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Luraco comes out with the first L-track chair not manufactured in China! The new Luraco Legend Plus is a 3D L-track massage chair with a roller track of 58″! Also includes memory settings, foot rollers, easy to use remote, & noise reduction technology.

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Luraco has introduced the first non-Chinese made L-track massage chair. Not only is the Luraco Legend an L-track chair, but it has a roller track length of 58″, the longest in the industry. It also has 3D rollers so that you can adjust the depth of the rollers, thus affecting the intensity of the roller massage experience. The 3D adjustment is sectional, in that you can adjust the intensity of the roller massage on one section of the spine independent of other sections. Other features include memory function, Bluetooth connectivity and speakers, foot rollers, body stretching, 9 auto programs, 80 airbags (including elbow airbags, which are quite unique in this industry), lumbar heat, and noise reduction technology.


8 reviews for Luraco Legend PLUS L-Track

  1. Carter Hargrave (verified owner)

    This review is for the Luraco Legend. This chair is beautiful and solidly built. Have usd many chairs from a lot of manufacturers, and this chair is very well made in the USA.

    The touch controller is a huge plus. Unfortunately the software on the controller is lacking. Out of the five auto programs, only one is worth using, the night. They all have meaningless names.

    To get the chair to do anything close to useful you must go full manual, and pick what you want. I did that and set the intensity to 5, it?s highest, and it just doesn?t get the job done. The chair sadly does nothing well. And don?t even think about your neck getting attention. It is not going to happen.
    This is rediculous for a chair costing this kind of money. The Legend is an unremarkable chair.

    While other chairs don?t come near the build quality, absolutely any massage chair at brookstone will get you a better and more thorough massage. The foot rollers on my chair were off center, so they were useless as well. For heat it took thirty minutes to begin to warm up, and by that time the cycle had ended. Forty five minutes and you have some warm.

    I actually had to check the owners manual to make sure that this chair really had 3D capability, and that I had it turned on. I wanted to like this chair. Especially since I have to pay for return shipping now. I contacted Luraco and they said to remove any padding and turn up the settings to max. Great chair if you like little to no pressure.

    It was a leap of faith ordering this chair with no reviews anywhere, but the Doc and Michael are wonderful guys that really care about you and your needs, and no matter what they will take care of you.

  2. Rs (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a Luraco Legend from Massage Chair relief. I was on the fence about getting the i7, Legend, Novo XT and decided to go with the Legend.
    I am a very active person so a chair like the Legend is a great fit for me. I can customize endless combinations while in use or save unto 5 user/preference. I am currently using 2 users for myself. My wife is using 1. First user is if i need a Strong message after a workout or run and the second is just a default with my spine mapped out, I found it is useful for a quick start. I use the 2nd user for night mode. The Night mode defiantly will put you to sleep.
    The stretch mode is good, but i prefer the Shiatsu/sport mode. This chair has the capability to adjust strength and width of the rollers(3D). The strength settings available are 1-5 for each section. Currently i am using 3 on my neck, 4 on my mid back, 3 on my lower back, 2 on my buttocks, and a 4 on my legs.
    The Remote is very quick and responsive, and the chair is very quite.

    I do not live close to either of the massage chair relief stores, but during a visit last year to the Los Angeles area, i called Michael and set up on appointment for a visit. He is very knowledgeable, helpful and patient. During my Visit i tried Luraco i7, Human Touch Novo XT, Inada Dreamwave, Osaki pro summit and a few more. I was most impressed with the Luraco’s , but wanted an L-track. Hence ended up the Luraco Legend. It has most of the features of the i7, plus more.
    If you are on the fence about a Massage Chair, i would recommend you talking to Massage Chair Relief as both Michael and Dr A are very knowledgeable.

  3. Melody Blomquist (verified owner)

    We are really enjoying our chair. The foot massage is a little lacking, but the rest of the areas are well covered. The customer service is the best! Dr. Weidner is so personable, helpful, and he went out of his way to spend time with us. The chair was delivered, set up, and ready to go for us. He stayed in touch and kept us informed, and we feel that he will continue to make sure we are happy with our product.

  4. Minh Chau La (verified owner)

    We just received the chair last saturday. It came perfectly on a weekend so that my family can enjoy it. Thank you Alan and Michael for finding a white glove service last minute for us. They were really courteous and took good care of the set up process. My family as of now, really enjoy the neck, buttocks, and foot massage of the Luraco L track Legend. Though we are still figuring out the chair, everything is going great so far. We really love the chair and will recommend it to anyone. The service from start to finish was top notch also. Thank you.

