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The iRobotics 7 Plus massage chair is built in the USA with American & Taiwanese components. It’s feature set includes, among so much else, a powerful touch screen remote, 32″ roller track, 3-tiered calf/foot massage, Bluetooth, and health monitoring.

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Luraco has done it again, this time with the iRobotics 7 Plus massage chair. It’s feature-set includes a powerful operating system managed from the first touch screen remote control that actually looks and feels like a smart phone, a 32″ roller track to get to the top of the buttocks muscles, a health monitoring feature, full body heating elements (feet, seat, & back), a 3-tiered calf & foot massage, memory capability so that you can “re-use” a customized program that you really like, leather touch points, 3D roller intensity adjustment, mechanical foot rollers, Bluetooth technology and speakers, all with a 3 year in home warranty! Not to mention that this chair is assembled and quality controlled in the USA, with American and imported Taiwanese parts. An extraordinary massage chair with a very rich set of features.


1 review for Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus

  1. Patrick (verified owner)

    First off, want to say that I’ve been very happy with Dr. Alan Weidner’s service from Massage Chair Relief. I found this site when I was researching massage chairs on YouTube and ended up watching some of his videos. I decided to purchase from Massage Chair Relief because of their 90 day money back guarantee as well as the lifetime labor warranty. I’m about halfway through the 90 day period and I’m most likely (90%) going to stick with this massage chair … mainly because it’s not easy to go and test out other massage chairs during COVID, and also because it will be a pain to pack up and ship the chair back.

    Overall, I’m ok with the Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus. Ok as in 3 out of 5 stars. Here are my thoughts:

    Neck & Shoulder: Other people have mentioned this already. The pad is terrible. When it’s on, the neck massage does nothing. And those little massagers at the bottom of the head pad don’t give a good massage. And they often hit your collarbone instead, which hurts and doesn’t actually give you a massage. If you take the head pad off, the neck & shoulder massage is decent. However, when it’s massaging the base of your neck, your head is arched back and you’re looking straight up, which is super uncomfortable (this won’t happen if the head pad is on, but then you won’t get a good massage). Also, the distance between the two massage rollers can’t be made narrow enough to give full coverage.

    Back: Back massage is fine.

    Arms: When you are seated upright, the airbags do a decent job of massage your hands and forearms. However, when you are in zero gravity mode, your hands are much higher, and you basically only get a hand/finger massage. In some modes, it can hurt when the airbags try to massage your finger (instead of your hand or forearm). Sometimes the airbags at your shoulders inflate so much that it’s uncomfortable to keep your hands/forearms in the armrest area.

    Butt: The butt massage seems a bit pointless. It just moves you left and right. I guess it helps a tiny bit for certain stretches, but that’s about it.

    Calf: The airbags don’t really give a good massage here. Also feel a bit pointless. Sometimes the airbags inflate so much that they put pressure on your knees, which actually hurts in a bad way.

    Feet: When it’s just the rollers spinning, it does almost nothing. But when the bags around the feet are inflated and the rollers are spinning, it feels great. So look for the programs that include the feet airbags.

    Stretch: The stretch that pulls the feet feels great. The one that stretches your back & hands is not too bad either.

    Remote Control: I hate the remote control with a passion. They try to make it look like an iPad, but it’s clear that whoever designed it has no background in mobile user interfaces. It looks bad, it’s slow & clunky, and it’s organized terribly. Everytime you turn on the massage chair, it takes forever to go through the scan. And if you try to load up a saved profile, you don’t save any time because it takes forever to load the profile. The manual mode is poorly designed. And in general, what should have been a big positive is actually the worst thing about the chair. Also, the fact that you have to look at the screen to make any adjustments is a big negative. I’d actually prefer the simpler button layouts of the average massage chair to this.

    The main reason I purchased this massage chair was for the neck & shoulder massage. With the head pad removed, the Luraco does a decent job (4 out of 5 stars). The back, feet, and stretch massages are good too. However, the arms, butt, and calf massages are all bad. If I just rated the chair itself, I’d give it a 4 (out of 5 stars). But the remote is so bad that I’m dropping the overall rating down to 3 stars. I’m hoping that they put out a software update for the remote that improves things .. if that’s even possible.

    If you are thinking of getting a high end massage chair, my suggestion is to actually go to the store and try them all out in person. See if it is massaging you how and where you like it and also look at the remote to see how easy it is to use. I purchased my Luraco based only on my research online and I wish now that I had taken the time to try out a couple other options before making my decision. Given that I have about half the time left on my 90 day warranty, I’m still about 10% tempted to drive down to the Los Angeles Massage Chair Relief store (a 6 hour drive) to try all the high end massage chairs to see if any of them are so much better that I decide it’s worth the trouble to return the Luraco and buy a different chair. Will see how I feel over the next 2-3 weeks.

  2. Ron & Cathy Sibila (verified owner)

    Our shopping experience was truly delightful. I had no idea which chair I wanted and after receiving Dr Weidner’s report, I began to get educated on the chairs. I watched many of the videos to learn as I did my research. We decided on the Luraco iRobotics 7 and it was delivered today. My wife and I chose to take delivery ourselves and although that was a challenge in getting the chair in the house, we made it. Our installation could not have been easier! Directions were very complete and easy to follow. Once we had the installation complete, I gave my wife the pleasure of the test run! She really was happy. She was describing everything to me as it was running through the paces. (It was only making me more anxious to try it myself). (We had not even cleaned up the packing material as it was still laying around the living room). She was extremely happy and I decided to give it a whirl! To say we made the right decision is an understatement!!! This chair is absolutely fabulous – the pressure is great! I love the stretching sensation that it does. I would highly recommend this chair to anyone. I also could not be happier with Dr Weidner and his staff that supported our purchasing decision. I felt somewhat uneasy when he said to call him throughout our decision making process, but I did and it was a very pleasant discussion. He is so helpful and we are so glad to have found his site.

  3. Gary Boyd (verified owner)

    I don?t normally provide product reviews however the Luraco i7 and Dr. Weidner have far exceeded my expectations. Just as everyone mentions online, Dr. Weidner lived up to his reputation of being a sincere, honest and valuable resource in my purchase decision. He was absolutely terrific. What was also terrific was the amazing customer service I received from Luraco.

    I am fortunate enough to live in the DFW area where the i7 is manufactured. I contacted Luraco and asked for the opportunity to test drive the i7 at their facility. After testing the i7 (three times ? thanks Robyn), I made the decision to purchase the chair. After several months of owning the i7, I can honestly say I am extremely satisfied with my decision and feel it has turned out to be an incredibly positive quality of life decision. The i7 is a luxury massage chair that seems to be infinitely adjustable via the simple and intuitive touch screen controller. It’s large enough to easily accommodate my 6?7? 290 lbs frame as well as perfectly fit my wife and daughters. The User and Intensity memory controls allow me to skip the scanning process and quickly begin my massage selection.

    While the i7 is not the least expensive chair I looked at, it was by far and away the best overall chair I researched and tried. The difference in quality and ease of operation ended up making it a simple decision. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Dr. Weidner and the Luraco i7.

    Flower Mound, TX

  4. Tony D (verified owner)

    I recently Purchased a Luraco I7 robotics massage chair from massage-chair- relief. I had been researching for a massage chair, reading on line reviews and going to whatever store available. Brookestone and Relax the back both places were very helpful but where limited in chairs and brands to sample. I believe Costco sell some highly reviewed chairs also. I was very intrigued by the I7 so I called the manufacturer and spoke with Robyn who was very pleasant and helpful. She recommended a local store and massage-chair- relief in California which I was traveling to for the Christmas. Robyn had contacted both stores and gave them a heads up. Michael from the California store contacted me and we made arrangements for Monday after Christmas. to go to the store. Saturday the day after Christmas we kind of had an empty spot in our day, so I decided to Call Michael at the massage-chair- relief store and we made arrangements to meet 6:00 pm. By the way the store was closed that day and Michael was at a family gathering, so he had to step away from a family Christmas party for about 4 hours. He new what I have tried and what I wanted to try so I wasn’t gonna turn into ground beef by trying all the chairs they have. I had limited it to 3 brands that I liked Inada, Osaki and Luraco. The reason why I chose the Luraco I7 was it was 1) Made in U.S.A, 2) Very adjustable settings from 1 to 5 I am using 2 right now 3) Heat al the way up and Down,4) the lower legs and back felt most realistic to the human touch, 5) User memory so you don’t have to go thru the scan every time you use the chair. Dr. Weidner and Michael are still contacting me about my purchase. If you are in the Market of a Massage chair I highly recommend the Luraco I7 and purchasing it from massage-chair- relief store. They have a program for out of state purchasers that pretty much pays for your trip.

