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Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair

Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair

PRICE: $4,999.00 Best Price Guarantee

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Infinite Therapeutics has introduced the IT-8500 massage chair as a step-up from the already popular IT-8100. In addition to a stretch program, the IT-8500 chair also boasts a spinal correction feature, full shoulder airbag massage, a headphone port for your own private music, 2 zero gravity positions, intersound technology, a more vigorous roller system, and much, much more. This is all in addition to the features you already expect from a massage chair: foot rollers, head rotation airbags, touch screen remote, mp3 music system, and full body airbags. 


Dr. Alan Weidner supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

  • Zero Gravity - 2 zero gravity positions to encourage a "weightless" position. Ideal for low back pain sufferers, the zero gravity function mimics the optimal position as determined by NASA's space program. Optimal weight distribution removes excessive pressure from any one part of your spine.
  • Inversion Therapy - A full recline of the chair back, accompanied by the zero gravity seat positioning, produces an inversion effect to the spine, distracting the joints of the spine.
  • Mechanical Foot Rollers - While most massage chairs have airbag compression of the feet and calves, the IT-8500 massage chair has 3 mechanical foot rollers that work the sole of each of your feet. Very soothing!!
  • Foot and Calf Airbags - Airbag compression to enhance circulation of the blood and lymph from the legs to the heart.
  • Spinal Correction - Shoulder airbags that compress the front of the shoulders and pin them back, while the rollers move up and down the spine. This feature will leave you feeling like you are standing taller and straighter after you have used this feature.
  • Body Scan - The pinpoint body scan figures out the shape of your spine and the location of your spinal curves so that the chair can cater ever-so personally to your own particular body type. 
  • Seat Airbag Massage and Sway - The IT-8500 massage chair employs seat airbags that move the seat from side to side and up and down, enhancing passive motion to an area of the body that is very hard to reach without the assistance of an actual therapist. Fantastic feature if you have low back pain. 
  • Air Neck Massage - A gently rotation airbag massage relaxes the neck muscles and lulls you to sleep while the chair weaves it's magic.
  • Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage - A full complement of shoulder airbags that will envelope your whole shoulder joint and give it the attention that is lacking in other massage chairs. 
  • Tru-Grip V Stretch - Airbags will grip your shoulders, arms, and lower body while the chair back and ottoman raise and you a stretch you will both love and never forget. 
  • Lumbar Heat - The thickness of the body tissues in the low back makes warming up a hard thing to do. A lumbar heating element will assist in that process so that blood flows to those thick tissues a little quicker.
  • Acuroll Neck & Shoulder Massage - This model utilizes 5 sensors to help assess and then provide the most accurate neck and shoulder massage. 
  • mp3 Music System - The music system includes a USB port for a jump drive full of your favorite music, external speakers, a headphone port so that you can enjoy your music in your own little space, and intersound technology, which basically is a speaker system that faces inward toward the user.
  • 45' Program Timer - You can schedule your massage chair to be anywhere from 10-45 minutes long...the longest of any massage chair timer in the marketplace. 
  • 30.25" Roller  Track 
  • 38 Total Airbags

Model Name: The Infinity IT-8500
Net Weight: 229 lbs
Power Voltage: AC110V - 120V 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption: 190W
Chair Dimensions:
Upright: 59 x 35.4 x 45.7 inches
Reclined: 74 x 35.4 x 36.2 inches

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Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair Reviews (55)
  • 4.82
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Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair scores a 4.82 out of 5 based on 55 reviews.

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    review of Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair
    Feb 22, 2015 at 01:18 PM

    I am like many of the other reviewers, in that I did not have anywhere to 'try before buy' location anywhere nearby, so I had to take the chance and go for it. The reviews on here helped me as well as a talk with Dr. Weidner. I, as well as my husband, am very satisfied with the choice of the IT8500. It is very heavy and has to be taken out of box to get inside, but we put it directly on furniture pads so it could be moved easily once inside. It took about 2 hours to assemble, but that is because one of the attachment pieces for an arm was bent and after removing and reattaching for the third time (after the other arm went on without any problem) I looked at the 'attachment screw thing' and it was bent, after fixing it, the arm went on easily and the rest of the chair went together easily also. I would suggest help with attaching the foot rest. As for the massage you get with the chair, it is the closet thing to getting a massage from a massage therapist. My husband could not believe how good it felt. We like the pre-programmed programs, for instance the recover is great after yard work, it really hits the right spots and helps eliminate next day stiffness. The foot massage is almost too much at times, but can be managed with a little foot adjustment on my part. The noise level of the chair is not an issue at all. The size of the chair is actually a smaller footprint than the regular rocker recliners I have. I ordered the brown and love it. The brown is a very dark rich brown. No real negatives to mention about this chair. Hope this helps somebody make their decision.

