Pain

You are more likely, much more likely, to deal with lower back pain at least once in your life than not. The issue used to only afflict the elderly, and even then only some; but today more than sixty percent of people will suffer from back pain. Even the young sometimes deal with it. It strikes from overuse and strain in the muscles and joints in the most mild cases. The worst experience spinal issues that cause debilitation and chronic pain.

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How Stress and Anxiety Are Hurting Children

Stress used to be something adults dealt with. Now it hits even school children. The pressure of doing well on tests and in after school activities that can look good on college applications, of dealing with family issues and the ever mounting pressures of peer induced social stress, it takes a toll on children. Psychologists say many children they interview, who present with anger or stubborn tendencies, are usually stricken with anxiety as the root cause of their behavior. Without addressing what is inducing the stress, their behavior has little chance of improving.

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Tips to avoid pains and sprains this holiday season

Anytime you engage in heavy physical activity, you put yourself at risk for muscle or joint strain that can cause pain. Improper or significant lifting, like hauling out the holiday decorations or helping put up the tree for the season’s celebration, makes it even more likely you’ll find yourself wincing or immobilized. Always practice proper posture when lifting, and for heavy or unwieldy weights make sure you get help. Holidays are for festivity, not heroes; make putting the tree up a family affair and save yourself some pain.

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Muscle pain update: Trapezius, rhomboid and deltoid muscle pain, essential oils for muscle pain, myalgia

When it comes to muscle pain, it can be difficult to know what will work for you. There are many prescriptions that you can take, some can be addictive, while others can cause stomach upset and make you tired. Over the counter medications can cause their own issues. There are some essential oils that have proven to be beneficial to many that do not have harmful side effects. It might pay to try them out and get some relief from your muscle pain.

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8 mental health tips to reduce holiday stress

The holidays can be a fun time but they can also be very hard on ones mental health. There are some things you can do to help yourself have a happier holiday. You need to have realistic expectations, the holidays are not like in the movies. Its okay to say no to things that don’t fit into your schedule or that you don’t want to do. Make sure and take mental health breaks just for you. You also need to get plenty of rest.

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Ten reasons why you should always take a lunch break

Their are more reason’s than we realize to make sure we are stepping away from our desks for that daily break we call lunch. The break from your computer reduces your risk of dry eyes associated with looking at your screen and not only improves your concentration but your overall physical and mental health. Reducing your screen time also reduces the amount of blue light you are exposed to which may lead to a better nights sleep. Workers who eat at their desk also tend to feel hungrier and consume more food. If you add a short walk with your meal you may reduce your risk of heart disease, arthritis, and it may provide you enough of a mental health break to decrease your chances of becoming anxious or depressed. Walking outside ups the positive benefits of this minimal activity during the day by exposing your to the sun. The sun helps the absorption of vitamin D, as well as reducing your risk of becoming depressed or anxious.

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Fit & Proper: Does your pain need physiotherapy?

With our busy and hectic lifestyles we don’t pay attention to what we’re doing to our bodies. If we’re feeling pain in our bodies we’ll take a pill, maybe buy some oils and if we’re running out of options then we’ll consoder physiotherapy. Most people will only do physiotherapy on a doctors recommendation. People really need to start researching and considering physiotherapy and its benefits. Bodily pain should never be ignored and should be attended to as soon as possible.

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Spine Surgery myths and facts

There is a myth that spine surgery is not successful but this is not true. Due to the technology advances in medical science wpine surgery has had a better success rate. Another myth is that a long bed rest is the cure for back pain. The truth is that a long bed rest will actually weaken your spine. You should be active right away and use your heat pack and do some light exercises for your back.

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How 3 spine surgeons resolve common complaints

3 spine surgeons have resolved very common complaints. Spinal surgeons have very common complaints that they get from patients and they have developed some ways to resolve them. One of the tough things that doctors have to deal with is the fact that the pain does not always show up on the imaging. Surgeons are then left with the tough task of coming up with correlations between the imaging and the complaints that patients have.

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Ask the Expert: What steps can you take to prevent back pain?

Back pain affects millions of people of all ages. When it occurs, it brings down the best of them, interfering with daily life functions and causing inability to enjoy life to the fullest. Many people need medical intervention to overcome their back pain woes. If you want to avoid back pain, there are several ways that you can prevent it from occurring in the first place. What steps should you take to keep back pain at bay?