  5. Joe Sica (verified owner)

    5 Feb 16 Atlanta Ga.
    I was in the market for the best chair, but didn’t want to plop down 8k without trying all the top chairs prior. I spoke with Dr Weidner and he directed me to the Southern California store with Michael. I booked a flight and three weeks later Michael picked me up at the airport, he gave me all his insights on the top chairs being the Inada Dreamwave, Panasonic MA73 and Luraco I7. I got to the store and spent several hours really ingesting pros and cons as well as the physical dynamics of these top three.

    Based on reviews and marketing I was leaning towards the Panasonic MA73 prior to trying them out. After trying them out, in my opinion Luraco I7 blew the Dreamwave away and surpassed the MA73. The deciding factors in the store with the I7 were full body heat, rollers in the feet, a third set of airbags for the back of the calves, full customization on massages without having to only rely on preprogrammed routines and intensity from 1 – 5, and a password setting to keep others from using my chair.

    There is no point in buying a massage chair that is limited in its penetration ability because it only has a light or medium setting. I needed a chair that I could work up to in intensity so there is always room for a better massage. On the back, neck and shoulders Level 1 is light, level 2 is medium, level 3 is intense. I haven’t even tried level 4 or 5, lol.

    Once home I spend an hour or more in the chair daily. I was pleasantly surprised about the morning, night and sport routines. All three are amazing, but the night routine does the seat movement from side to side the entire time, with very comfortable stretching and a lighter massage. Every time I use it I am blown away. The sport routine is a very comprehensive massage with the most focus out of any other routines for the feet, calves and very unique stretching. The morning routine is very light stretching with a really awesome vibration/tapping massage. These are only three of the nine preprogrammable routines. Zero gravity is no joke and the full body heat cradles me in warmth. I was thinking about getting the Yume later on, but now I am considering buying the next gen I7 when it comes out and giving this I7 to my sister. Unlike others always looking for the best price, I research for the best deal of quality as well as comfort and this is it. Added to the value of this chair is having worked with Dr Weidner & Michael’s no pressure sales, incredible customer service and amazing warranty.

    The chair was a breeze to put together, but it is heavy. If you do not have people to help you move it the white glove service is a no brainer. Hope this helps. Joe Sica

  6. Lenny A. (verified owner)

    We purchased the I7 from Dr. Weidner, I will write a full review on chair at a later time, just wanted to say how easy Dr. Weidner made the whole process…. It’s difficult for most people to drop 8K without even sitting in chair let alone not even meeting the seller!!! However, this man isn’t just a Dr. & salesman he truly cares about his clients… There was never any sales pressure, as a matter of fact he gave of a bunch of cheaper options.. The I7 just had everything we were looking for… We probably talked 15x’s & if he wasn’t able to answer the call he got back to us very quick, there was even an instance when he was already home doing his yard work & I tried to tell him I’ll call at a better time he insisted we talk!!! I guess what we’re trying to say is, if your in the market for a massage chair look NO FURTHER, YOU FOUND THE MAN TO TRUST!!! GREAT BUYING EXPERIENCE!!!

  7. Doug Sims (verified owner)

    We could not be more pleased with our Luraco I7. The quality of the craftsmanship is excellent. Being made in America is a huge plus. Dr. Weidner was so pleasant so speak with and his knowledge of the various chairs is exceptional. The company that provided the white glove installation put the chair together and set it up for us. Glad we went ahead with the white glove installation. The chair is not hard to put together after watching them, but would have taken my wife and i much longer than it took the installers. We highly recommend the white glove installation. Good pricing, quality products, excellent customer service from people who seem to really care–what more could one ask for and why would you shop anywhere else for a massage chair?

  8. Andy L (verified owner)

    I so agree with all the other 5 stars reviews. I would give more stars if offered. My experiences with Dr. Weidner exceeded my expectations, as did with Robyn at Luraco. I can’t say enough good things about them. As far as the I7 Chair goes, I’m so glad I decided that this was the massage chair for me. If you can afford to purchase this chair, don’t think twice. Just do it now! The sooner you order it, the sooner you will be thanking yourself. First Class-Top Shelf product and service all the way!

  9. Steve Ganz (verified owner)

    I looked at a lot of chairs and talked a lot of people and Michael and Dr. Weidner were over-the-top EXCELLENT to work with. They not only had a very large selection of products on their SoCal Floor, but they also were excellent with any questions and concerns I had as I started using my new chair.

    I could not be happier with them or the chair!

  10. Steve Kennedy (verified owner)

    Alan and the staff are great. Quickly called in a change on the color after I ordered. Kept me informed as to shipping status. Chair arrive in less than a week from order date.
    This is my first massage chair, it is definitely a great investment.
    Chair is great, biggest issue is my wife keeps taking it. I have literally been falling asleep in the chair during the massage.
    The variety of standard programs is very good,
    I did not get the white glove service, but the chair was easy to put together. If you have a lot of stair steps, I would recommend the white glove since the chair is heavy.

  11. Ellen Smith (verified owner)

    Thank you Dr Alan Weidner for your time and wonderful advice in helping us buy the best massage chair for your whole body from your toes to your head. This is a wonderful chair and you won’t regret the purchase.

  12. Dr. Brian Kinkade (verified owner)

    I was going to write a review on the Luraco chair we’ve had a few weeks now, but after reading the review from DA Petrun I don’t know that a can add anything else. That was a very complete review and I can’t disagree with any analysis of the chair as both the good and bad points were addressed. The good features far outweigh the shortcomings.

    We’ve had 7 people use the chair for at least a 30 min massage and everyone has been very impressed with the results.

    As for buying from Massage Chair Relief, I couldn’t recommend buying from anyone other than them.

    Michael was the only person I had direct dealings with and he was very helpful, very professional, and very honest with me. He was easy to reach by text or phone, even helping me after the sale when I contacted him on Thanksgiving day and interrupted him during the Cowboys game. I never had the impression that I wasn’t appreciated as a valued customer before, during, or after purchase. Now maybe Michael wouldn’t have been so pleasant to work with on Thanksgiving Day had the Cowboys been losing, but I somehow doubt he would have treated me any differently. It’s too bad that all companies that I’ve done business with over the years haven’t been as enjoyable to deal with as Michael and Massage Chair Relief.

    I would highly recommend both the Luraco iRobotics 7 and Massage Chair Relief. There are tons of other chairs out there and many places to purchase and believe me, I am they type of guy who researches everything I spend my dollars on as thoroughly as possible, but save yourself the time and just call Michael and get this chair if you’re serious about getting the best product and the best price and the absolute best service.

  13. Michael DeCesare (verified owner)

    I just purchased this chair and it arrived last week. The white glove service was absolutely worth it! They did a great job. In ordering the chair, talking with Dr. Alan was very helpful and he was always in contact with me to inform me of the chair’s status. Now for the chair itself, what a great chair, so far no complaints, and I have tried every program the chair has to offer. I have had a severe Achilles problem in my left foot, and when the chair stretches you it grabs hold and pulls and it was able to get whatever kink was in their out, I haven’t been pain free in my heel for months and in a few quick sessions I’m pain free. I strongly recommend this chair if you are looking into getting one. I can see it is going to be a great investment into my long term health, yes it is on the expensive side but you get what you pay for. Again Highly recommended

  14. Steve B (verified owner)

    Buying a massage chair turned into much more of a challenge then I expected. There are so many out there and finding a chair with a majority of reviews took a lot of time and research. I called Doctor Weidner with a lot of questions and he was very kind and patient with me. He was not at all pushy and I could truly tell he wanted me to do what was right for my wife and myself. We settled on the Luraco and have absolutely no regrets. We wanted a chair which was American made, and that produced a truly exceptional massage. The chair is extremely user friendly, a breeze to set-up, and gives us several choices for massage routines. We bought the chair in September and use it on most days. I have absolutely no regrets except for waiting so long to make this purchase. Thank-you Dr. Weidner and your team for such an excellent buying experience.

  15. John Preston (verified owner)

    We bought the Luraco IRobotics 7 just before Christmas. We are very pleased with our purchase. The contraption ain’t cheap, but it’s a hoot — relaxing, therapeutic, soothing. Sometimes, it has all sorts of things going on at once, and this seems to increase the ability of the chair to just sort of take you away to a nice state of mind. It even looks good in the living room — leather, etc. The 3D feature is very important, as each of my family members desires different intensities, and just pressing a button is a lot more convenient than piling on blankets in a doomed effort to control the intensity of the chair. Michael and the Doc were knowledgeable, patient, and very helpful. I have no regrets and would do it all over again in a minute — no buyer’s remorse here.

