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Just like a licensed massage therapy, the massage chair offers equal benefits if not more. These chairs mimic a massage therapist's hands and although a machine can never fully imitate a true professional's hands, there are many benefits that are gained by the use of the massage chair's functions.

Below are some of the health benefits a massage chair recliner offers:

- Stress release and unmatched relaxation. Most people actually fall asleep the first time they use this gadget!

- Pain relief on the neck and back. Muscles are the main source of pain in our bodies. When the muscles are dealt with, as is the case with these chairs, the pain becomes less.

- Muscle stiffness and tightness relief. The chairs help you get rid of that stiff or tight muscle, leaving you feeling more relaxed.

- Lymph and blood flow improvement. To clean your body off the toxins and harmful substances is blood and lymph. With good muscle function comes improved flow of these two circulatory fluids, which results in a cleaner, healthier and more alert body. You also get positive blood pressure effects too.

- Improved healing. With an improved circulatory system comes better oxygen transportation. For the body to heal effectively, oxygen must be present and in good amounts. The result of improved oxygen supply thus becomes quicker and better healing processes.

- Muscle spasm reduction. A massage chair has the same effect as a hand massage. It gets rid of those annoying and painful muscle spasms completely, leaving you a more relaxed and relieved person.

- Increased flexibility. To improve your movement, you must relax your muscles. This effect is sometimes very dramatic. For instance, try to touch your toes by bending over before you begin the use of a massage chair. After the session of massage, try it again. Which one feels better? This is how improved your movement also gets.

- Endorphin levels increase. Being the body's natural relievers of pain, endorphins when increased give your body more resistance to pain. Coincidentally, the best three ways to increase these hormones production include a good massage, exercising and chiropractic manipulation.

- Better breathing. The ribs are also made with muscle. These muscles, just like in any other body muscle, need to get proper relaxation. What better way than to use a massage chair. Tightened rib muscles result in inhibited breathing movements, making breathing quite a task. Try out a deep breath before and after a massage session with these chairs and feel the difference.

- Better posture. Most pain sufferers, especially those related to the skeletal muscles have poor posture. Some of these people will have a slouched look. Such a posture makes it very hard for the body to hold its weight well. The result is an increasingly poor posture. A good and regular massage easily corrects this.

- Degenerative arthritis prevention. As a result of poor posture, the body gets poor loading in relation to gravity. The result is degenerative arthritis. To say this in simpler terms, the poor the posture you have, the faster the gravity wears you down. A change in posture can help prevent this, with a massage recliner chair coming in handy. Who wants to look older than they are anyway?

All said, to get a better general feeling of yourself, you need to get your body healthy and relaxed. A massage chair works to help you achieve proper relaxation and improved health and that's why you need to get one fast.