  5. Andrew Lords (verified owner)

    We love the chair – it really does everything we want it to and it gives a great massage. Knocked off a star because we’re been having some troubles with it freezing up/turning off and displaying a “communication error” message on the remote. Currently working with Luraco to get that resolved. Other than that we really like the machine.

  6. Andrew Lords (verified owner)

    I left a previous review, but am not sure how to edit it so I’m leaving a second review here.

    First off – I would highly, highly recommend purchasing through massage chair relief. They were a joy to work with, really know their stuff, and you’ll make a much better buying decision than trying to figure out the complicated world of massage chairs by yourself. Just do yourself a favor and buy through them!

    I’m leaving a 2 star review for this specific product for a couple different reasons, but let me start with the pros first: The chair gives a good massage, has a good, simple remote, great build quality, and looks nice too. Now for the cons: (1) Our unit came with a faulty motherboard and remote and while Luraco sent me replacement parts, I had to install them myself which required messing around with circuit boards. I can’t comment on whether this was a freak accident or a common occurrence with the brand, but it took weeks to resolve and was a pain in the butt (2) while there is a nice butt massage function, it’s pretty weak and doesn’t add a whole lot to the massage (3) the remote cord length is too short to the point where it’s annoying – you have to lean over to the side to make changes to it because it won’t stretch up to you while you’re sitting in the chair (4) I know people say that Luraco customer service is good, but I’ve had a very different experience. As I stated before, I had a hardware issue with my chair. Once I replaced the parts myself I threw the old parts away because they were broken. The day after I did this I got an email asking me to send back the broken parts. When I said I threw them away, they responded that I could either pay $900 for the parts, or void my warranty for the chair. So because they sent me a chair with faulty parts on it and didn’t clearly tell me they wanted said parts back, I am punished? After I brought this to their attention, the manager stated that he would waive the $900 charge and voiding the warranty IF I left a 5 star review on this website. Wow. Maybe that’s the answer for why they get good reviews – they bribe/extort their customers to leave them. I’m still in awe that they would try this underhanded tactic with their customers. Like I said, I liked the chair, but I’m returning for another brand so I don’t have to work with their customer service department again.

  7. Randy Stumman (verified owner)

    I had been researching massage chairs for about a month. I went to all the places in my town twice. Couldn’t go back unless I was willing to buy, my interpretation as I felt I was abusing them by showing up all the time. I found most of the lower priced Chinese chairs too rough and too hard and too noisy. So I was looking for gentle to hard massages, quiet operation, with the ability to have memory settings so I can set up my own massages.

    I called a couple of online places and ended up talking with Dr. Weidner and found his knowledge, patience, and assistance the best of all, even compared to local salesman. Spending on a quality massage chair can cost a lot of money and having someone willing to take the time as Dr. Weidner has done means a lot to me. Check out his out of state program, no one else does that.

    No one had the Luraco Legend plus in my town, so it was either fly out to California or buy sight unseen. I bought it sight unseen. I had a strange delivery situation as I bought the chair and had to go out of town and was hoping the chair was going to get here in time. It didn’t and Dr. Weidner came to the rescue and worked it out for me.

    The chair arrived, paid the delivery guy $20 to bring it in the house, which was quite difficult to do. It was a very easy set up after that and after 1/2 hour got the chair working.

    I have had it for about 1 month now and use it every day. My sore lower back and my knots in my upper back are pretty much gone. My friends have used the chair and love the comfort of it. So it can be a nice gentle soothing massage or a hard one.

    After about a month of use, I had some questions about the operation of the chair so I called Luraco. Got through to their tech people and had all my questions answered. No rush, very helpful people at Luraco. Top quality company it seems.

    Things I love about the chair are the different types of auto massages. They are all different and the genius of the programmers really shows through in this area. The chair is quiet. I put a sound meter on it and I am pulling about 58 to 62 db at my nose. This noise is from the air pumps that hum.

    The ability to customize the massage is unlike any other chair for this price. You can set up what area you want massaged, what speed, what intensity for each area independently, and what type of massage, and then save it off as your own user. You can have 5 user’s set their own massages. The only downside I have found is that there are only 2 manual massage techniques you can manually set, kneading and tapping. The auto programs go through what feels like more, but no complaints on the techniques. Other chairs brag about having 5 or 6 techniques but I think really most are redundant.

    In conclusion this chair gives a great soothing or hard massage, has a ok stretch for a L track chair, great memory capabilities, and is solid built with great customer service not only from Luraco but also from Dr. Weidner. Top notch!