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Back pain: Best sleeping positions to prevent a painful spine

At some point in their life 80% of people will be affected by lower back pain. Luckily there are sleeping positions that will help prevent back pain. Lower back pain can be a result of an awkward sleeping position. You should never sleep on your stomach. If your mattress is over 8 years old it could be contributing to your lower back pain. If that is the case then you might want to consider getting a new mattress.

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Got back pain? The problem may be in your hips.

Your glute medius and minimus are heavily used in walking and hiking or biking. These muscles stabilize the hips in relation to the legs and strengthening them can help with back pain by assisting your core. To work them out properly there are a number of strength training moves you can do which are particularly good with a band for added tension. Try a lateral shuffle or a banded leg lift. There is also an exercise called the Banded Monster Walk, which uses a band to maintain tension in the legs while walking in wide stance.

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Improving your posture can lead to better health

One of the leading causes of disability in America is back pain which affects thirty one million Americans. A major cause in back pain is poor posture but posture can also affect other aspects of your health. Poor posture can also cause joint degeneration, stress and heart disease. Sitting at a desk all day and looking down at your phone greatly contribute to bad posture and these are things we do everyday that we need to stop doing.

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Back Pain From Sitting All Day Means You Need To Try These 5 Moves ASAP

When back pain is due to long sitting times, it’s time to stop what you’re doing and attempt some ballet poses. Or yoga, or stretches. Whatever strikes you as being the most entertaining way to knock the kinks out of your back, it should incorporate moving and stretching of limbs. Try simple marching in place or shaking your legs. Movement breaks are essential to ease the stress on your back if you sit for long periods of time.

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Share the Season helps mom struggling with back pain

Share the Season is a unique program initiative that helps people through financial difficulties. In the example cited in the article, it tells the story of a female in Kansas that was unable to pay some utility bills due to ongoing back issues from a recent childbirth. The foundation enabled her to remain financially solvent during a very difficult time. There are also details in this article about what Share the Season does, who are the benefactors and/or major donors and how to donate.

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Minimally Invasive Treatment Found to Relieve Low Back Pain

Back pain is categorized as upper or lower pain by doctors. Lower back pain differs in the muscles connected to the spine and also how pain or damage is treated. Now a new treatment with lower back pain due to lumbar disc herniation. Clinical researchers treated pain with a radiofrequency delivered with a needle-electrode. Primary results are positive indicating a distinct drop in pain intensity in patients receiving the treatment. In some cases, patients were relieved enough to return to their daily routines same day.

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Pulsed Radiofrequency Relieves Low Back Pain, Sciatica

It turns out that pulsed radio frequency helps to relive low back pain as well as sciatica. There was a study done at RSNA that put this idea forth. Researchers from the country of Italy performed a prospective study in order to figure out the clinical impact of CT guided pulsed radio frequency in the management of patients with a certain kind of back issue that did not respond to the usual kinds of therapeutic strategies.

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5 trends in chiropractic care — 63% of patients report back pain

There are 5 trends in chiropractic care. It turns out that 63 percent of patients report back pain. There was a study done and over 30000 people were a part of it. The findings were actually very interesting. One of the interesting things about the survey was that 8.4 percent of the survey correspondents reported going to a chiropractor in the past year and 24 percent had seen a chiropractor at some time in their life.

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I tried 9 tricks to maintain good posture — and this is the only one worth trying

Proper posture isn’t just something you should practice because your mom always said to; it helps prevent a number of medical problems. From muscle strains and joint issues, even to more serious matters such as problems breathing or damage to your spine, sitting and standing up straight and correct can save you pain. So avoiding sitting slouched, or hunched up against your monitor, is good for more than how you look. Help form the habit by using a backrest in your chair, to push your body to the right position.

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#Gadgets: The Neck Hammock for neck pain relief

Anyone who experiences neck pain knows how its often only the physiotherapist or chiropractor that offers a break from the discomfort. A new gadget now collecting funding on Kickstarter may be able to provide some relief as well. The Neck Hammock is uses the principles of cervical traction to offer some relief from the pain in your neck. By suspending it from a door or other handy point, you can relax and stretch your neck, which should decrease pain.

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Five ways to battle stress this holiday season

The holidays don’t just bring fun and frolicking; they sometimes can pile on the stress too. Depression and anxiety can sometimes hit during the holidays, and can do more than just bring us down; they can bring physical health effects as well. Blood pressure can go up, inducing a whole host of medical concerns. Celebrants facing an overload of stress and anxiety should, among other tips, look to simplify, keep an eye on what they’re eating at the festive feasts, and focus on positive relationships.