  16. Kevin Mc (verified owner)

    Hello, I’m writing this review of the Luraco iRobotics 7 (“i7”) chair only because Dr. Weidner asked me to, and I respect him so much after dealing directly with him, that I wanted to do what he asked of me.
    Unfortunately, mine isn’t a positive review of the i7, but only due to 3 specific things that were a bother to me, personally, which you may not find to be problems. So, please, keep this in mind when evaluating the chair (not to mention all of the POSITIVE reviews found here, which is why I bought the chair in the first place). Also, please know that I was buying this chair to accommodate both me and my 78 yr. old mother, so I knew the chair had to have adjustable intensity settings, one of the reasons I chose this chair among others.
    My complaints about this chair, which caused me to return it, are as follows (and keep in mind, I called & told Luraco about these problems myself, and they said they are already working on one of them):
    1. The Foot Rollers are way too strong – I was able to try about 5 other chairs with foot rollers, from makers like Apex, Titan and Ogawa, and I LOVED how great they felt. Foot rollers became a “must-have” for me while shopping for my chair. I couldn’t try an i7 before my purchase (not one in any showroom in Houston, Tx.), but I incorrectly assumed the foot rollers in this chair would be much like the rollers in other chairs which I loved. They were not. Even on the lightest-intensity setting, I felt that the roller-pressure on all parts of my feet was much too intense, to the point of being painful. I found myself actually trying to “run away” from the rollers when they would turn on. Rather than being a wonderful, comforting addition to my massage, they actually caused me to have pain the next following days. I suppose I could have stacked one or two pair of athletic socks under my feet, but I didn’t want to pay over $7000 for a chair (Christmas sale price) that I had to modify like that. For that amount, it needs to be as close to “perfect” for me as possible, and this wasn’t it.
    2. The Headrest Trapezius Massagers don’t work – the headrest has two pressure-points that are supposed to press down into your shoulder/neck muscles (right where your neck connects to your shoulders) which simulates a person using fingers or elbows to “dig” into your neck muscles for relief of tension and aches. Unfortunately, because there is nothing that HOLDS the headrest in place, this just ends up pressing the headrest up, away from your shoulders when they engage (the weight of your head is NOT nearly enough to keep the Headrest in place when these points press down into your neck muscles). Had I kept the chair, I would have probably tried to “paste” Velcro-strips onto the back of the Headrest and onto the part of the chair it touched, to help it stay in place, but there are inherent problems with that solution too. In summary, the pressure-point neck massagers are useless.
    3. The Arm Massagers are practically useless – there is nothing wrong with the air-pressure or action of the arm massagers…they are as good as any other chair’s. The problem is that, like MANY other chairs with a stationary-armrest/side-panel design, when your massage starts, the chair reclines into a great zero-gravity position and your arms get pulled OUT of the massage chambers, leaving only your hands to get the air pressure that is SUPPOSED to be pressing down on your whole forearm. I’m 5’9″, so a taller person may not experience this as much, but for me, having forearm/hand massage-chambers that only effectively could massage my hands was not “good enough” for a $7000+ chair. You CAN get an arm massage by moving the chair back into the upright-seated position, but to me, this isn’t acceptable when every massage starts by auto-reclining to zero-gravity, and that’s the BEST position to be in to take full advantage of what these chairs are supposed to offer.
    4. Roller Intensity doesn’t adjust down enough – I could live with the intensity, but my 78 yr old mother would have NEVER been able to stand it. Even on the lowest setting, it was what I think other chairs Medium setting would be. It DOES come with a pad to use to lower the intensity if needed, but it’s only big enough to cover the lower back. Your upper back will be pressed hard (which some will enjoy!). As I said, I could be fairly comfortable with the settings, but I expect that a chair that costs this much should actually have a LOW setting that IS LOW…sometimes you don’t wan to be “worked over”, but relaxed.
    Now, so you have my full views on this chair, I will say the following POSITIVE things about it:
    1. Build-quality – top-notch. It’s a solid, well-built tank of a chair. I have no problem believing it would last 10 or more years with normal use
    2. Materials – top-notch. I didn’t care about the leather touch-points as the felt no different to me than any other part of the chair, but ALL of the materials were stellar and all parts fit well
    3. Design – I’m a computer engineer, not a mechanical one, but from what I can see, the chair is beautifully built…everything fits together perfectly, parts don’t rub or make contact in any bad way, and I assembled the chair myself. While it was SLIGHTLY difficult to do alone, it wasn’t impossible, and I would do it again if I needed to. In short, you CAN put it together alone, and with two people, it’s no problem. The only reason you may want to order white-glove service is if you will have any problems getting the box into your home (it fit through my 31″ doorway with a good, hard push) and if you don’t have a dolly with which to get the box into your home from outside (the normal delivery is to be dropped on your driveway/lawn and up to you from there to get it in the house and set up). Without a dolly to move it to your doorway, and w/o help to get it into the home, you may definitely WANT the White Glove service, which takes care of everything for you. Just DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR BOX or DESTROY IT until you KNOW you like the chair. I did, and paid over $100.00 for materials to ship the chair back once I knew I wasn’t going to keep it (moving blankets, wrapping film/shrink-wrap, ratchet-straps for tying it down onto the shipping palette that I had to obtain for the return, etc.). I’m not complaining about paying for the materials; I destroyed the box.
    4. The remote control was great…just like a Smart Phone. Easy to use, memory for your personal user settings (which avoids the need for a body-scan each time you use the chair. You DO have to press your massage you want, and then press buttons to load your Personal Profile, but that isn’t much to ask to skip the body-scan when needed).
    Finally, about the return process and money-back guarantee that Dr. Weidner offers…YOU CAN BELIEVE IN IT FULLY AND WITHOUT RESERVATION. He is not only a man of his word and a man of honor, but he was a pleasure to work with. I talked to him several times before making my purchase, bought the chair on Black Friday, and it was delivered the FOLLOWING THURSDAY (LESS than 1 week during the busiest time of the year)! When I finally had determined that I wanted to return the chair (about 2 weeks later, I think), I called Dr. Weidner to let him know. He only asked if there was anything wrong with the chair, and when I said no and described the problems I had with it, he said “Ok, well then let’s get you set up for a return.” He did not argue, he did not try to talk me into keeping the chair, he did not try to tell me that there was something wrong with me…he was simply 100% accommodating in helping me return the chair. And because I already knew that I was going to buy an Inada Dreamwave instead, he then helped me get the financing for the Luraco changed to the Dreamwave. By the way, he did NOT know I was going to buy the Dreamwave before he helped me with the Luraco return. I purposely kept that from him during our conversation to make sure that did not influence his demeanor toward me while discussing the return of the Luraco. As I expected, he was a perfect gentleman and honored his money-back guarantee with no reservations, no complaints, no arguments. Once that discussion was through, I asked him to help with the Dreamwave purchase, and that was not only because he was a great person to deal with, but because no one that I know of offers the lifetime labor warranty!
    Summing up, this is a great chair with some flaws that I wasn’t willing to overlook, but it’s made by what looks like a great company (Luraco) and it is well-made and built VERY solidly. If what I’ve described isn’t a bother to you, then get the chair…I think you’ll have it for many years. But whatever you do, buy your chair from THIS WEBSITE…Dr. Weidner is an honest, principled terrific man to do business with, he stands by his products and he honors his word. There were no “nasty surprises” in ANY part of my dealings with him, and if he lived here in Houston, Texas, I’d be happy to take him out for drinks as a thank you for how he dealt with my purchase. He is the ONLY retailer that I will EVER buy another chair from and certainly, I’ve already and will continue to recommend him and Massage Chair Relief to anyone I know in the market for a chair. You can’t do better than working with and buying from Dr. Weidner!

