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Here to reduce your back pain is the Human Touch HT-5320 massage chair. You can say goodbye to your muscles soreness and chronic back pain. The Human Touch will nurse your tired muscles back to health by soothing your tense body from head to toe. The Human Touch is full of surprises. It offers more than your normal massage chair. The HT-5320 is less money and has more to offer than your normal massage chair. The HT 5320 will bring more to the table than what you paid for.

The Human Touch will help you limit your trips to your massage therapist by catering to your every need as well as providing professional results. To ensure comfort for your legs and feet, the Human Touch allows you to position your calves and feet into the massage wells. To ensure healthy blood flow, the massager vibrates and massages your feet and calves. To make things easier, you are able to adjust the thigh and arm massage sleeves that can be stowed away. This is a very unique approach to arm massage. Not vibration, but a discreet sleeve that can be used on the arms or thighs. When not in use, it can be tucked away between the arm rests and the seat cushion. You can take control of your massage with the three dimensional remote control by removing the sleeves.

You come first when it comes to the Human Touch. With a detection system that locates your acupressure points, the massage chair uses its acupoint system to the fullest. Once your points are detected, the Human Touch Robotic Massage System diminishes the tension in your muscles. While sitting in the Human Touch, you will forget that these are not the hands of a human, but the techniques of the Human Touch imitate those of a professional. The human touch doesn’t miss a spot when it comes to targeting specific zones on your back and troubled areas. By programming the HT 5320, you are able to personalize your massage to fit your needs.

Four important features of the chair are compression, kneading, percussion and rolling. The compression massage technique applies and distributes pressure into deep muscle tissue which forces your muscles to unwind. The rocking motion loosens spinal joints. Compression stimulates blood flow to the specific areas of your muscles and softens the tissues.

Kneading helps to eliminate tension and soreness by lifting and stretching your muscles. This practice improves blood circulation and lymph circulation. This helps bring essential nutrients to the spinal area and also helps clear toxins from nerve muscles and tissue. The kneading process kneads your back in circular motions on both sides of your spine concurrently helping you to relieve tension throughout your back.

The percussion feature makes rapid tapping strokes to stimulate spinal muscles and spinal joint areas. This method loosens up spinal joints and helps you relieve pressure of the spinal column, it invigorates your entire back while releasing tension and cramping. The movements of the percussion technique strengthen muscles, tone, and stimulate circulation.

Available for purchase in dark chocolate or black, the Human Touch 5320 will get the job done in very little time. If you dedicate fifteen minutes a day you will see rapid results in pain relief, stress relief, and overall general well being.

Dr. Alan Weidner