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Many of us carry all of the stress from our day on our bodies, specifically in the muscles of our backs and shoulders, which pay the price in pain. A massage chair would be a fabulous way to remove the deep-seated muscle pain that comes from stress, but with so many on the market, finding the perfect massage chair can be tough.


Enter the "Zero Gravity" Human Touch HT-7450 massage chair. This massage chair is a proven winner, with its breakthroughs in performance and design. It combines the latest in back care techniques with tried and true methods to achieve the best massage from a chair that you will ever have. The nickname "zero gravity" comes from its unique reclining capabilities, which position your knees above your heart, leading to a relaxation and decompression of your spine. Along with this recline feature is a function that allows the chair to tilt downward separately from the back rest, which frees your body to seek the most relaxed and natural position. Once in a reclined position, blood circulation is enhanced, leading to a more beneficial massage. The chair reclines at several angles, and allows you to customize your "zero gravity" massage according to your comfort level and needs.


Another great feature of the HT-7450 Human touch massage chair is found in its True-Zero armrests. These armrests are unique in that they maintain the best ergonomic ratio between the arms and the body, thus effectively removing all pressure and strain from the neck and shoulders to ensure that you will feel 100% refreshed at the conclusion of your session.


The Human Touch is not just for sore backs- it also is highly effective in foot and calf massage. Using a mechanical process that works in a wave-like motion, blood is drawn away from the feet and moved towards the core, wich reinvigorates and refreshes the entire body. As with the other massage functions available in the Human Touch, full customization of this function is available, and you are therefore able to adjust the massage intensity to your exact specifications for a massage tailored directly to you.


One of the features that gives the Human Touch its name is its dual lumbar warmth mode. When selected, this feature soothes your aching lumbar region with a built-in hot compress, effectively paving the way for a higher rate of effectiveness from the the 8-point pulsating massage system. The Human Touch contains an integrated acupoint detection system, which creates a map of essential pressure points along the surface of your entire back. This data is stored in the memory of the chair, and is updated every time you re-enter, ensuring that even the memory of these painful places will soon fade away. The memory-foam seat cushion, fashioned from NASA-grade foam, remembers and retains the exact shape of your frame, and where you apply the most pressure when seated, to make it personalized on a whole new level.


With a voice-activated response system built in, and a five-year warranty included, this is one massage chair that will be used time and time again. Available in black or brown, this unique massage chair will blend seamlessly into any decor, making it your go-to haven for relaxation.

Dr. Alan Weidner