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Ogawa Master Drive AI

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Ogawa introduces the Master Drive AI massage chair with a rich feature-set including 4D L-track with Vario Motion, a Alexa & Google Voice compatibility, Biometric Tracker, Samsung tablet/app, 25 auto programs, memory function, BlueTooth, and much more.

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Ogawa has truly outdone themselves. They have introduced what could be the most intuitive and responsive L-track massage chair yet! The Ogawa Master Drive AI massage chair incorporates some never-before-seen features that will excite even the most difficult to impress user. Features include a Samsung Tablet with pre-installed app to operate the chair, 4D roller technology with Vario Motion depth adjustment, Alexa & Google Voice compatibility, mechanical foot rollers, memory function, SmartSense airbag pressure control, self diagnostics, built-in quick touch user controls, 3 user profile memory function, 26 auto programs, Chair Doctor Biometric Health Tracker, and much, much more. A very unique and special chair, the Ogawa Master Drive AI massage chair brings a whole new dimension to the massage chair world!


1 review for Ogawa Master Drive AI

  1. MIchael Ziegenhagen (verified owner)

    To all my fellow aging Boomer’s do I ever have a story to share with you. Within the last several months I finally acquiesced and made the purchase of a quality massage chair that I have been avoiding buying for a couple of years now. Like so many of us the aches and pains started mounting in numbers as I have aged. The stream of doctors with every cure-all and treatment known to man was consuming far to much of my once peaceful life style. I had always figured a massage chair would at least make me feel better and relieve the stiffness from arthritis taking over my body. The previous years of hardy activity and exercise had dwindled markedly as time moved on into my seventies. With considerable research, endless weeks of UPS and Downs investigating the ever growing massage chair industry, I was confident I had identified a few quality engineered massage chairs that I felt comfortable enough with in making a purchase. The one big issue remained however, where do I purchase it from and how much do I have to really pay ? In talking to so many companies , their salesmen and so declared expert managers, I was lost in the sea of inaccuracy and down right deception from them trying to gain my business. I became so suspicious of the massage chair industry I was close to ending what I started out to do in the first place, buying that quality massage chair. The transaction part of this purchase is crucial, the cost of a quality chair is way far below the purchase of a new car, but also far above the typical price of a quality recliner chair. The prices I was quoted were all over the place, often several hundred dollars difference on the exact same models. Unsure and frustrated, I decided to let the frenzy of the black Friday deals and year end extravaganzas evolve into another time and place. Then one day while surfing “You Tube” on the Internet, I found Dr. Weidner and this incredible company he has developed. So enough of the my overture, obviously if you are reading this endorsement you have found Dr. Weidner as well. From this point forward, you won’t need my input to further your pursuit of information about massage chairs. Look into this unimaginable offering of video and mounds of vital data, all there to help anyone interested in massage chairs gain the knowledge and confidence needed to purchase this wonderful life improving invention. With over 50 years experience in retail sales management, with the last twenty years in my own executive placement company I have never seen anything like it, total dedication designed to help the buyer navigate the confusing and complex massage chair industry. See for yourself and I am sure you will agree ” You just can’t make this stuff up ” Call his personal telephone number and he will be honored in helping you personally with any concerns you may have, as he has done for me. Good Luck Dr. Weidner, And Thank You Once Again, You Are Indeed The Real Deal !!! Michael Ziegenhagen CPC

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4D Roller Technology

Want a deep massage? Want a light massage? The 3D rollers will make that happen to you with the versatility of a 3″ adjustment. Add in the chairs inherent speed/rhythm changes and you have the benefit of 4D rollers.

4D Vario Motion Mechanism

On the right arm rest is a dial that is easily reached by the user and will easily adjust the depth, height, and width of the rollers, to make the massage experience as perfect a fit for the user. The dial also allows the user to adjust the speed of the rollers on top of it all!

Chair Doctor Biometric Health Tracker

The Ogawa Master Drive AI massage chair comes with a sensor that the user holds in their hand, which allows the chair to measure certain body biometrics, i.e. perspiration, tension, etc., so that the massage experience can be more uniquely personalized to the body type of the user.

Alexa & Google Voice Compatible

Simply speak into your designated Alexa or Google enabled device and tell you chair what you want it to do. Very sophisticated voice response technology now available.

60 Airbags

Multiple airbags will envelope you and give you compression massage almost everywhere where the rollers can’t reach. Airbags are found in the arms, legs, feet, seat, waist, shoulders, and low back. To have a chair that works on so many areas, including the rollers, will leave you feeling totally relaxed and “fixed” after a long day of stress and strain.

Memory Capability

The Ogawa Master Drive AI can remember and record your optimal massage experience so that, with the push of a button, you can enjoy the same massage the next time you sit on your chair. Up to 3 different user profiles.

One-Touch Zero Gravity Positioning

Zero Gravity is the position that is optimal for the feeling of weightlessness or even weight distribution in the seated position. Most chairs come with this feature nowadays, and the Ogawa Master Drive AI is not the exception. One button push and you will be reclined into a near perfect position.

Quick Touch User Controls

If you’re too tired or lazy to actually use the tablet to run your massage programs, just use the Quick Touch buttons located on the right arm rest for basic functions such as Power, body positioning, and some basic programs.

3 Years Parts & Labor In-Home Warranty

You are covered for 3 full years for both parts and labor, plus you have the option of purchasing an additional 2 years to give you a total of 5 years parts and labor, in-home coverage.

Pre-Installed Samsung Tablet

The Ogawa Master Drive AI massage chair is run by an Ogawa App, which can be found on the Samsung Android Tablet that is included with your Ogawa Master Drive AI massage chair purchase. Full control of the chair is managed by this app. By the way, the included Samsung Tablet also is WiFi enabled and can, of course, be used as a personal computer.

3D Body Scan

Pretty much all massage chairs nowadays have some form of body scan, but what makes this one so interesting is that it measures not just the positioning of the head and shoulders, but also the shape of our spine…PLUS it’s computer technology allows for the rollers to make micro-adjustments throughout the massage session.

26 Auto Programs

The Ogawa Master Drive AI massage chair employs 26 auto programs utilizing Kneading, Swedish, Tapping, Shiatsu, Clapping and Rolling modalities. 8 of your favorite programs can be saved on the home screen.

Patented SmartSense Aircell Technology

Not only does this chair use it’s 60 airbags to lift and compress your various body parts, from head to toe, but this technology can also control the PSI in various airbags by using patented sensors throughout the chair to provide optimum pressure for comfortable massage.

Ottoman with Smart Sense

the Ogawa Master Drive AI massage chair also has an electronic leg extender which allows you to set the length of the ottoman’s foot and calf massagers to the perfect length for your body using sensors in the foot rest. No need to push and hold a spring loaded ottoman during your massage session.

Mechanical Foot Rollers

An elaborate network of rollers under each foot will bring welcomed relief to your feet at the end of a long day!

Heat Elements

Heat is provided for the back, via heated rollers, as well as the knees/calves and feet.