  17. Michael Murray (verified owner)

    Probably like many of you, my first massage chair experience was in an airport while waiting for a flight. I believe it was an Osaki model, but I wasn’t sure which one. I just knew it really helped me get from Honolulu to San Fran in economy with less pain than I experienced on the way over there. I was hunting for good deals, and while I loved the features of this chair, it didn’t fit in the “good deal” category to me. I started out speaking with Chris, and from there spoke with Michael, and lastly had a long email exchange with Dr. Weidner. All of them pointed me to this chair. Since I had no way to compare different models in my area, I asked them some tough questions; like whether their commission is higher on these chairs since they push them so strongly. I’m not sure I ever got an answer to that one in particular, but the common point was that when customers come into their showroom and try out all of the different chairs, almost all end up buying the Luraco. They treated me with respect and kindness; and never tried to get me off the line. So I ended up buying the previous reviewer’s returned chair, which had me extremely anxious because I purchased it the day before his review appeared here. In fact, that is what got my email exchange started with Dr. Weidner, and was the reason for my follow up call to Michael. But it worked out; and I was allowed to purchase the extended warranty too, which further eased my mind. The chair had me sore after the first day trying it out, but now my back is feeling better, and my lower back pain problem is already improving. The issues Kevin addresses in his review are valid by the way, but I see the reason the headrest really can’t be secured as it needs to move as the chair is reclining back and forth. It should probably be on some sort of track, but if you know about the issue it’s possible to adjust during the session and keep it from flipping over the back. As for the arm issue, I had problems getting mine to stay forward when I first got the chair myself, but have found that if you allow the body scan to complete while keeping your fingertips all the way forward, the chair will attempt to remain un-reclined far enough to keep your arms inside during that portion of the session. The hard part is sitting still for the full 1.5 minutes of body scan time, but I see why that is necessary. The remote is kind of finicky, in that it is slow to detect a finger press, but once it is “alive” it is very responsive. Otherwise I really have nothing negative to say, and feel this is the best purchase I have made in quite a long time. The main thing to me is, with all the hype out there for the different chairs that make claims to be the best out there, it’s important to find a company that you can trust. There are so many people out there trying to rip you off for one thing or another, and I’m very pleased to have discovered this company at the end of my searching. I know there are chairs out there in the 2K range that probably would have provided me with some relief, but my many days of research made me come to the conclusion that this is a “you get what you pay for” market. This is a real medical chair, and as a disabled veteran, I needed something that will help treat me, versus something to just sit and watch TV in. I don’t even think about TV during my session, and there is no way I would want anything longer than the 30 minute time limit this chair sets. By the time it is done I need to get up and walk around, and so far I am doing so with a bit less pain than before I had the chair. So that probably should be in your consideration list as well. If you just want a TV chair for you and your significant other, perhaps getting two 2K chairs (with lights and speakers) could be the better move. If you need something for your health though, I think this one is the way to go. But I’m not sure you can find a more competent company to advise you no matter which way you go than massage chair relief.

  18. Marcus Mason (verified owner)

    I’ve had the Luraco I7 a few weeks now, and feel I can give an informative review. First, I am obsessive about researching products. I found 75% of the valuable material on the web regarding massage chairs came directly from Dr. Weidner. The interviews, articles, reviews, videos, etc… I felt they earned my business simply by providing all that information. Once I engaged Massage-Chair-Relief directly to discuss purchasing a chair it was a no brainer. Best price, best warrantee, best service and responsiveness I could imagine. Where you buy is the most important thing you can research, which is why I put this part on the top and you can skip the rest of my wordy review.

    I live about 1000 miles from their Southern California showroom, and decided to take them up on their out-of-stater discount to offset a visit. I flew out in the morning to Long Beach airport, and was greeted by Michael. It’s maybe 15 minutes to the showroom, and he drove me back later that day after stopping for some food. I got to try out everything I had read about. I highly recommend doing this if you can, but I have some advice. Make sure you know what you definitely want to try out down to the body part. You need to prioritize what you want to see within the first hour or so. Also, once you see how strong it CAN be, tone it back. After about 90 minutes it will become painful if your body isn’t used to a massage chair. So for critical comparisons, make sure you get them in before you’re TOO massaged. I spent 4 hours there and was sore for two days afterwards :).

    I went to compare the Luraco, Panasonic, and Dreamwave. My issues were upper back (nerve pain down the arm), traps, calves, IT bands. I didn’t expect any miracles on the last two, but was hopeful. I found each massage chair has something better than the others. I really loved the Panasonic heated 4 head rollers, and how they dug into my traps. The Dreamwave has killer airbags. You don’t even need to use rollers if you just want to light massage. They also have things that are much worse than the others. The Panasonic was very uncomfortable on my feet. There’s a single nodule that pokes into the wrong part of my foot and is a bit painful. The Dreamwave remote was not intuitive at all, and I read it was best for IT Bands but I wasn’t feeling it. The Luraco turned out to dig into the traps nearly as well as the Panasonic, the feet are enjoyable. The big surprise to me was the IT Bands. They REALLY dug in when I turned up the intensity and used the manual mode to swivel my hips into the airbags. It was somewhat unpleasant, but in a good way. Working IT Bands is never pleasant when it’s happening :). The calves were better in my opinion, but nothing seems to really work the calves. Even the chairs with rollers for the calves didn’t dig in like you’d hope. The final selling point was the superior technology. Memory settings (no scanning waits), intuitive remote, intensity adjustments to 4 discrete sections.

    After a few weeks I find myself nitpicking at the potential of the Luraco, and all massage chairs really. The hardware is fantastic, and I love the massage it provides. My background is in technology, and it’s hard for me to imagine it wouldn’t be pretty simple to add enormous utility through some additional memory and software. There’s several automatic modes and you can adjust your favorite intensity settings and fine tune your measurements to a saved user to avoid scanning and program selection. You can do this only 5 times, and it only applies to one program. You can’t name the users, so you have to remember what’s saved to “User 3.” In my mind I should have nearly unlimited user profiles, all with a meaningful name I assign. I should be able to assign customized settings for EVERY program to the same user. The manual program mode is really good, but it CANNOT do everything that happens in some automatic modes. To really add value there should be a library of every function with properties like speed, width, intensity, etc… You should be able to string together whatever series of moves you want into a truly custom massage. You could do it through an IOS app or Windows 10 desktop app and upload it. It’s amazing to me that someone like Inada that had such a head start with a great chair, just sat on their laurels making the most trivial of physical updates in 10+ years. They could have really transformed the entire experience on their superior platform. Now others have clearly caught up to the chair quality and are surpassing them in using software. There’s a ton of opportunity here.

    I had to get those complaints off my chest, but the Luraco does more than the other big name chairs by far. Regarding the negative review, I generally agree with the points. It is very firm, but that’s really good for most users. The arms end up being a hand and wrist massage for me. However, I don’t find the forearm massage so wonderful that it’s worth trying to adjust for. The whole head rest thing is a bit of a disaster. It seems like such a great idea, but I’m not sure how they can execute it correctly. I have a hard time after flipping the pillow over, getting it back to put my head on. There should be a better way to move it back and forth, let alone keeping it in place while pushing down on the traps. These are all things I knew, because I was able to visit the showroom and try it out myself. I also found the remote to be clunky, but I’m adjusting to it. I wish there were some hard buttons for manual modes. I have to open my eyes and look at the lcd panel “buttons” to move the rollers up and down instead of feeling for physical buttons.

    That’s a lot of negative for a chair I REALLY love. The black color looks better than I imagined. It’s very quiet. It’s easy enough to operate I don’t have to “train” anyone on how to try it out. The massage is wonderful, especially in the neck. It gives some light traction and works the base of the skull. The shoulders are great, and I really enjoy the IT Bands. The remote and technology allow you to skip user scanning every time, and I couldn’t imagine feeling more confident in where I purchased from. 5 Star Chair, 10 Star company.

  19. Daylin Baker (verified owner)

    I spent about four months researching massage chairs. The reviews on Amazon for this chair led me to Alan Weidner and his store/website. I read every review I could find on every website including his, since it included nearly all of the brands that I was considering. I communicated with him through e-mail and he answered all my questions and more. His service via e-mail and extra warranty quickly convinced me I wanted to buy from his store online. The white glove service was worth every penny and the delivery guys were perfect ? they treated my house with care and explained everything they were doing. Dr. Weidner communicated through e-mail throughout the process so I?d know what to expect and how to prepare for the delivery. It would have eased my mind if the white glove service delivery dispatcher had confirmed that the delivery guys were going to set up the chair and show me how to use it ? and I should have just asked to confirm that. I?m probably more a worrier than most, but I did worry that the delivery service was just a middle man and may have not gotten the message somehow about all that was expected. That?s probably not a concern for most folks. ?
    Now for the chair: I love the foot and shoulder massages. The intensity adjustment allows me to get it just how I want it. I?m still playing with using the extra pad for the back because even the lowest intensity is a bit too much for me, but with the pad in place, I can turn the intensity all the way up and that seems to be the best. Also still playing with the head rest ? it?s great but the head massage can?t really be felt through it. So I can flip the head rest back out of the way and again lower the intensity on the head massage ? it takes a little trial and error. Someone else said the head rest is pointless because when it puts pressure on your shoulders, the head rest moves away. I see that happen a little, but if I have secured the Velcro in place well at the beginning, it really doesn?t move much and does what it?s supposed to. The arm massage only does your hands and wrists, so don?t expect any upper arm massaging, and I wish there was a heater for the hands ? mine tend to get cold. I love the heat in all of the other places (feet, seat, and back). The stretching is a bit alarming at first but the results are surprisingly pleasant. I?ve only had this chair for a few days but both my husband and I felt that we slept better every night since we started using it. The ?Night? auto setting really gets you ready for bed.
    I just filled out the warranty card and would suggest someone (Dr. Weidner or the on the warranty card) make it clear where I should be looking for the serial number. I looked all over the paperwork and searched the website before finally just getting on the floor behind the chair ? of course there it was, but it could have saved me some time to know that was what I needed to do. ?
    I?m totally happy with this purchase and the buying experience and now I just hope this chair lasts us a very long time because I know we will be using it every day! Thanks!