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The best advice I’ve ever received about stress came from my 9-year-old

A nine year old can give you great advice about how to handle life. The truth is that it is important to keep things in perspective. You need to be able to make sure that you try to accomplish what you can actually accomplish. A young person that has that kind of realistic perspective is someone that you should cherish for sure. Kids hopefully can help you prioritize

A young person should be able to help you realize how important it is to have a safe car and a warm home, for example. It truly is the little things in life.

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Manage your holiday stress with proper breathing

The holidays can be fun and festive, but they can also bring complications that send your stress levels soaring. A common physical reaction to stress can manifest in bad posture, or tension in the neck and shoulders, and the pain piles atop the mental effects, and leaves you reeling. Some deep breathing exercises can help with both issues. Flatten yourself out when you have a minute, on a couch or bed, and focus on slowly filling and emptying your lungs. It should help.

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7 Ways Your Phone Is Making Your Holiday 2017 Stress Even Worse

For people with introverted personalities, the holidays can be an exhausting time both mentally and emotionally, and the constant presence of one’s smartphone might be partly to blame. Research indicates that taking even just a 15 minute break from your phone can go a long way in reducing the intensity of emotions. Constant phone checking worsens anxiety, leaves the user disengaged and disconnected from those around them, decreases trust, and creates misunderstandings. Additionally, ceaseless phone use can quickly turn into a compulsion and can be used as a poor coping method to distract from true feelings.

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10 Ultrafast Ways to Relieve Stress Right This Second

Although the holiday season is commonly known to be a time of enhanced stress for most, there are a handful of tools stressed individuals can utilize in order to instantly reduce their levels of anxiety. Taking a bit of time out to enjoy a soothing walk or listening to some soothing songs can work wonders. Other helpful solutions for stress include self-massaging, drinking tea, using essential oils, meditating, calling up a trusted friend, finding something silly to watch, and reading a good book. With so many solutions available and often just minutes away, there is no reason to suffer needlessly through the holidays.

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Self-Care to Thrive Through Holiday Stress

Self care is going to thrive through holiday stress. The holidays can be stressful times for m,any people in the world. They are a time for family and friends as well, but the stress is very unique. There is going to be a workshop that will help people get over stress and feel good during the holidays. There are going to be coaches available to people, so that everyone can get over their stress and enjoy life during the holidays.

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Tis the season for stress. The solution? More presence, fewer presents

This is the season for stress and there is a solution to that. The solution is more presence and fewer presents. Holiday stress can make you sick both physically and spiritually as well. There is a cure for it and it is not something you can buy in a store. Patients are advised to do less and breathe more. You should take a walk in the woods instead of a shopping mall. This will help you out a lot.

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Decorating for the holidays can relieve stress

Decorating during the holidays can help to relieve stress a lot. Decorating the tree can help to bring back memories from childhood and things like that. They trigger good feelings in us and get rid of all of the stress we are dealing with in life. There is a recent trend of people putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. This keeps the holiday cheer going much longer. It can make you come across as a friendlier person as well.

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New Data: Patients Who Respond Best to Back Treatment

There are patients that respond very good to back treatment. There are always patients that will respond much better, or much worse than the average person, to a specific treatment. Being able to accurately predict how a patient will respond will do a world of good for people and allow them to heal easier. Knowing how they will respond will help to determine whether or not treatment is a good idea. The research was aimed at achieving certain things.

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CBD balm helps alleviate my persistent back pain

During his research, Jeff Packham had asked several people about their marijuana use. While it was then illegal, they often told him about how it had helped them relieve their back pain. Some people even claimed that it eliminated it all together.

There is an oil, called CBD oil, based on cannabis. Jeff had tried this oil himself due to having very intense back pain. At first he asked, is CBD oil currently legal? After he learned that it was, he quickly realized that the oil’s benefits were truly interesting and worth a go. Due to the oil’s effects, Jeff was able to reduce the level of pain that he had each morning.

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What to Do When Your Hip Flexors Are Sore AF

A long day at the office crunching numbers behind the desk can spell bad news for your Hip Flexors. Under active Glutes cause an over active response from the Hip Flexors. This can cause pain and a general sore aching sensation from the front of your hips. Thankfully, there are simple and easy to do exercises that can combat sore Hip Flexors. Added to your daily routine the glute bridge, dead bug, banded body weight squat and the forearm plank are an effective rehabilitation workout.

