New Panasonic MA73 Model Now Available!

June 17, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
June 17, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

New Panasonic MA73 Model Now Available!

Panasonic recently announced that they have a new model in the USA called the MA73. I don't have any high res images yet for it, but I can tell you it looks exactly like the MA70 model. The feature set is pretty much the same except for a few additions, some of which I do not fully understand and am awaiting explanation from the powers that be at Panasonic. Here is a rundown of the features that are similar to the MA70:

1. Quad style roller system

2. 3D roller technology to adjust roller intensity

3. Shoulder airbags

4. Seat and hip massage airbags

5. 31" roller track

6. Calf and foot airbag massage

7. Arm and shoulder stretch programs

8. Forearm and hand airbag massage

9. 3D body scan technology

10. 207" square inches of back massage coverage

11. 1066" square inches of total airbag massage coverage

12. 33 airbags

13. Reflexology plates in the soles of the feet

14. 170 degree recline

15. Wood finish arm rest

16. Voice guidance

17. Reversible ottoman

Now, here is list of the few things that have been added to the MA73 that make it unique:

1. Double Heated Massage Rollers (sole and upper body)
I'm not sure just yet what a double heated roller is, but what is interesting here and in point #2 below is the reference to a roller mechanism in the feet, which would be an awesome addition what with foot rollers being all the rage in the industry right now.

2. Palm/Sole Kneading
Again, I'm not sure if I'm reading this right, but there seems to be a reference to the possibility of there being mechanical rollers in the soles of the feet PLUS the possibility of rollers in the palms of the hands...which would be an industry first, in my opinion. That would be pretty cool. I am awaiting response from the people at Panasonic to verify.

3. Neck Stretch
In addition to the arm and shoulder stretch programs, the MA73 now has a neck stretch feature.

4.  Extended Leg Rest
The MA70 was designed to cater to a taller body frame than what the older 30000 series of chairs provided. The MA70 could handle someone up to 6'2" tall. I am guessing, and again won't be sure until I hear back from Panasonic, that the MA73 with it's extended leg rest will be able to handle an even taller body. A nice feature to have as many of the newer chairs can handle folks up to 6'5" and 6'6" tall.

5. 5 Degree Elbow Rest/10 Degree Palm Rest
Not sure what this is, but I assume it is all about arm rest positioning for user comfort in all inclined and reclined positions.

6. Price
The chair will retail for $1000 more than the MA70.

Once I hear back from Panasonic about some of these features that are less clear at the moment, I will update his blog post. Once I get some high resolution images and more information about color options and pricing, I will have this model up on our website. Stay tuned...

Dr. Alan Weidner

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