  20. Mike Stearns (verified owner)

    I tried my very first massage chair recently while returning home from a business trip, waiting on a flight at the Nashville airport. Between intermittent sciatica flare-ups during my trip and lugging heavy bags through the airport, my back was aching, and I thought I’d give it a try. Although this chair had no leg and foot massagers, I found that five dollars on my debit card provided relief. I decided I wanted one of these for my own.

    After reading a number of online reviews of different makes and models and watching several YouTube videos as well, I found a massage chair showroom at a store called “Relax the Back” in the Kansas city area. I decided I wanted to take some chairs for a “test drive” before buying. The sales people there were friendly enough but not very knowledgeable. But I did get demos in the Human Touch Nova, the Inada DreamWave and a third chair from Chinese maker, Cozzia. Out of the three, I liked the DreamWave the best. But it lacked foot rollers. The Nova looked weird (kind of like Spock’s coffin in Star Trek) and the Cozzia just felt cheap. It creaked and groaned like it was trying to self-destruct.

    I wasn’t very impressed with the staff at this store, so I decided to investigate retailers online. Massage Chair Relief kept coming up over and over again. Dr. Weidner’s online videos were informative and seemed to be objective. And the company received consistently glowing reviews from customers I decided to give their toll free number a call. The phone was answered by Michael Nguyen who manages the showroom in Cerritos, CA. Michael was patient, knowledgeable and polite. He listened to what my needs were and offered several selections. He suggested the Luraco iRobotics i7 chair because it had the equivalent build quality and reliability ofthe DreamWave and offered additional features like foot rollers, the ability to save user profiles, a more robust and contemporary Linux-based smartphone-like remote and a build/support network right here in the good ol’ US of A. He mentioned that their factory was located in Arlington, TX.

    Well, it just so happened I was travelling to the DFW area on business. I called Michael and asked if he could arrange a tour of Luraco’s facility and a demo of their chair. He was able to set up an appointment that afternoon. I was greeted by two very friendly employees at Luraco who gave my 88-year-old mother and I a tour of the facility. (I was staying at mom’s because she lives in the area and my company likes it when I save hotel costs. Mom likes it too.) The building was impeccably clean. The front office section was tiled in marble. That led into the manufacturing, assembly and quality control sections of the building. Also stunningly clean and well organized. Toward the back was a showroom. Along the way, we were greeted with a friendly “hello” and handshake by several smiling employees. I could tell they enjoyed their jobs and were proud of their products. I spent the next half hour in an i7 chair, experiencing the most wonderful massage I ever had, second only to human hands.

    After thanking my gracious host, I left the facility, called Michael and ordered my chair. I was able to take advantage of a special sale that had just been announced and took advantage of the “White Glove” delivery service. The chair was delivered on time, expertly set up in my media room downstairs and I couldn’t be more pleased. As an additional surprise, Dr. Weidner sent me a box of candies and chocolates, a coffee mug and hot chocolate…all to enjoy in my new chair. I’ve set up and saved a user profile for myself and have used the chair now for the past couple of days. I have to say, I couldn’t be more pleased.

    Thanks to the folks at Luraco, Dr. Weidner, Michael Nguyen and the delivery service for a second-to-none experience in customer service and quality!

  21. Colin Burgan (verified owner)

    I purchased my chair in September 2016 after an extensive online search and comparison that lasted several weeks. The professional demeanor of Dr. Weidner,over the phone, and his non-invasive sales-pitch made me feel more knowledgeable about massage chairs without feeling pressured nor obligated to purchase from him. I sensed the passion of a healthcare professional with a strong belief that massage chairs are salubrious. All things considered I purchased the Luracoi7 online,sight unseen.
    A few weeks after receiving my investment, when the excitement diminished, I noticed that the chair was experiencing a jerking motion while transitioning from seated to incline. 90 days had passed so I contacted Luraco. Eventually a technician was sent to my residence and his findings corroborated my complaint. Needless to say I was very disappointed in the chair that I was told was the “top of the line” repeatedly .Then a new chair was sent to me by Luraco by the end of January 2017. This chair also began experiencing the same jerking movement during transition from seated to incline and back, randomly. And once again and I was so disappointed in Luraco’s chair. So I continued to monitor for worsening. And it did get worse.
    I communicated with Luraco customer service and service technician by phone, email, and video back and forth since March. Eventually a technician was sent to my residence yesterday 7/19/17 to install brackets on the arm rest, the motherboard and the keypad which were shipped to me as replacements.
    Success!!! After months of disappointment because I did not get what I expected, I did get what I paid for, good customer service. Well done Luraco, I am not upset with you. The outcome is favorable and I am finally enjoying my chair.

  22. Rick Ellis (verified owner)

    Hello Dr Weidner,

    I wanted to thank you for assisting me with my research, choice and purchase of the Luraco I Robotics 7.
    Your many online Youtube videos on various chairs were invaluable to my research.
    In my search, I even found one of your videos on another vendors site, as well.
    I had narrowed my selection down to two massage chairs, but after talking with you, your historical experience with both Chairs, I went on the search for another. With the help of your videos, I found the Luraco I Robotic 7 and gained your endorsement for my identified wants.
    But, this massage chair was beyond my planned budget.
    Every massage Chair Dealer says: that they offer the lowest prices but, all are discounted to the same price.
    Some sales staff were high pressure and would just say what I wanted to hear on each chair and then found-out with research that it did no have what I wanted.
    From my research;

    A. Most web sites had varied specifications on same modeled numbered chair. Some representatives said that there site needed to be corrected.
    Weight capacity limit?s, equipment weight?s and even dimension?s varied. I guess ?mm? is hard to convert to inches for some.
    B. There are so many chairs from Osaki that by the time I zeroed in on one chair, I really did not know what model number I was shopping as they have so many similar model numbered chairs. OS? 4S? 4D? Pro? Japan/Titan in front, Japan/Titan in back, Japan/Titan not even mentioned? How I knew I was looking at same chair was to look at the selling price.
    C. My suggestion is to add the size width of the each seat in the specifications to help people like me.
    I was able to sit in four different chairs locally and in three of those chairs that all internet sales people said would fit my frame,
    I felt like a peanut in a peanut shell.
    D. Your Lifetime Warranty, your education, your non-high pressure sales, is what sold me on you and your company.
    E. My Feeling; I just felt you were sincere in providing advice to help me!

    To recap; you did offer a brand new ?coming on the market? released chair that fit my disclosed needs, but I decided not to be the first-time user of a new chair on the market with no history of use from you.
    With your endorsement, I chose the Luraco I Robotics 7 . You found an open box one at the Texas Factory in the color I requested and although it was still over budget, you were able to offer to me at a discounted price I was able afford.

    Now, I will only have buyers remorse, as it ships. J And, I am sure that I will rid myself of this feeling of ?did I buy the right chair for me,? until I have it set up and using.
    FYI: I really did like the un-boxing Youtube video found; for the simplicity of getting the chair operational.

    Thank you for your time and assistance in my selection because my wife and I plan on using this chair daily.
    As discussed; she is 117#?s, 5?2? and likes a deep tissue massage as she is physically active with horses.
    I am 255#s, 5?10? , needed the intensity adjustments for roller & air: for less intense massage ( I am a wimp), excited about the foot rollers effects and the simple operation aspects. I think the quietness of the massage chair will be utilized, as this chair will be in our bedroom and will look like a traditional piece of furniture.

    My Best,
    Rick Ellis

  23. Sayan Mitra (verified owner)

    We purchased the iRobotics 7 and we absolutely love having unlimited, on-demand access to the i7?s sophisticated massage therapy. We?ve had it for about a month now and between my girlfriend and me, we use it 3-4 times a day. We switch between its preprogrammed massages and its manual mode, but have yet to exhaust all the different combinations available on this amazing chair. Like most people, we took our massage chair purchase very seriously (a premium chair can cost as much as a used car after all). We diligently researched online and tried close to 15 chairs at Brookstone, Relax the Back, and the San Mateo County Fair, before finally buying the i7 from MCR?s Cerritos store.

    We live in Palo Alto, but decided to go to the El Cerritos Store when we were in LA for a weekend since we felt that MCR knew their stuff. Now many of the other reviewers mentioned what great customer service MCR has and I definitely echo that. We flew into Burbank and took an Uber to El Cerritos. It took 2 hours, mostly due to horrible stand still LA traffic. We were tired, hungry, and cranky by the time we arrived at the store. Michael, the store manager, knew that we were coming and greeted us at the store with a big bag of Chick-fi-A. Oh my goodness was that good! Even though Michael had come in on his day off to meet us and we spent the first twenty minutes inhaling chicken sandwiches and fries, he was very polite and never rushed us.