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3 Tips for Less Stress

Chronic stress has been named as a cause in almost every common disease from cancer to colds. Stress not only effects the immune system but also contributes to existing illness. Holidays bring out stress in all of us but there are some simple ways to combat it. Keep up with your exercise routine without overdoing it. Spend time alone and when you do spend time with others, make sure they are supportive happy relationships. Holidays don’t have to add to your stress if you can follow a few tips to prevent it.

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Tips in Taking Care of Your Lower Back

The majority of people experience or live with pain in the lower back. For some this has started as a result of poor posture which then contributes to the pain. Posture is important not only when we are sitting but when we are standing and sleeping too. It is recommended that you use a towel, rolled up, in the lower part of the back to alleviate some discomfort. Because there is a lot of wrapping presents at this time of year it is recommended not to do them on the floor as it will hurt the back. They should be wrapped on a table or counter.

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When to Suspect Your Lower Back Pain Is Actually Sciatica

Identifying your lower back pain as SCIATICA:
When you have lower back pain which originates from your lower back and travels down to the left leg till your foot, it is the symptom of Sciatica. It occurs as a result of irritated nerve in the spinal cord. And its treatment includes lifestyle improvements and steroid injections to decrease pain.other treatment comes in the form of non-narcotic medication.
We can prevent sciatica by maintaining good posture, stop smoking, body weight management,regular exercise, sports with less risk,safety measures while walking and driving and by practicing good body mechanics.

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The best way to avoid terrible back pain is to exercise, experts say

Even as medical science continues to march onward with new advances, doctors still say the best way to minimize or avoid pain in the back is as simple as staying active. Exercise has been shown by numerous studies to reduce the instance of lower back pain by as much as one third. Stretches, aerobic exercise, or even strength training can all yield good results; but the important thing is to make whatever you choose a regular part of your routine.

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Body pain can be a precursor to anxiety disorder

Even after major surgery that impacts your ability to move and exercise, chiropractors can offer aid and comfort if you’re experiencing muscular or spinal pain. The physical therapy a chiropractor delivers is targeted specifically on problem areas. Proper treatment can restore some or even all of your previously impaired ability to function without pain. Dr. Donald McDowall travels between the Philippines and Australia treating his patients. With over forty years of experience he has significant expertise ranging from ordinary citizens to world class athletes.

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Reduce back pain and improve posture with the Hanging Traction pose: Yoga Moves

Yoga is a great low impact way to reduce stress and muscle fatigue, and treat muscular or spinal problems before the become worse. A Yoga Kurunta is a yoga technique involving a rope or strap attached to a wall. By slipping your waist into it, the Yoga Kurunta allows you to safely and more easily assume inverted positions. With the strap supporting you, it’s possible to allow gravity to soothingly work on your body while you maintain a position that would otherwise be very strenuous absent the Yoga kurunta.

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Looking beyond opioids for safer pain relief

Pain that starts out as simple aches can, over time, progress into something severe enough to be hard to manage. Many reach for opioids, particularly in recent years as medical professionals have made them available. Now, with the opioid crisis building full force, there is starting to be a certain amount of stigma against taking them. Pain management must be proactive; the time to take medication to deal with it is before it gets bad. Unfortunately, research is still ongoing for non-opioid methods of dealing with pain. While scientists have some promising avenues to look into, the search isn’t over.

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3 easy exercises you can do at your desk

Any time is a good time to get up and get active, including during those long hours you spend at work sitting at a desk. You can even perform one of these three exercises right at the desk and give yourself and your body the benefits that it needs to stay in the best condition for a long time ahead. Male or female, these three easy exercises are those that you should do at your desk as often as you can.

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ICER Endorses Payer Coverage for Yoga, Mindfulness for Chronic Back Pain

ICER, the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review, says there are good studies that conclude that some alternative therapies can reduce pain and improve function for some people with chronic lower back pain. Since these therapies are comparatively cost-effective, and come with less risk than standard treatments, ICER endorses payer coverage. Yoga, acupuncture, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness-based stress reduction are the alternative therapies that will be covered. This gives alternative therapies medical viability, and assists clients who could not afford the therapies otherwise.

