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Forget about making several trips to the massage therapist and say hello to your own therapist, the Inada Sogno massage chair from Japan. The chair will meet your needs by combining comfort and quality with the most advanced technology in the world by one of the most respected massage chair companies in the world.

The Inada Sogno has high quality Italian leather gracing the surface of the chair while resembling a piece of art. This chair is one of Inada’s best high design massage chairs with best-in-class massage technology. It originally debuted in Milano Salone in Italy. You are able to customize your massage chair by choosing from three different colors, creme (only available on the Sogno PLUS model), slate, and dark chocolate. To build your personal relaxation chair, only the finest genuine European hides are used. The leather that is used to create this massage chair has been inspected for grain and is aniline dyed. All leather used for the Inada is subjected to strict tests during the production cycle. The leather that is used meets rigorous chemical and physical requirements, they are stain resistant, and resistant to damage from rubbing. The sight of scratches and wrinkles are evidence of the natural nature of this high quality Italian leather material.

Toshiyuki Kita is the creator behind the design of the Inada Sogno. He has created various designs for an array of furniture as well as consumer products. Kita is known for designing and decorating modern works. He is best known for his iconic Wink chair. The chair was designed under a well known furniture maker of Cassina of Italy. The chair has beauty and technique as well.

The three dimensional mechanism from Inada is the only massage mechanism in the world that has the skill to push the rollers out for a more deep massage or remove the rollers for a more temperate massage. The rollers ensure the correct amount of blood flow to each of your joints. Stretching is an important for your muscles and the chair provides that. A stretch program on the chair provides slight rotation to your shoulders, hips and mid back. The rollers imitate the precise movements of real human wrists. After a minute in this chair you will forget that it’s not a human, it’s a chair.

The chair is also child friendly for ages 14 and up. This chair will have a more profound impact on their bodies because it is gentle. When it comes to the Sogno massage chair it works on the same areas for which you would receive massage therapy. It also pays special attention to areas that are directly connected to your joints. These professional techniques are incorporated into the Inada healthcare program. The Inada offers eight pre-programmed massage programs.

The massage chair listens to everything you say and it understands twenty-one voice commands that allow you to control the chair with the sound of your voice. Also, you are able to change the massage programs, turn features on and off, and recline or sit upright without pushing any buttons. So, if you are exhausted from a long day you literally do not have to lift a finger.

A couple of other features that I love about the Sogno massage chair include:
1. Extending and retracting ottoman for tall and short folks. Virtually any height will fit in this chair.

2. Dream Wave technology which finally addresses the hip and thighs in a therapeutic way.

3. Neck traction feature that takes care of the discs while receiving a neck a massage.

4. Full arm massage.

5 5-year warranty.

When you purchase the Inada Sogno, you are purchasing more than a piece of art. The Inada will offer beauty and brains that will cater to your body's needs. By dedicating fifteen minutes a day to the Inada Sogno, it promises feelings of refreshment and it will have you ready for your busiest day or long night. This is by far one of my favorite massage chairs.

Dr. Alan Weidner