    Over the next two hours, he guided us through all our options. He was never pushy and never up sold us. He genuinely wanted us to find the right chair for our needs, which was a bit tough since my girlfriend and I were looking for slightly different things. Luckily, the i7 had enough things in it that both of us could agree on. In particular, the back massage is very comprehensive and really digs-into the back, especially if the heat is on. In addition, the foot massage is out of this world. The chair has three segments that grab and stretch the top, middle, and bottom of your calf ? most chairs only have two segments. My girlfriend is a registered Veterinary Technician and is on her feet all day, restraining whining shepherds and bucking pugs, and so the robustness of the feet massage makes her happy, which makes me happy.

    The cons of the i7 is its price and headrest. First, the price is pretty high compared to other chairs and is definitely an extravagance. I often find myself feeling a bit embarrassed saying how much I paid for it, especially when talking to people who don?t understand the massage chairs. However, I do like that the chair is made (not just assembled) in USA. It makes me feel better that most of the dollars stay within the States, It also gives me confidence that the quality is probably better than the Chinese manufactured chairs. The headrest is the other downside. It has two small airbags that press down on the shoulder traps. However, since the headrest is not fixed in place, it mostly just pushes off the shoulders rather than digging-into the shoulder traps, which would feel much nicer.

    However, when thinking about all the pros of this chair, we feel very happy with our purchase and MCR. I?ve recommended them to others. If you?re not close to any of their physical stores, I would highly recommend that you take advantage of their ?out-of-state? offer ? it was a great bonus on top of an already fantastic buying experience.

  24. Rick Ellis (verified owner)

    Hello Dr. Weidner,
    I am back with an initial review on this chair.
    We ordered this chair on 8/10/2017 and received the chair in 7 days on 8/18/2017. (Very Quick)
    I am “cost conscious” (another work for cheap), chair was dropped shipped in my garage. With help, I moved to my master bedroom..
    FYI: Needed four (two gals and two guys) to move the chair out of the box. Once, out of the box, two are fine and in 15-20 min. we were up and running. (Watch the video)
    Everyone hopped into the chair, for a test run. We all were grimacing and a little taken back at how deep it went into your back.
    In retrospect: The initial settings on the message are too intense for everyone, even for my Swedish wife. If you do not play with intensity settings, (which, I now am doing), you will find the messages intense and your body my be sore the next day. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing to have happen. (“no pain no gain!”, kind of thought).
    3 Weeks in.
    Now that I am a pro at operating the hand-held device, I can honestly say the following;
    1. Glad I got this chair. I did try four other chairs prior to selecting this one. But, I feel that this one has the ability to do more then any of the other ones could do, due to the intensity adjustments of the air bags, he roller’s and the thumping.
    When you get the chair, put all settings on intensity one except the Arm’s. unless you have hands the size of gorilla’s. Use a “three” setting for the Arm. everything else start out with intensity “one” and go up from their.
    YOU WILL NEED the movable pad. I do not know how you would stand it with out the pad
    2. Foot Message; I had to have this feature based on the prior four chairs that I tried out and sat in.
    The I-robotics foot message is completely different then those chairs that I tried. The rollers here do not roll in one direction. They go in two directions, at least it feels that way. It feels like the rollers roll at two or three different angles and the airbags encase your heel and top of foot. This in my opinion is better if you follow reflexology.
    2b. lower leg and Calf; with the two ballasts, you will like this pressure applied message
    3. Hand Message; this chair is better due to the raised nodules that your hands and arms are exposed to on the bottom. Again, if you follow reflexology, you will like this feature over other chairs that do not have the raised nodules.
    4. Neck, I can not say it is the best, but, it appears to me that this is a superior shoulder and upper neck. I would expect nothing better than what this chair delivers. .
    5. Seat movement with twisting is a 6 out of 10. I did try a “Dream” Chair and it did have more twist than this chair. I would say that the “Dream” chair would be an 8. if you went to a chiropractor and got yourself twisted with a pop that would be a 10.
    No pop on an 8 rating either.
    On the Seat you will have two ballasts on your thighs. These will sometime give you an ouch!, Again no pain no gain. have not figured out how to adjust intensity on the thigh.
    OVERALL; I do not think there is a better chair out there for the money for multiple users. My wife is 5’2″, 116#’s and I am 5’10”, 250#’s and I was mainly concerned that my size be accommodated. also, I like “light” feel good messages and my wife likes the Swedish deep tissue. She is an equestrian rider and I am Carlos the barn boy!. This chair works for my size, her size, my desire for light tissue messages and her need for deep tissue. Because of the intensity adjustments of the rollers and the airbags, this worked for use both using this one chair.
    I will give another review in 30 days
    FYI: I am an online purchaser who found Relax The Back from the Youtube videos and had several phone conversations with Dr. Weidner. I am very satisfied with my purchase of this chair.

    My Best,

    Rick Elis

  25. Jeff Krow (verified owner)

    I am now a proud owner of the Luraco I Robotics 7 massage chair.
    I stopped in Utah to meet Dr. Alan at the showroom in October. He spent over 3 hours with me and I tried out nearly every chair in the store –both the less expensive and also the higher ticket chairs.I found little difference between many of the models-UNTIL I tried the Luraco i7 at the end of my visit-and WOW-it certainly stood out as the most sophisticated and effective chair by far. I wanted a strong neck and shoulder massage program and the Luraco was the only one that stood out.
    It took me two months to convince myself to purchase this chair-and I am so glad that I made the leap of faith.
    I have had the chair now for 3 weeks and I use it at least two times EVERY day. I have tried every Auto program and find each to be both effective and enjoyable. I look forward each time to both totally relax and get re-invigorated.
    I love the heat feature. The fact that Luraco makes the chair in the US was important to me.
    I heartily recommend the Luraco i7 chair-and using Massage Chair Relief no matter what chair you choose. Without Dr. Alan Weidner’s kind help, I would be sitting in an uncomfortable recliner, and wishing I could be sitting in a massage chair. It has been the best decision I could have made for health and happiness.

  26. Ron Wetmore (verified owner)

    Dr Weidner,

    Just want to let you know how much I love my Luraco iRobotics 7. I use it every day that we are at home and when on the road can’t wait to get back to it. I am greatly appreciative for the time that you and your staff spent in helping me identify the right chair for me. Most of all the time you personally spent during my visit to your showroom. In spite of spending 5 hours trying nearly every chair in the place some twice I felt no pressure and you answered all of my questions even calling the manufacture for one answer. I ordered the chair that day and received it 10 days later even though we were in the busy post Thanksgiving pre Christmas season. Since then I have spent time every day I have been at home learning all of the options and capabilities of this chair. I now have it tweaked in just right for me and saved in a user profile. When I come in from working a long physical day it relaxes me and relieves the stress in my neck back and legs. A bonus has been the arms, when I started this search I was looking to address my neck and back but have found that the arm function is great at relieving pain I have from an old wrist injury. Once again thank you for making my entire massage chair acquisition a pain free experience.

  27. Bert Silverman (verified owner)

    Only had the chair for a short time but am pleased so far. I have been going to chiropractors since 1956 and hope the chair will cut down on my Visits. I have not had time to test all the features but will follow up later. The only negative thing is no seat rollers and no holder for the remote. I am giving it 5 stars because that is as high it goes. Unless I have major problems or concerns my 5 stars will stand.

  28. Tom Day (verified owner)

    I bought this chair to replace a 12 years old massage chair. I have read a lot of reviews about Luraco but never actually tried one because local massage chair store does not carry Luraco i7. I was impressed by Dr Weidner?s philosophy and delivery/return policies I bought it from massage chair relief. The entire purchase experience was pleasant and I was well informed all the way. Best online purchase experience ever!

    While I rate massage chair relief a five star service I can only give white grove service guys a two stars. First, they asked $200 to remove my old massage chair to vacate the spot. After butchered the old chair and move pieces away, they told me the new chair is too big to move upstairs to old chair?s spot (they should have let me know first so I can keep the old chair which still working). Therefore, I settled with finding a new spot that has no privacy (from master bedroom down to family/TV room). My wife is not happy at all. She think the white glove guy was just try to make easy money because the old chair is just a little smaller than Luraco, and new chair still not assembled. She recalled the other movers were able to raise the old chair up, in one piece, to overcome the turn on the stairway. My recommendation is the white glove service should hire stronger and experienced mover in addition to just experienced technicians.

    As far as Luraco i7 chair concern it is the best massage chair I ever tried, and the prettiest too. The remote control is excellent. I was able to customize my own massage mode and bypass the body scan (which take 2 minutes!). Rollers are good. Some recommendations from few days? usage: the hand massage need more flexibility to accommodate smaller people. I am 5?2? and my hands have to stretch far out but, still, only the forearms get good massage. The calf massage is not strong enough although the foot rollers are great. The zero gravity need more refinement, add body vibration and also light swing to it will be perfect. Overall, I give Luraco i7 a 5 stars.

