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This particular massage chair comes from the home of shiatsu and Japanese acupressure. It provides a luxury shiatsu massage experience in the comfort and privacy of your home or office, an experience specially designed by an expert combination of shiatsu professionals and massage therapy professionals. In Japan, it was initially designed and sold as a medical chair, however, for almost fifteen years now, courtesy of the Japanese Government, it has been used for acupressure therapy and remedial massage in non-clinical settings. It's primary benefit, is that it can assist you to prevent fatigue and stress, and in doing so, providing you with a major improvement in your health.


The Inada i1 Massage Chair is now being sold in the United States, bringing it's demonstrated benefits to a broader audience by providing healing massage therapy to those who are in need of it. Massage therapy can assist in relieving pressure within the body and promote better circulation of the blood. In doing so, the natural ability of the body to heal itself, is significantly enhanced. Because it has been designed by specialist massage and shiatsu practitioners, the chair can assist in providing an appropriate yin and yang balance while ensuring the relevant connections between upper and lower body, in tandem with right and left as well as front and back sections of the body.


Prior to the massage commencing, the chair performs a scan of your body to find your unique pressure points. Because of it's unique design, this massage chair will stimulate the body's specific pressure points by a combination of tapping and kneading specific organs, which results in them becoming energized. A human body contains over 350, meridian and organ aligned, pressure points, and this has been programmed into the chair by it's shiatsu designers. The massage you experience in this massage chair, which is technologically customized to provide a full body massage for your unique body shape, will leave you feeling refreshed, as if you had visited a spa.


The Inada i1 massage chair promotes optimum circulation of the blood in both hands and arms by including a triple action massage for the arms. Also included is a shiatsu massage for the feet. The chair will actually 'remember' you unique body shape, ensuring you receive a perfect massage every time. It also features adjustable inclines which range from 120 to 170 degrees and operated via a remote control unit. The foot rest is also adjustable and may be moved backwards and forwards to suit the individual. In general terms, the further back you adjust the incline of the chair, the greater the relaxation you will experience.


A full body massage in the Inada i1 massage chair before retiring at night, can promote restful sleep and comes highly recommended after after a stressful day. Likewise in the morning, if you have been unfortunate in experiencing restless sleep, a massage with the Inada can rejuvenate, stimulate and refresh you. The chair is aesthetically pleasing and offers relief from pain and soreness as well as stress. Ultimately, it will be a welcome addition to assist in your overall achievement of a relaxed and healthy lifestyle


Dr. Alan Weidner