  8. David (verified owner)

    We’ve had the chair about 6 months. It is a good massage. We like the massaging the neck and head as the top value for us. It gets used every day. We had a failure beginning with a popping noise in the back rollers but it did not keep us from using the chair. Luraco was quick to talk to us and would quickly answer the phone anytime we called. Strangely, they did not get back to us for about a month and then suddenly we got a call from them. The problem was they could not find any service people in Birmingham, Al and as a result, decided to just send us a brand new chair to be swapped out.

    On the bad side, when the rollers leave the neck area, it lets your head fall backwards enough to be like looking at the ceiling if you were standing up. This is painful for both of us, so our fix is to slide the head rest pillow under the head when the rollers are working elsewhere and slide it up when they come up to the neck so we can get the full effect of the neck and head massage.

    The programs seem to all do too much of the same – lots of stretching, but you can put this chair in manual and do whatever you want to emphasize. The action of the chair is slow and deliberate, not like the other brands, which seem to change from one thing to another more quickly. That’s good and bad, depending on what you want. I wish it had more varied programs.

    Thanks to Dr. Weidner for working with us on this chair.

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58″ L-Track Roller System

Prior to the Luraco Legend Plus, the longest roller track around has been about 50″. The longer roller track in this model will assure a massage lower down the hamstring muscles as well as more roller to accommodate a massage on the neck of folks with a taller body.

Made in the USA!

This is the first L-track massage chair built in the USA with the structural hardware and synthetic leather made in Taiwan. Designed, engineered, assembled in Dallas, Texas by Luraco Technologies.

Touch Screen Remote Control

Luraco has integrated a touch screen remote that is so simple and easy to use, you will be up and running in no time!

5 Memory Settings

When you customize your massage and find that it has all the perfect settings for your spine, good luck trying to reproduce it tomorrow when you use the chair again. Now, you can memorize your favorite sessions for up to 5 users so that when you return to your chair, your customized program can be turned on right away.

BlueTooh & MP3 Music System

Pair your device to the chair through the BlueTooth function and listen to your music on great sounding speakers. An ultra clean music system that will give you better quality sound than most competing models in the marketplace.

Zero Gravity

What chair is complete nowadays without the zero gravity function for stress and low back pain relief. This “weightless” position improves your state of relaxation and well-being when you are using the Legend.

Comprehensive Airbag System

The Luraco Legend Plus massage chair has an 80 airbag system that provides therapy for the areas of your body that can’t be reached by the roller systems, including some unique airbags that compress the elbow area that could be ideal for golf and tennis elbow sufferers!.

3D Roller Massage

You can adjust the rollers forward or back to increase or decrease the intensity of the massage. So, if you want deep and your significant other wants gently, you have the flexibility in this chair to cater to both of you! What really makes this chair unique is that you can adjust the depth of the rollers in neck independent of the back and buttocks area…and likewise for each area. It is called a sectional 3D roller function.

Mechanical Foot Rollers

Each foot massager has a double foot roller to really give your reflexology points a work over!

3-Tiered Calf and Foot Massage

An additional layer of airbags in the calf region facilitates for a greater and more comprehensive calf massage. Most chairs are two-tiered, but the 3-tiered system will really do a great job on your sore calves.

Back & Feet Heat

Luraco has strategically placed heating elements in the back to give the most comprehensive warming system to help soothe your back during your massage session. The Legend also has a heating element in the feet section. You will have 5 levels of heat intensity that you can adjust to your comfort level.

Airbag Massage Intensity Adjustment

The airbag intensity can be adjusted up or down with the push of one button. If the default air massage is too intense or too soft, pushing this one button can customize the intensity for the user’s sensitivities.

Ottoman Leg Length Adjustment

The Luraco Legend Plus can cater to body frames as tall as 6’5″ and as short as 4’7″. The fitting of these body sizes is made possible by the extending and retracting ottoman mechanism.

9 Auto Programs

Programs designed to fix whatever ails you. With the simple push of one button you can have 20 minutes of soothing massage…all pre-programmed for your benefit and enjoyment.

Body Stretching

A unique and advanced body stretching program introduces utter relaxation and therapy to a compressed spine.

Body Scan Technology

The Luraco Legen Plus will scan your spine and body shape to allow this massage chair to give you the customized and soothing massage possible. The chair will make the massage fit your body rather than the other way around.

Exceptional Warranty

Luraco offers a 3 year parts and labor, in-home warranty for this chair (PLUS 2 more years of parts!).

Noise Reduction Technology

New technology provides a quieter massage chair, thus making your massage experience much more relaxing.

Optional Health Monitoring System

Luraco has created the first and only medical massage chair that uses patented integrated health monitoring features that allow the user to measure blood pressure and heart rate.