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Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair

Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair

PRICE: $4,999.00 Best Price Guarantee

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Infinite Therapeutics has introduced the IT-8500 massage chair as a step-up from the already popular IT-8100. In addition to a stretch program, the IT-8500 chair also boasts a spinal correction feature, full shoulder airbag massage, a headphone port for your own private music, 2 zero gravity positions, intersound technology, a more vigorous roller system, and much, much more. This is all in addition to the features you already expect from a massage chair: foot rollers, head rotation airbags, touch screen remote, mp3 music system, and full body airbags. 


Dr. Alan Weidner supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

  • Zero Gravity - 2 zero gravity positions to encourage a "weightless" position. Ideal for low back pain sufferers, the zero gravity function mimics the optimal position as determined by NASA's space program. Optimal weight distribution removes excessive pressure from any one part of your spine.
  • Inversion Therapy - A full recline of the chair back, accompanied by the zero gravity seat positioning, produces an inversion effect to the spine, distracting the joints of the spine.
  • Mechanical Foot Rollers - While most massage chairs have airbag compression of the feet and calves, the IT-8500 massage chair has 3 mechanical foot rollers that work the sole of each of your feet. Very soothing!!
  • Foot and Calf Airbags - Airbag compression to enhance circulation of the blood and lymph from the legs to the heart.
  • Spinal Correction - Shoulder airbags that compress the front of the shoulders and pin them back, while the rollers move up and down the spine. This feature will leave you feeling like you are standing taller and straighter after you have used this feature.
  • Body Scan - The pinpoint body scan figures out the shape of your spine and the location of your spinal curves so that the chair can cater ever-so personally to your own particular body type. 
  • Seat Airbag Massage and Sway - The IT-8500 massage chair employs seat airbags that move the seat from side to side and up and down, enhancing passive motion to an area of the body that is very hard to reach without the assistance of an actual therapist. Fantastic feature if you have low back pain. 
  • Air Neck Massage - A gently rotation airbag massage relaxes the neck muscles and lulls you to sleep while the chair weaves it's magic.
  • Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage - A full complement of shoulder airbags that will envelope your whole shoulder joint and give it the attention that is lacking in other massage chairs. 
  • Tru-Grip V Stretch - Airbags will grip your shoulders, arms, and lower body while the chair back and ottoman raise and you a stretch you will both love and never forget. 
  • Lumbar Heat - The thickness of the body tissues in the low back makes warming up a hard thing to do. A lumbar heating element will assist in that process so that blood flows to those thick tissues a little quicker.
  • Acuroll Neck & Shoulder Massage - This model utilizes 5 sensors to help assess and then provide the most accurate neck and shoulder massage. 
  • mp3 Music System - The music system includes a USB port for a jump drive full of your favorite music, external speakers, a headphone port so that you can enjoy your music in your own little space, and intersound technology, which basically is a speaker system that faces inward toward the user.
  • 45' Program Timer - You can schedule your massage chair to be anywhere from 10-45 minutes long...the longest of any massage chair timer in the marketplace. 
  • 30.25" Roller  Track 
  • 38 Total Airbags

Model Name: The Infinity IT-8500
Net Weight: 229 lbs
Power Voltage: AC110V - 120V 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption: 190W
Chair Dimensions:
Upright: 59 x 35.4 x 45.7 inches
Reclined: 74 x 35.4 x 36.2 inches

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Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair Reviews (58)
  • 4.83
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Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair scores a 4.83 out of 5 based on 58 reviews.

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    review of Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair
    Jul 22, 2013 at 10:32 PM

    We have one of these chairs... and they are amazing... one of the best purchases I've ever made. The company stands behind their product with a real meaningful warranty. I'm grateful for companies like this that really believe in their product and back up that belief with action! Because of my arthritis, I struggle to feel good and get sleep. Now I use it every morning and evening... it has made a huge difference in my life. I'm thankful somebody had the vision to make it.

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    review of Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair
    Jun 04, 2013 at 11:04 AM

    Leading into a recent transatlantic cruise out of Tampa, we had some front-end time and took the
    opportunity to test an OSIM uAstro2 Massage Chair at the Brookstones, International Plaza
    location. Though we have enjoyed a SANYO HEC904 for the past 12+ years we wanted to see
    what the ‘latest-&-greatest’ now had to offer. We were pleasantly educated to find that the newer
    chairs have come a long way. We found that our once ‘state-of-the-art’ Sanyo, though still
    holding its value and ‘never’ having given us a moments problem, is a ‘basic’ massage chair
    compared to the current generation available. We loved the additions of air-bags, arm pockets,
    music, the ottoman and the foot-rollers.