  29. Rick Doyle (verified owner)

    Before my recent research and then purchasing of my Luraco 7, I had used my friends Luraco 7 and thought it was very nice, but not a must have at the time. Spendy for sure. I had recently in the past year, purchased a Healthmate infrared sauna and to this day, still LOVE it. My friend and I went back and forth with each other laughing and I guess, complaining how much each other spent on their new ?toys?. Well, after he used my sauna just once, he apologized adamantly about how I spent way too much. And in turn I apologized for laughing about how much he spent on his Luraco. Now, regarding the chair, I liked how well build his was and the features, including the pre-programmed modes, and the iPhone style remote. I used his chair after a very rough day at work. After my session was finished, I decided at that time, that it was time for me to look at getting my own chair. The next day was when my researching started and I quickly eliminated the sub $3000 chairs, which to me were nothing more than a recliner with a vibration device added. I decided I?m all in on a high end, feature laden chair, or I wasn?t going to get one. I was finally down to the Inada DreamWave and the iRobotics chair. I tried a DreamWave in a Portland showroom and had all but made up my mind that the DreamWave was my new favorite. But I was a stickler for wanting foot rollers and the DreamWave doesn?t have them. I think if push comes to shove, the DreamWave might actually give a better total body massage. But the trump card for me was again, the foot rollers. So I ended up with the Luraco and am glad I did it. Not to mention AMERICAN MADE, AMERICAN JOBS. And finally, so glad I ended up buying from Massage-Chair-Relief and Dr. Alan. They had the know;edge and the financing options that fit my needs. 10 stars! Sorry my review ended up being a boom and a half. But I wanted to show how research does payoff big time. I recommend this chair highly as an ?investment in your health?. Not a new toy!

  30. Sherif Gobran (verified owner)

    Dr. Weidner: I cannot recall a time that I felt compelled to provide written feedback about an experience I have had shopping, but in the case of my dealings with Michael Nguyen at Massage Chair Relief I feel like I must provide some comments Michael was absolute phenomenal. From the first call where he provided candid, insightful information and helped me understand options, through supporting me through the purchase and arranging for a Xmas surprise for my wife, to post purchase support he was outstanding. He took the time to answer questions once we assembled the chair and sent a tip sheet he creates while on vacation with his family! In this day and age – you rarely see this level of customer service. I wanted you to be aware of how great this employee is and how much I appreciate how he made the experience a pleasant one for me Since the chair ( Luraco iRobotics 7) arrived it has been a big hit with my wife. She absolutely loves it and uses it nearly every evening. Thank you. Sherif Gobran Newtown Square, PA You have my permission to publish my testimonial. You have a great team. Thank you Mike.

  31. David Shawver (verified owner)

    This was really an awesome purchase experience. From order to delivery very smooth. The Luraco I7 is one really nice high quality chair. Since we live close to the factory Luraco made the delivery using a large van. Everything was packed well and no damage. We did not order white glove but they placed the chair in our garage. The hardest part about the whole process was just moving it into position. This thing is heavy and well made. Massage Chair Relief sent along a nice gift package to go with the chair that included a surge protector, hot chocolate, candy and a mug. A nice touch to top of an already great customer experience. The whole family has used the chair multiple times and we could not be more pleased. We are looking forward to trying out all the various programs and settings. Well done Luraco and Massage Chair Relief.

  32. Stephen D Prater (verified owner)

    Awesome Chair and awesome customer service……….After researching high end chairs, and talking on the telephone with Dr. Weidner, who is very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable, I decided to buy (without ever sitting in it first — Dr. W has a 90 day return guarantee). The chair arrived last week, white glove service and I was told to keep the box in the event I want to return the chair. I am taking the box to the dump today as I refuse to send my chair back. It is GREAT!

  33. Gary Runnells (verified owner)

    My wife and I love our new Luraco IRobotics 7 Massage chair. The buying process was so easy and Micheal Nguyen is a great salesman and answered all our questions and listened to what we wanted out of a massage chair and matched us up with a perfect one. My favorite is the shoulder, buttocks rollers and leg stretch. I love the fact that it is so quite. Our whole family loves different features. My son loves the lower back and so does my daughter. My wife loves all the features. I love the fact that you can customize the users. Delivery was a breeze and the gentelman were very helpful we did get the white glove option because we have stairs. We have had massage chairs in the past and this is by far the best quality I have experienced. I would highly recommend your company to anyone who is interested in buying a massage chair.

  34. DL (verified owner)

    For a purchase this expensive, you really have to take the time to demo a variety of different chairs so you can make an informed decision. It is very convenient that Massage Chair Relief has all the top brands in their store. We went to the Cerritos store and Michael was extremely patient, knowledgeable, and friendly. It was a great experience without any high pressure sales tactics.

    One of the questions I had before I bought the chair was could a massage chair really be worth almost 10 thousand dollars. Is a top of the line chair that much better than a 3K or 5K chair. Would I stop going to regular massages. Well, I still go to regular massages so the answer to that question is no. While the chair is the ultimate in convenience since you can use it at any time, and it never gets tired, and it can massage multiple areas at once, it cannot find knots and problem areas and work them like a masseuse can. There are several important features that the top of the line chairs have that the less expensive chairs don’t have. Body scanning. The ability to save your profile. The greater ability to customize the settings. The Luraco can also stretch you, which is quite impressive.

    Here are a few negatives. The chair does not really massage your glutes, like other chairs can. While the chair is adjustable for height, my relatively long arms cause my fingers to get pushed into the front so I have to take my hands out or fold my fingers under. The chair is pretty large. It takes up a lot of room and it was very hard to get in through the door. They had to remove the door. Check the wide of your doors before you buy this unit or you might end up having to place it somewhere else.

    So, is the chair worth almost 10 thousand dollars. I cannot answer that yet. It will depend how many years of dependable service it provides.

  35. Robert Soetekouw (verified owner)

    I bought the Luraco iRobotics 7 from Massage-Chair-Relief (Dr. Alan Weidner). This review, with the exception of a few comments concerning the chair, will focus on the sales and purchasing process that I experienced through Massage-Chair-Relief.

    The Chair (Luraco iRobotics 7): This is a wonderful massage chair. It rivals the Inada Dreamwave (at approximately the same price point), but it is my opinion that the ?extra? features of the iRobotics 7 makes that chair ?second-to-none.? It comes in three colors ? brown, black, and beige and has a comfortable design that will fit in with that of your other furniture. The features that make the Luraco iRobotics 7 ?top-notch? over the Inada Dreamwave are the feet rollers, the ?smart phone? type design of the control monitor, the dual roller assembly (instead of quad rollers) for a more aggressive massage, the improved neck and shoulder massage, and the longer ?S? track. One especially nice function of the iRobotics 7 is the stretching mode. As the chair stretches your body, there is an added stretch where the chair grabs your ankles and extents your legs further out. How nice that ?extra step? feels. Taking nothing away from the Dreamwave (it is a good chair – my brother has one), I feel that the Dreamwave has not kept up with technology and/or implementing newer features. My vote for the ?best? chair is the Luraco iRobotics 7.

    Though the iRobotics 7 is an excellent chair, there are a couple of items that I would like for Luraco to consider implementing:
    1) Making a longer power cord for the control monitor.
    2) Providing a bracket/arm to mount the control monitor to the chair for easy visibility and access.

    The Sales and Purchasing Process: Normally, obtaining the iRobotics 7 chair is not a big deal for it can be purchased from numerous sources, but, with the chair being so expensive, there is concern with buying on-line and buying before trying. Dr. Alan Weidner, President, of Massage-Chair-Relief has addressed this issue and has implemented a customer support program that walks the buyer through pre-sale, sale, and after sale processes. On your initial interest of obtaining a chair, he calls you personally on the phone to discuss your requirements and to answer your questions. He then directs you to his web site where there are numerous informational reviews on each chair, to include instructional videos. Additionally, he guides you to a chair comparison program that he developed that allows you to compare the chair?s features, for up to three chairs at a time. This program is unique and unbiased and is not available anywhere else. It took me 2 months to decide on the ?right? chair, and during that entire time, there was daily help from Dr. Weidner and Massage-Chair-Relief, never, never pressuring me to buy anything. In addition to providing personal customer support, Massage-Chair-Relief offers a 90 day return program, a free lifetime labor program in case the chair requires repair, ‘white-glove’ service, and 0% financing through a designated bank. A surprise: After my purchase of a chair, I received a package in the mail from Dr. Weidner and Massage-Chair-Relief containing a surge protector and all kind of ?goodies? (the salt water taffy was delicious). The services that Dr. Weidner and Massage-Chair-Relief provides, or has provided, is unheard of in today?s business environment. I felt totally taken care of and had the highest confidence in Dr. Alan Weidner and Massage-Chair-Relief that my purchase was the right purchase with the right chair company. If any of you are interested in a massage chair, please visit Massage-Chair-Relief (on-line or at store), you will experience a very helpful and satisfying adventure. My highest recommendation to Dr. Alan Weidner and the Massage-Chair-Relief staff. Note: I am not affiliated with Massage-Chair-Relief or its personnel, in any way, so my opinions and comments are my own based on the ?OUTSTANDING? sales support that I experienced from them.

