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The Unique Features of the Omega Montage Massage Chair! 


Do you need to alleviate your tired and aching muscles? If so, the Omega Montage Elite massage chair or  Omega Montage Premier massage chairs are excellent choices for this purpose. They have been designed with your comfort in mind, and they provide a relaxing massage experience. The arm massage of the Premier works your forearm, arm, and hands so thoroughly that you will  want to take a break from your keyboard just to feel the arm massage. By the way, other than the arm massage in the Premier model, the Elite and Premier modesl are exactly the same. So, as I speak of them as one chair, the features discussed will apply to both. 

They also include a heat therapy system in the backrest, seat and the footrest to give you the maximum benefits from your sessions. These two massage chairs can give you relief from lower back pain too, with the full back massage feature which is included. They even boast an air massage system for your entire lower body, so you get a full body experience. The music therapy option also allows you to choose relaxing music for the massage to synchronize with.


The Omega Montage massage chairs have been specially crafted with your body's mechanics in mind, so you are always perfectly supported when seated within them. The extra long arm rests are ergonomically designed, and they slide back in concert when the reclining function is used. This keeps your arms in the most comfortable position possible, no matter what angle you decide to sit at.


Further, reclining is made easy with the motorized backrest and footrest which you'll love! With the simple press of a button, this massage chair will respond to your every command. You can fully customize the position of both the footrest and backrest, as they work independently from one another. In fact, the footrest can adjust all the way up to a ninety degree angle, so you can always find a comfortable setting. When your massage session is finished, the chairs will resume their starting position on their own as well.


This massage chair has several different massage options too. These include tapping, rolling, kneading and a combination of all three of these methods. You can further elevate your massage, by selecting the hip vibration or air pressure features as well. The roller massage function gives you the choice of three separate intensity levels, and you can add the air pressure massage to further feel the effects. The roller itself will align itself to your body's shape, or you can manually adjust its width if you prefer.


Four unique programs are available, including the middle back, whole back, waist and shoulder. The middle back program will spend time kneading the middle part of your low back, alleviating any pain you experience there. The whole back option will relax all of the muscles in your back equally, working from your waist all the way up to your neck. The waist program starts at your waist and includes your lower back, to provide relief from any deep back pain.


Would you like to know more about the included music functions of the Omega Montage massage chair? It has a MP3 player built right into the unit, for added convenience. You can use this with the provided headphones, further enhancing your time of relaxation, which will gently soothe both your body and mind. Taken together, the effect can be equal to that which a professional masseuse can deliver. You can also customize your soundtrack to your liking, by inputting new songs of your choosing with the included USB music flash drive.


The Omega Montage massage chair wouldn't be complete without its remote, which includes a crystal clear LCD screen. It allows you to easily choose from among the five pre-loaded massage types. For even further convenience, a secondary wireless remote works off of the primary one, to give you even more flexible options.


You can select upgrades for this product as well, and arm massage attachments are available for the Omega Montage Elite massage chair if you desire.


With all of these excellent features, this unit does not hold back when it comes to your relaxation. This massage chair allows you to take advantage of a professional level massages session, right in the comfort of your home!

Dr. Alan Weidner