    During our trip, we decided it was time to update. So, upon returning home, I began some
    extensive online research to check reviews on the uAstro2 and to see what other manufacturers
    had to offer. Wanting all of the newer features mentioned above we added the Osaki OS-7075R,
    but could find no nearby location(s) to test and compare it to the Astro2. During this process I
    contacted several manufacturers and distributors who could only offer a retailer here-or-there. None
    close-by and none with more than a chair or two to try. One distributor contacted was Massage-
    Chair-Relief, whereby I had a great conversation with Dr. Alan Weidner. Upon providing our
    search criteria Dr. Weidner provided some remarkable help and also suggested the inclusion of
    the Infinity IT-8200 or IT-8500 massage chair to our list to research and test. They, too, were not
    to be found closer than several-hours-drive away, so I initially settled on online comparisons.
    The Massage-Chair-Relief website was great for doing that, plus there were lots of great
    informational videos that really helped. I settled on the Osaki OS-7075R, with the IT-8500 a
    close second.

    Feeling the need to ‘test’ the two choices, I considered (and made) arrangements to spend a
    couple of days driving to Florida locations to try the closest available.......the IT-8200 & IT-8800
    (no Osaki anywhere). Remembering that Dr. Weidner had mentioned a “Travel Credit” option,
    and that his Massage-Chair-Relief showroom had the Osaki and Infinity (plus a dozen others to
    consider and try), I decided to bite-the-bullet and fly-out.

    In hind-site, this was money and time well spent. Dr. Weidner was fantastic. He made the
    almost 5,000 round-trip flight worth the effort. Meeting me, curbside, at the airport I was driven
    to his showroom where I spent all-the-time needed to try ‘all’ of the massage chairs that met our
    criteria. I found that my testing of the various chairs were almost a perfect match with the
    reviews from Tony, especially with respect to the Inada Sogno. When all was said-and-done I
    narrowed the search back to the same two I had started with, but switched the order. Dr.
    Weidner then treated me to dinner which provided a chance to relax and, at the same time, digest
    the multiple-chair experience.

    Upon returning from an exceptional BBQ hide-away restaurant I re-tested the Osaki and Infinity,
    settling on the Infinity for the following reasons:
    .....better ‘fit’. Like a glove. You just melted into it.
    .....lower height range. Wife, at 5'0", is shorter than the Osaki lower limit (big factor)
    .....stretch/inversion feature more comfortable (Osaki seems designed for a tall person...I’m 5'9")
    .....better ottoman massage (more foot rollers & the back-of-ankle massage was really nice)
    .....just a better ‘overall’ massage experience system (Osaki has ‘none’)
    .....smaller footprint

    Though a long and tiresome 31+ hour trip, I’m so glad I flew out and tried all of the chairs Dr.
    Weidner had to offer in his showroom. Had I not done so, I would have probably bought the
    Osaki 7075R. That would have been a big mistake and I ‘know’ my wife, DeAnn, would not
    have been happy with the choice.

    I can’t say enough about Dr.Weidner and all of the help he provided. Just a great experience, all-
    around. Knowledgeable man. He knows his massage chairs, the massage chair industry. and his
    showroom provides the necessary quantity and mix of massage chairs to help make the perfect
    selection. I would highly recommend Dr. Weidner and as the best

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    review of Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair
    Apr 29, 2013 at 08:45 PM

    Michaels review here is pretty spot on for me as well. Let me start by saying Dr. Weidner was an incredible help and I would thoroughly recommend his company for your purchase. Like most people I did a ton of research online after not being able to find the chairs locally to test (except the Inada sogno and the Osim). I decided to pull the trigger on the Osaki 7075 and called Dr. Weidner. After he explained the features of many different chairs, I was very confused. He told me he gives out a $300 discount for anyone who flys out to visit. With Southwest from Chicago cost me $400 so for only $100 and my day I was able to try all the chairs I wanted to. Dr. Weidner picked me up from the airport, bought lunch and drove me back. Thank you for the hospitality! Now for my findings:
    Infinity 8500: Michaels review says it all. An awesome chair for the money. I also love the foot rollers. This and the Osaki are the only two with rollers. These are incredible! They move around all over and the airbags push your feet down into them. I also found them to be vigorous at times but the intensity adjustment helps as well as putting a folded up sock in there if it's too much. The seat sways left to right as well, don't know why I like it, guess its just relaxing. This is the only chair that does it. I have no complaints. You wont be disappointed.
    Osaki 7075: this is the one I planned one getting and looking at the specs, looked like the best. After sitting in it, I'm so glad I flew out and tried it first. I would not have been happy. Dr. Weidner said it was a very vigorous massage and that's an understatement! It has no intensity adjustments. The foot rollers were flat out painful as was the back massage. I couldn't stay in the chair for more than 5 minutes. It's also a very large chair. I would suspect if you're a large person who can really handle an intense massage, this is your chair.
    Inada Sogno: I tried this chair locally and on my trip. It appears to be very well built. I was not impressed with the massage though especially for over $8000. Like the other chairs, the back massage was very nice. The other massages on the chair (arms,feet,calves, head) were lame at best. No foot rollers was a turn off. To me it just felt like all the airbags around the chair were simply squeezing you. I want a massage, not a light squeeze. IMO not worth almost 3 times the cost.
    Panasonic EP30007: Panasonic is known for their quality and it shows in this chair. Although like the Inada, i found the back to be excellent but everything else lame. The arms don't work too well, It squeezes your hands more than the forearm based on the design. It will squeeze your thighs but no foot massage except some knobs that push into your feet which did nothing for me.
    Panasonic MA70: Based on its high price and the fact I was all but sold on the Infinity, I didnt spend much time in this chair. It felt a lot like the EP30007 all around so I chalked it up pretty quick.
    Osim: I didnt try this here as they dont sell it. It's a Brookstone chair. It had a lot of similar features as the Infinity and the price was similar. The chair itself felt cheap compared to the rest. I've also read bad reviews about customer service from Brookstone. This wasn't even an option for me.
    Luraco Irobotic: I was initially very interested due to the fact it's American made. I found the back massage excellent as most. The massage was very gentle, a little too light for me. That and it has no foot rollers was the deal breaker for me. If you're looking for a light relaxing massage with no foot rollers, you might really like it.
    Hope this helps those who can't make the flight out! Although I would thoroughly recommend you take the day to try them yourself, even if it costs you a few hundred bucks. We all have a little Goldilocks in us and need to find the one that's "just right". Once again, Thank you Dr. Weidner for your help!