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Health Beat: Artificial disc a new option for back pain

People may suffer from back pain because of a slipped disc. Consider having an artificial disc inserted to relieve that back pain. Health care is always a vital concern and a big step for anyone to take. Consider the new option for back pain and get the surgery done soon. Some patients have said it seems wonderful to go to sleep without back pain. Talk to a doctor about the outcome measures that people might expect.

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10 Reasons Your Neck and Shoulders Hurt While Running

There are ten reasons why doctors think your neck and shoulders may be hurting after you run or while you’re running. These range from clenching your fists and causing tension, being tense either from stress or holding your body incorrectly, or possibly even being hydrated.
The ways to fix these problems are simple. Small things like wearing a shirt with thumb holes, drinking plenty of water, and making sure you stretch well and properly before you go running are absolutely key to preventing unwanted neck and shoulder pain.

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This Is the Best Sleep Position for Your Health, According to Doctors

Good, restful sleep is important for health. It helps in regeneration, stress relief, growth, and hormone balance among many other things. The right position can enhance how well you sleep and prevent snoring and restlessness. According to doctors, sleeping on your right side might constrict blood vessels and cause you to shift position, waking during the night. Sleeping on your stomach can lead to snoring and back pain. Sleeping on your left side seems to be best for a restful healthy sleep, helping with acid reflux and snoring.

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Good posture helps creates better health

There are a lot of things we take for granted that can effect health over the long term. Good posture is one of those things. Your posture doesn’t just impact back pain and spine health. It can also prevent bone degeneration and even stress. An interesting study followed 4,000 participants and discovered that poor posture over the term of 20 years, was correlated with a higher risk of heart disease. So when you find yourself slumping over a laptop or desk, remember that sitting tall could make a difference in how you feel now, and in the future.

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Revolutionary new treatment for back pain discovered

Back pain is one of the most problematic health conditions. As many as one in ten people suffer from debilitating back pain but new research might be limiting that number. Researchers are using an injection of stem cells to help with back pain by regenerating diseased tissue. The treatment is expected to help with one in six cases of back pain. These cases are helped by the anti-inflammatory properties of stem cells helping to regenerate discs.

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Quick ways to prevent neck pain you should try right now

Prolonged sitting can cause neck pain. Remembering to stretch and relax your neck and other muscles can help prevent or reduce it. Some simple exercises and activities are often enough to manage the issue. With younger people embracing technology with a fervor, neck pain is occurring at an earlier age for many. Taking a break from digital devices can go a long way. Or, at least, hold devices at eye level to prevent long periods of looking down to limit the strain on your spine.

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The best mattress for people with back pain

Choosing the right mattress can be quite hard even under the best of circumstances. Everyone is different, and we all have our own needs and desires when looking for a satisfying sleep. Health conditions make this choice harder, and back pain is key among them. For those concerned, look for a mattress with support for your lower back. Other factors to consider include firmness, the size of the mattress, and how well it distributes the pressure of your body as you lay upon it.

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8 Yoga Poses to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Many people suffer from lower back pain, and there are a variety of causes for it. Bad posture while sitting for long periods of time, or poor overall strength and conditioning, are two very common factors that contribute to back discomfort. Yoga can often help in dealing with these, increasing the chance you will find some relief. As long as you proceed cautiously, and with awareness of what you’re feeling, yoga is safe. Trying some poses and stretches can be worth the time.

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Do you have pain on the bottom of your heel? Orthotics may help . . .

There are many reasons that someone may have heel pain. This is usually known as heel spurs. People try different methods in order to treat their pain. Some of the common methods include reducing your weight, stretching, and wearing better shoes. Another option is to wear an orthopedic insert in your footwear. Many people give up on orthopedic inserts because studies show it doesn’t have immediate benefits. To find relief with orthopedic inserts, a person must wear it for an extended amount of time.

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Can we train pain-related attention?

People can be grossly aware of their pain. It is important to educate yourself about different triggers for your pain. The educational process is going to make things easier for you as you try to learn about major issues like neck pain.

Pain related attention is something that you can use in order to make sure that you can deal with degenerative knee issues. If you can notice this pain early, it can eliminate the long term severity of the knee troubles.

