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OHCO R.6 Massage Chair

OHCO R.6 Massage Chair

PRICE: $8,999.00 Best Price Guarantee
5-Year Extended Warranty - $450.00
OHCO R.6 White Glove Service - $199.99 FREE

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OHCO comes out with another winner...the OHCO R.6! This chair comes with a classy mid-century design, integrating maple wood grain trim, along with a 4D L-track roller system, foot rollers, 56 airbags, wall hugging space saver, DeltaWave massage engine, heat in the low back, seat, and feet, and an easy-to-use multilanguage remote control. Don't forget that the R.6, like the flagship OHCO M.8, is designed by world renowned Ferrari designer, Ken Okuyama.


Dr. Alan Weidner supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

  1. Mid-Century Design - With its premium maple wood grain trim, the OHCO R.6 massage chair is designed to integrate perfectly in any well-appointed living space.
  2. 4D L-Track Roller Mechanism - The 49" roller track of the OHCO R.6 massage chair extends from the top of your neck to the bottom of your seat, plus you can adjust the depth of the rollers for a more or less intense massage experience. If you've never sat on a massage chair with butt roller massage before, you are in for a treat!
  3. DeltaWave Massage Engine - At the core of the R.6 lies the technology to transform your entire state of being. Our proprietary DeltaWave engine is designed to deliver an intuitive and lifelike massage. In addition to basic movements—tapping, kneading, rolling—the DeltaWave 4D engine uses advanced massage algorithms to mimic the hands of a massage therapist. It precisely manages a wide range of massage speeds from fast to ultra slow movements. Rapid acceleration and deceleration of motor speeds add variation to movements and patterns; deepening the human qualities of the R.6.
  4. Air Cell Compression Massage - 56 air cells in the R.6’s shoulders, arms, seat, legs and feet provide soothing relief with customizable levels of compression.
  5. Designed by Ken Okuyama - The look and feel of the R.8 has been created by a famous Ferrari designer, Ken Okuyama. It is a very handsome chair with beautiful lines. You will fall in love with it even before you sit in it.
  6. 3 Year Parts & Labor In-Home Warranty - Should anything ever go wrong with your new chair, you have a 3 year Parts & Labor warranty from DreamWave along with fantastic customer support (and, of course, Lifetime Labor Coverage from Massage Chair Relief for as long as you own your new chair)
  7. Heat Technology - The OHCO R.6 has infrared heating elements located in the low back, seat, and feet.
  8. Mechanical Foot Rollers - The R.6 has 2-way rollers working the soles of your feet to give you a soothing release for your tired feet.
  9. Multi-Language Remote Control - Adjust and monitor your massage with ease using the handheld remote. The intuitive, user-friendly interface makes setting up your session simple and can be selected in multiple languages. After you learn basic functions, the raised-button layout allows you to tactilely navigate basic functions without needing to look at your remote. Included Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simple and Traditional), Vietnamese, German, Spanish, Russian and French.
  10. Zero Gravity Recline - The OHCO R.6’s zero gravity recline cradles your body, distributing your weight perfectly for maximum comfort while improving circulation, increasing lung capacity and gently decompressing the lumbar spine.

  • Power Consumption: 200W
  • Session Time: 20 Minutes
  • Roller Track Length - 49" long
  • Reclinging Angle - Approx. 123 degrees
  • Dimensions: Upright - Approx. 33W x 63D x 47H; Reclined - 33W x 74D x 38H
  • Weight - 364 lbs.
  • Upholstery - Synthetic leather
  • 3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Designed/Engineered in Japan
  • Made in China
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OHCO R.6 Massage Chair