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Ogawa Refresh Plus Massage Chair

Ogawa Refresh Plus Massage Chair

PRICE: $2,599.00 Best Price Guarantee
- $600 Instant Savings on Sep 20, 2018
3-Year Extended Warranty - $249.99

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The Ogawa Refresh is a wonderful option for the mid $2K price range. This model boasts 2-position zero gravity, 42 air bags, and a wonderfully durable new, breathable synthetic upholstery. On top of all that, this chair comes with a 31" roller track, with an upgraded S-track that will guarantee a better neck and low back massage than most chairs out there, foot rollers, heat, vibration therapy, and a very easy-to-use touch screen tablet remote control!


Dr. Alan Weidner supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

  • High Quality Synthetic Upholstery - This chair does not come with a traditional synthetic upholstery, but a breathable, nylon-like material that is very durable and stylish.
  • Zero Gravity - The Refresh comes with 2 stage zero gravity, which means that the first position will take you to the true zero gravity, decompression zero gravity position, while the 2nd position takes you to an even further recline.
  • Update S-Curve Rollers - What Ogawa calls "Smart Refresh" is really an updated S-curve quad-roller system that will go extra deep into the curve of th neck for an even better, more deep neck massage. The rollers are designed to follow the full spinal curvature a little more effectively than a lot of other models.
  • 31" Stroke Length - The 31" roller track length can reach way down into the low back and top of the buttocks, as well as hit the base of the skull for those pesky, headache-causing suboccipital muscles.
  • 42 Airbags - Airbags strategically located in the shoulders, arms & hands, and calves & feet provide a full body massage experience at an amazingly low price point.
  • Heat - Low back heat will loosen up those worn out lumbar muscles so that the roller system can really dig into the spasm and scar tissue for optimal healing and pain relief.
  • 7 Massage Techniques - The rollers of the Refresh are programmed to provide 7 different massage techniques: Swedish, Shiatsu, Kneading, Clapping, Tapping, Rolling, and Dual Action.
  • Seat Vibration - Not every chair has the vibration feature, but it can have a very relaxing, almost hypnotic effect on you when you are sitting in the chair.
  • 6 Auto Programs - This chair comes with 6 pre-programmed massage sessions, including Gentle, Relax, Neck and Shoulder, Lower Back, Lower Body, and Stretch.

  • Recommended User Height: 4'10'' - 6'3''
  • Recommended User Weight Max: 285 lbs
  • Power Consumption: 125W
  • Available Colors: Black, Bronze, Cappuccino
  • Chair Weight: 172 lbs
  • Upright Chair Dimensions: 45" X 29" X 60"
  • Reclined Chair Dimensions: 39" X 29" X 74"
  • # of Motors: 8
  • Manufacturing Country: China

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Ogawa Refresh Plus Massage Chair