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6 ways to limit your work stress, according to a clinical physiologist – Netdoctor

Work can be overwhelming. If you keep these six tips in mind, you may be able to overcome the stress associated with work. First, try to practice mindfulness. You can do this by measured breathing or simply being present in the moment. Second, is to break large tasks into smaller chunks. When you complete smaller tasks the feeling of accomplishment will help you move on to the next. Third, limit sugar intake. The highs and lows of sugar can negatively affect your work and productivity. Four, make sure to exercise. Exercise give you energy and relives stress. Five, make sure to take breaks. Most people think working straight through is admirable, but it is better for concentration to take a break now and again. And, finally, watch your caffeine. Like sugar, it can have ups and downs that negatively affect your mood and energy, but more than that, it can affect your sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential to managing stress and optimizing your productivity.

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4 gadgets for laptop users to help with neck and shoulder pain. – Cool Mom Tech

If you’re experiencing pain and discomfort while working in the office, stretching and regular breaks could alleviate the problem. Beyond the basics, there are some gadgets and basic changes in your desk layout that could also help. Stands and racks to change the height of your keyboard or laptop, or even the angle your wrists and hands rest upon it while typing, can assist. Wireless keyboards and mice give you tremendous flexibility in where you position them. And something as simple as lenses to reduce the glare from computer screens can yield benefits.

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Our inability to adequately treat pain has caused tremendous societal problems – The Hill

People seem to be uninteresting in relieving pain without the use of narcotics. Usually when someone seeks medical treatment for pain they are prescribed narcotics to relieve the pain. This is a huge problem which greatly contributes to the opioid crisis in America. It has been proven that pain can be relieved through physical therapy, exercise, yoga and mindfulness. Using narcotics to treat pain only makes things worse and doesn’t solve the problem at all.

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Why we’re exhausted: Stress and social media are taking their toll – Chicago Sun-Times

Being tired, it’s just part of our daily lives and normal, right? Maybe not. There are a wide range of things that can cause fatigue and according to a survey conducted by the National Safety Council in July, 97 percent of Americans are at risk for fatigue. An overwhelming 43 percent stated they did not sleep enough to maintain a clear thought process and to be productive. Some of the risk factors include overworking, working long, early, or late shifts, diet, anemia or other deficiencies, hormones, sleep apnea, lack of sleep or quality sleep, depression, and and stress. Social media and technology has made it to where people can have access nearly everywhere and has become a modern pastime. While this can be an enjoyable task, it can also be a source of stress and overly distracting for some. For those who impulsively check their social media constantly day or night can overlook the toll it may have on them emotionally and physically, either by becoming too involved with posts or by spending the time they should sleep on social media instead. No matter what the reason may be if you are feeling fatigued it is best to pinpoint the cause and address the issues you might be suffering from. Who knows, maybe slightly changing your diet, starting to participate in yoga, or help from your doctor with a medical cause might help you feel better rested, more productive, reduce stress and overall happier and more confident to start your day.

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5 Exercises to Reduce Back Pain – TG Daily (blog)

Back pain can be a major problem, but there are ways to help prevent it. Stretching helps you become pain free. The following exercises can be helpful and each stretching session would work best if you were able to stretch for 30 minutes. Decompression breathing, founder to forward fold, adductor-assisted back extension, eight point plank, and the woodpecker. Modifying the exercises as needed for your fitness level. When you can build your core and back muscles you can help and strengthen your lower back.

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Text neck is real, not just a buzzword – EJ Insight

It’s no secret that our contemporary work and life style has us immobile and seated much of the time. Academics and employees can suffer from neck and back pain from sitting and using computers. Neck pain isn’t just from cramped muscles though. It is caused by pressure on the spine from holding your head up. Researchers determined that your head, held at different angles, creates more weight on your neck. It can reach up to 60 pounds at a sharp downward turn, causing spine strains.

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Lay it down: 6 tips on making a smooth mattress purchase – Atlanta Journal Constitution

Mattresses can be a difficult purchase for consumers since it’s hard to tell in advance if a daily use item is going to hold up to a few minutes store testing. Keep in mind these tips for the right choice. Start by aiming to replace it every 8 to 10 years. Always check product ratings with a consumer guide like Consumer Reports. And keep in mind special needs. If you sleep with a partner, make sure it’s spacious and has separate adjustments. If you choose the right mattress, your good night’s sleep will pay you back for the effort

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Acupuncture Cuts Neck Surgery Pain – HealthCMi

Acupuncture is a very effective pain reliever after surgery of the spine. People can gain a lot of pain relief by using acupuncture. Surgery that is done to the anterior cervical spine is a very complex procedure. Acupuncture point Hegu is mostly used by acupuncturists that are licensed in order to relieve the pain people are feeling. Neiguan is another thing that is used and this helps a lot of different functions like heartbeat regulation and alleviating nausea.