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    review of Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair
    Apr 24, 2013 at 05:20 PM

    We have had this chair for about a month now and have used it extensively with daily massages since day one. First let me state that if you’re like me, you are probably doing a LOT of research on what is the best high end massage chair out there. I have reviewed everything I could find on Inada, Osaki, Infinity, Luraco, Osim, etc. Prior to my purchase I was able to test out the Inada Sogno, Osaki, and Osim products. It’s important to know that the Inada Sogno is bar none, the best chair out there. So, don’t be fooled into thinking that buying the IT-8500 or any other chair will be just like or will replace the Inada Sogno, they don’t.
    Having said that, I truly believe that the best bang for the buck is the Infinity IT-8500. The manufacturing of this product appears to be very solid as I opted to assemble the chair myself, everything went together very well, I was impressed with the sturdiness of the chair and associated components.
    This chair has many options to choose from relative to varying types of massage with the ability to specify a particular area if desired. I also really like the ability to have a long 45 minute massage with heat, or I can opt for shorter time frames if desired. I’m also glad that I decided to go with a chair that has foot rollers; for me this is a must. The airbags are strong and can be adjusted from low to high depending on how intense you want the pressure, I love this option! You can also do just an airbag massage without the rollers which is a nice option to have as well.
    Personally for me I really enjoy the “Relax” massage program, my wife prefers the “Refresh” and “Extend” programs. All of them are good and each offers a different combination of rollers, air bags, and cycling between zero gravity and inverted, etc. This chair also offers two zero gravity positions which allows for adjusting the intensity of the massage purely by how you sit in the chair.
    If I had any complaints about this chair, it is that the foot rollers can be very intense especially if you have the air bags on a high level. However, the foot rollers can be turned off if desired, but I found it was easy enough to fold up a couple towels which made level of sensation perfect. Additionally, the back rollers can be pretty intense and there is no adjustment to modify this. So, similar to what I did with the foot rollers, I just folded up a small blanket which significantly helped. One recommendation to Infinity would be to provide some customized padding that could easily be fitted into the foot holds and back area to adjust the level of intensity.
    All in all, I would highly recommend this chair and trust me, I’m a little OCD and have been researching these chairs for about a two year before I finally decided to pull the trigger. I’m glad I did and very pleased with my purchase.
    Last but not least, I’m extremely pleased with my purchase experience through this company. Dr. Weidner put up with multiple calls and emails from me regarding the many, various questions I had and was always gracious with his time. Matter of fact, the first time I called I was very surprised that Dr. Weidner was the one to answer the phone. The service has been excellent and truthfully wouldn’t have purchased from anyone else because I know if something were to go wrong with my chair, Dr. Weidner will be there to assist. I should state that I am providing this review on my own free will, nothing more.
    Best of luck on your chair search and purchase.

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    review of Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair
    Mar 05, 2013 at 07:31 PM

    I am sorry to hear that your massage chair is too rough for you. I would strongly encourage you to reach out to the retailer from whom you purchased your chair to get them involved in the process of communicating with Infinite Therapeutics. They have a wonderful customer support team and they will help you. The company that sold you the chair should also have a money back guarantee which should allow you to ship the chair back to them. If you were our customer, you actually have a 90 day money back guarantee. Most companies, however, have a 30 day money back guarantee. Regarding the roughness of the chair, after ruling out a problem with the chair with Infinite Therapeutics customer support, I would suggest using a damper pad or a throw blanket or towel to lessen the intensity of the rollers. I have never heard anyone describe the intensity of the IT-8500 massage the way you have described it, but some folks do find it a bit intense. The dampening pad, towel, or blanket should do the job. Here is Infinite Therapeutics phone number: 1-603-347-6006.
    Dr. Alan Weidner

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