  36. MW (verified owner)

    I purchased my Luraco iRobotics 7 massage chair from Dr. Weidner back in January 2017 and could not be happier with the chair. When I first decided I wanted to buy me a good massage chair, like with most things I buy, I did quite a bit of research into massage chairs as well as the companies that sell them to make sure I got the best chair for me from the best company that I knew would stand behind their product in case something was to go wrong. I quickly decided that from watching the videos from Massage Chair Relief that the company and especially the owner Dr. Weidner was very passionate about their products and especially in helping people so I decided that I would purchase my chair from his company. But I was still undecided about which chair to get. I had basically decided that if I was going to spend that much money on a chair that it would be worth the time to fly out to Utah and be able to see and sit in all the chairs he had in stock. But before doing so I called Dr. Weidner and told him the things that I wanted in a chair. It first had to be able to fit myself which I am 6’4″ tall and my wife who is 5’0″ tall. Plus I had decided that I did not want a chair from China because of the breakdown rates being a lot higher on those models. That eliminated all but 3 different chairs. When I first started my quest for the best chair I was hoping I might find a chair from a company that was located and built in the USA. So in the end after months of research I decided to purchase a Luraco iRobotics 7 and could not be happier with my decision. It is a great fitting and comfortable chair and very reliable. I have had the chair for 1 1/2 years with not even the first issue. I am not a person who might use the chair occasionally either. My chair gets used at least once a day every day and sometimes twice a day. That is at least 550 times the chair has been used without the first problem. So in conclusion I would like to encourage any and everyone looking for a chair to first of all watch Dr. Weidner’s videos because they are very informative and will help you greatly in finding a chair that best fits you. Call Dr. Weidner up and get to know him because he is a very good individual that cares about people and especially his customers unlike some of these other companies where you are talking to people who just work to draw a paycheck. Also, I do feel that Luraco has the best made chair on the market. I absolutely love the remote control that operates it. If you can operate a smartphone, especially a iPhone, you can operate this remote. Luraco USA!!

  37. Doug Sims (verified owner)

    A couple of years ago we purchased a Luraco I7 from Dr. Weidner. Along with the chair, we purchased the extended warranty and had the chair installed with white glove. Recently, the chair back locked in a position similar to the zero gravity. I called Luraco, and they were not able to locate a white glove company to check the chair. After some over-the-phone troubleshooting, they diagnosed the problems. Here is the amazing part. They flew a representative from Texas to us and made the repairs at no charge to us. I doubt you would ever find service like that from another company. So if you are looking for a massage chair, look no further than Luraco They are a top quality company that really cares for their customers. And look no further that Massage-Chair-Relief to purchase the chair from.

  38. Dennis Chang (verified owner)

  39. Kyler Boudreau (verified owner)

    I was on the hunt for a quality massage chair for my wife. Research had led me to the Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus. Someone mentioned Massage Chair Relief so I decided to call them and see what they had to say. Michael answered my phone call. I didn’t tell him I was interested in the Luraco, but simply explained what I was after in a chair to see what he’d recommend. Michael recommended the Luraco, and gave me granular details as to why they were the way to go. Michael patiently fielded all of my questions over more than one phone call/email. He gave me real data not sales hype. I placed the order and the chair came quickly. And WOW!!!! We love this thing! It’s super quiet. Great quality and awesome massaging all of the way down to your feet. The stretching capability is pretty sweet too. Worth the money, especially combined with the warranty and customer service you get from Massage Chair Relief. I highly recommend the combo!

  40. Barbara Tomison (verified owner)

    Received my new Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus massage chair very quickly. Absolutely LOVE it!! I’m still in the learning process but I have enjoyed every setting I’ve tried. The massage/compression on my feet is my favorite. I know that I will enjoy using the chair for many years to come. I have been telling all my friends about this wonderful product. The information I received from Dom during our phone call steered me in the right direction. Great chair and great customer service from Massage Chair Relief. Worth every penny I spent!!

  41. Pat Mitchell (verified owner)

    I purchased the Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus chair about a month ago and received it last week. The communication and support during the sales/delivery process was very good. The chair was very easy to assemble (approximately 30 minutes). The quality and workmanship on the chair is excellent. I am 6’5″ and the chair fits me well. My wife is 5’5″ and it fits her very well, also. We have really enjoyed all the different massage functions the chair has. It was a very good purchase for us.

  42. Kelly Konopa (verified owner)

    I began my search for a massage chair because of increasingly frequent tweaks of my neck and back and general life stress. I was thrilled when I found that I could check out so many models at the same place in the showroom. Dr. Weidner met me at the showroom after hours and spent a couple of hours showing me all of the models, he was very patient, knowledgeable, and helpful.

    What won me over on the iRobotics 7 Plus is the intensity of kneading that at the most intense setting was far stronger than any other model. I like a strong deep massage and this was the only one that really gave that. Ordering and delivery were fast and easy (white glove was free because I’m local). I love this chair more every time I use it. I’ve tried every mode, figured out little adjustments and my favorite settings, and now I’ve learned to trust that it won’t hurt me so I can fully relax in it, and it’s a better experience every time. Though all auto modes are good, my favorite mode by far is Shiatsu, followed by Stretch mode, and the manual spot mode. I’ve done a lot of experimenting with padding, pillows, etc. especially for my neck since with the head pad in place you don’t get a deep neck massage but with it out of the way your neck is in an uncomfortable position if you’re not getting the neck worked on at the moment. I’ve figured out that for a good neck massage, I go straight to manual spot mode with the head pillow thing flipped out of the way. So, I start with 10 minutes of that then go to a 30 minute auto mode with head/neck padding. An airplane neck pillow added in various positions makes a world of difference for neck comfort. Having the chair head pad in place and the airplane neck pillow in a circle behind/around the whole head to push the head forward a bit is the most comfortable neck position. The chair head pad out of of the way with just the airplane neck pillow behind the head is a good balance between head/neck comfort and getting to feel a little more of the neck massage. I also put a blanket on the seat — boosting myself up just that little bit seems to keep the rollers from digging in too much at the bony hip knobs.

    Other notes: One crucial feature for my situation is the pincode access so that my kids can’t use it without asking. We have 2 cats and I wasn’t sure whether they’d do anything that would damage it, but they basically don’t go near it since they’re afraid of its random noises and movements. I did buy a cheap black T-shaped recliner cover from Amazon to keep on it for a little protection, I just leave that on it all the time, even during the massages. We’ve had lots of visitors over the last few weeks, and I’m finding it’s hard to get time in the chair myself since the visitors love it so much! I’m 5’4″ and thin to average weight woman, my kids are ~4 feet tall and skinny, and guests who’ve tried it out have been up to 6 foot tall and 200+ pounds, and all have loved it.

    My neck pain has been quite a bit better since having the chair. No regrets about buying this!

  43. Steve Terrana (verified owner)

    Received my Luraco IRobotics 7 Plus last week and as I hoped, it has not failed to impress. Because we only have 1 dealer in my city, the selection was very limited. I did travel to Atlanta to try out the new M.8 from Inada, but it didn’t impress my wife nor myself (too soft a massage, it seemed, and we wanted a more vigorous massage). I had read great reviews about the Luraco chair, but couldn’t find a dealer near us, and didn’t plan on driving 10 hours to Texas just for a demo. What sealed the deal for me was Dr. Weidner. I had narrowed my choice down to two chairs (Inada/Luraco), but couldn’t decide which chair would suit me the best. He answered all my questions with his wealth of expertise, and this helped me with my decision). During my emails, his honesty and integrity came through loud and clear. I am so thankful I purchased from his company and not another online retailer – and no other company matches Dr. Weidner’s lifetime labor warranty – period.
    As a side note; after numerous emails with Dr. Weidner), I decided to “pull the trigger.” I called Massage Chair Relief to order the Luraco i7 Plus. To my surprise, Dr. Weidner answered the phone (he was in Germany, after attending a wedding), and had assumed the stateside store had closed for the evening. Answering a customer service line from overseas? – who does that? Well, that experience showed me his level of dedication to helping all of customers (and future customers). Bottom line: I’m so happy I bought my chair from this outstanding company, and not from one of the competitors.
    ps: Dr. Weidner followed up with a post card asking about my new chair experience – very thoughtful and i couldn’t be a happier customer.