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Are Massages Beneficial? What We Know, and What We Don’t – American Council on Science and Health

If you have never had a massage chances are good that someone you know has. And while the facts regarding whether or not massages have a positive effect on your health, people who have had massages promote the benefits they feel. Some of the claims made regarding the benefits of massages are muscle and tissue pain relief, headache relief, and helps to alleviate stress and anxiety. There have been studies done in which blood is taken before and after massages which concluded that cortisol levels dropped after the massage. It is also stated that any benefits from massages are short term and to sustain the benefits you would need to keep getting massages. There are also cases in which massages could have a negative effect and some people should avoid them.

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Can we train pain-related attention?

The question has been raised on how we should treat pain related attention. Paying too much attention to pain is a very bad thing. People that deal with chronic pain often report that they are constantly interrupted by pain. This means that they are not able to focus on more important things in their life. But, there could be some training that people can do to pay less attention to the pain they feel in life.

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At-home Apparatus to Relieve Neck Pain Launches on Kickstarter – PR Web (press release)

A physical therapist has launched a Kickstarter program to raise funds for a device he has created to help individuals relieve neck pain. He calls his invention The Neck Hammock, and you can purchase it at a retail value of $79 or for $50 if you contribute to his Kickstarter fund. Dr. Steve Sudell explains that the device works by using cervical traction. He states this takes pressure off of the inner workings of the neck and ultimately alleviating the pressure that causes neck pain.

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Ditch the Back Pain with This Ergonomically-Designed Laptop Bag – TechCo (blog)

Rovingwork, a Melbourne based startup, has developed a new laptop bag called the MOBICASE. This ergonomically-designed bag was developed to help ease the neck and back pain often caused from hours spent hunched in front of a computer screen. The MOBICASE props up a laptop so the user can sit straighter while typing. The MOBICASE has a laptop lift, water-resistant exterior coating, secure magnetic flaps and an excellent ventilation system. Tim McKenzie, managing director of Rovingwork, says, “We’ve created the MOBICASE to help people stay organized and work effectively, without damaging their back/neck, no matter where their work takes them.” A Kickstarter campaign has been launched with a goal of $25,000. Early bird models of the MOBICASE are available for as low as $89.00

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Do you have pain on the bottom of your heel? Orthotics may help . . .

There can be numerous different reasons for pain in the plantar heel and the main goal for the patient and the physician is to reduce the amount of pain associated with this issue. There are several “go-to” treatments to try at the beginning of patient discomfort, examples of these are to lose a certain amount of weight and also performing stretches to this area of the body. A new study was conducted by Glen Whittaker in hopes of helping his wife to relieve her own pain associated with the planter heel. His study revealed that in general, foot orthoses can be effective when treating pain in the plantar heel. This treatment does take several weeks for most patients to feel the results and may not be the best method for every patient suffering from planter heel pain.

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Exercises to Relieve a Stiff Neck – San Francisco Bay Times

What exercises can one do to relieve a stiff neck? First know the difference between a stiff neck and neck pain. If pain travels down your arm, you have numbness in your arm or fingers, you should see a doctor. Stiffness in the neck is very common. Especially since we all look down at are cell phones constantly. There are a few exercises that one can do, even during the day. If these exercises cause you more pain, you should stop. Doing shoulder rolls is a great way to relieve a stiff neck, if doing two shoulders at once hurts, try rolling one shoulder at a time. You can also do head turns and chin drops.

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4 Essential Exercises for a Stronger Neck – BarBend (blog)

There are many good reasons why training your neck muscles is essential. On a lighter note, it will make you look tougher. This is good if you want to show off how much you train in the gym. Exercising the neck has been shown to help reduce the number of headaches one might have as well. There are a few very effective neck exercises, these include extension, flexion, lateral flexion, and the look-away. It is always a good idea to start performing these exercises to help relieve neck pain, increase neck muscles, and help support the health of your body.

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Overcoming Text Neck – Daily Excelsior

It is very important to be aware of a problem called “text neck” which is a very new issue in society. This issue has cropped up due to our generation’s new obsession with electronic devices, such as cell phones and tablets. Due to the fact that to use these devices we must crane our necks downwards, special concern has been placed on this issue due to injuries that have occurred from this. This is especially worrying for children. It’s important to take breaks from electronic devices and work on better posture when using them to prevent injuries.

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Referred Pain around the Shoulder – HuffPost

If someone is suffering from shoulder pain that doesn’t mean the source of the pain is coming from your shoulder. One of the main culprits of Shoulder pain surprisingly is the neck. If you can move your shoulder around easily without any feeling of pain than your neck is probably the source of your shoulder pain. On some occasions the shoulder pain radiating from your neck can Make your shoulder stiff and painful to move.

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World Spine Day: 20% of people with back & neck conditions are in the age group of 16-34 – TheHealthSite

Do you have lower back pain, or a herniated disk? If so, you are not unlike most of the patients who have successfully visited the QI spine clinic. Yet 73% of survey respondents try other treatments (that are not successful) before getting professional help from the qualified staff at the clinic. Nealry half of the respondents waiting 7 weeks before getting the help that they eventually needed to alleviate their pain. Do not wait, get ahead of the curve!

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Is your headache just a headache? Or something more serious? –

Many different causes are covered in this article. The article starts out with a description of symptoms of a typically headache. The article then goes on to state that not all headaches are the same type of headache, and they are in fact separated into many widely different categories, one of which being the trigeminal nerve. The article then concludes by stating that often times people will confuse the symptoms of one medical condition for a traditional headache

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Healthy Living: Help for back pain sufferers – How to avoid going under the knife – KUSI

Doctors at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore said there are a few ways for sufferers of chronic back pain to avoid surgery. First, people with chronic back pain should try physical therapy to learn better posture and strengthen the core. Second, yoga and meditation can teach someone in pain not to focus on their discomfort. Third, massage, acupuncture and pain management medication can help someone in pain avoid a costly surgery and a lengthy recovery time.

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Do I Want a Swedish Massage or a Deep Tissue Massage? What’s the Difference? – Del Mar Times

A Swedish massage and a deep tissue massage are very different things. A lot of people wonder if a deep tissue massage hurts. They also want to know if Swedish massage is actually Swedish. The Swedish massage was developed in Sweden in the 1800’s. It was brought to the United States by a man named Pehr Henrik Ling. The main purpose behind the Swedish massage is to help improve circulation. It is also meant to ease tension in the muscles.

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Yoga can help with low back pain relief – Harvard Health

According to a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, yoga can alleviate lower back pain. Individuals who participated in a 12-week yoga program had less lower back pain and increased quality of life than those who engaged in physical therapy, meditation, and exercise. The yoga poses focused on stretching and strengthening the core, improving joint mobility, and relaxation breathing. There was also a significant decrease in opiod use for pain control in participants by the end of the study compared with the beginning.

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Hollywog launches smartphone-controlled pain management … – MobiHealthNews

Hollywog, a Tennessee-based maker of wearable pain relief products recently launched a groundbreaking smartphone-controlled product. The retail price of the new WiTouch Pro Bluetooth TENS Therapy device is $49.95. The WiTouch Pro is worn underneath the clothes on the user’s lower back where it delivers stimulation pain therapy. The product is used with the WiTouch Pro App and allows users to choose four different pain relief programs with 15 intensity levels. Hollywog offers a similar device called the ModPod, which is for treatment of chronic and acute neck pain.

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Low back pain affects people of all ages | Healthy 2020 – The Sheboygan Press

More than 100 million Americans suffer with some sort of back pain. Pain is a very complex condition that affects a persons whole life. It can affect a persons relationships at home as well as at work. Pain is usually treated conservatively at first. If pain continues other less conservative treatment options are available. Treatments that are ‘multimodal’ or several different things at the same time are often looked for. This type of approach can lessen risks associated with pain medications.

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Where to turn for low back pain relief – Harvard Health

Many people suffer from lower back pain at some point in their life. Many different things can cause lower back pain such as a muscle or ligament injury or slipped and herniated disks. The good news for back pain sufferers is that most of the time treatment will not require a specialist. Simple stretching can do wonders for lower back pain, especially pain caused by over use. Applying heat and/or cold packs is also a good option before running for expensive specialty treatments.

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Hot pepper rub eases arthritis pain in hands – MyAJC

Arthritis pain in hands is extremely difficult to manage for some people. A hot pepper rub can ease the arthritis pain that some people tend to feel. That is a unique treatment that is sure to catch on among those who want to ease arthritis. Treatments are evaluated based on the effectiveness that they tend to promise. Follow the hot pepper rub as it is discussed by experts. They offer insight that is important for anyone.

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