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    review of Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair
    Feb 07, 2015 at 11:38 AM

    Infinity IT-8500 review
    I have owned an Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair for about 10 days now. This is how I decided on this chair and my impressions after 10 days.
    I had used the SmartCart massage chairs at the Mall and liked how I felt after a 30 minutes session. Then cost was only $5.00 for 30 minutes but they had limitations. There was no foot massage, sometimes the chairs did not work after I put in my money and you had to deal with people walking by all the time staring at you. So I started looking for a home massage chair.
    I spent several weeks researching chairs online and thought I wanted the Osaki OS-4000T. The price was right and it looked like it had a good set of features that I wanted. My biggest concern was I did not want to buy a chair without first trying it out. I found stores in Las Vegas and in Southern California that had some of the chairs I had read about online. I started planning a trip to check out the chairs. I live in Utah about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City so I decided to do a road trip. Then after a little more searching I found a store called Massage Chair Relief in Taylorsville, Utah. That was only 25 minutes away. I called the store and Dr. Alan Weidner answered the phone. He told me he had the chair I wanted to try on his showroom floor and we set up an appointment to try it out on a Saturday morning.
    It took about one minute to determine that the Osaki OS-4000T was not for me. My shoulders did not fit and my arms were very uncomfortable sitting in the chair. The good news was that Dr. Weidner had 14 other chairs to try out. I spent the next two and a half hours trying different chairs and narrowed it down to the Titan TP-Pro 8300 and the Infinity IT-8500. The Titan has an L shaped track for the rollers that extend from your head to the top of your legs. The massage is amazing. The Infinity has a stretch feature that holds on to your shoulder and feet and stretched your body as in gently arches you back. I had to return a few days later to try out both chairs fresh and finally decided on the IT-8500. I recommend that you find a way to try out any massage chair before you plop down several thousand dollars.
    First Impressions: The IT-8500 is a well built, sturdy chair with plenty of support and power to work my 285 lb body. When you start one of the 4 pre-programmed settings, the chair sizes your body so that it knows how to work you neck and shoulders. The chair has a very strong foot massage using both air bags and rollers. I love it but after a few sessions I decided to add about 1 inch of foam between my feet and the rollers. This is more comfortable if you use the chair multiple times a day.
    I use all four of the preset programs. I use the Extend program in the morning. It combines kneading, knocking, pummeling, and shiatsu roller functions with arm, shoulder, calves and feet massage that is occasionally interrupted by a series of 3 stretches. I usually do a 30 or 45 minute session before work.
    After work I use the Recover or Refresh Program. The Recover program features the stretch but not as often as the Extend Program. It combines kneading, pummeling and knocking with the airbags and feet massage to relief tension and stress.
    The Refresh program adds the use of the head air bags. It adds a firm massage to the upper neck and lower head area. The head air bag can be flipped over the back of the chair when not in use. The stretch feature is not used in the refresh program but the rollers are used to focus the massage in one area at a time. This is the best setting when I have a sore neck or shoulders. It also concentrates on the lower back. The foot massage is not as aggressive with this setting.
    Just before bedtime I like to use the Relax program. It uses the head air bags to gently rock your head back and forth as it massages the whole body. It is not as aggressive as the Extend and Recover programs. I find it can easily put me to sleep as I listen to music from the built in speakers or watch a TV show. As with all the programs I can turn on the heated rollers and adjust the intensity of the airbags or even turn the airbags off. I can also choose to turn on or off the feet rollers.
    Overall I love this chair. I am still experimenting with the manual modes and adjusting the settings individually but find that the preset programs meet most of my needs. I highly recommend this chair.

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    review of Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair
    Jan 25, 2015 at 07:25 PM



    Like most consumers, massage chairs of this caliber isn't sold in my area. Researching the chairs online was my only option. I found massage chair relief's videos along with my multiple calls to Dr. Alan to be my best single source of information on the IT-8500.


    Shipped from Tennessee to my location, Panama City, FL. ---- Ordered Wed, received Tuesday.


    It's very heavy!! I'm not sure why they put wheels on the back of the chair, especially when you will likely hurt your back trying to lift the front of the chair in order to use the wheels to move it.


    The chair sits on 4, 2X3 inch rubber feet. Save your back, put furniture sliders under the chair's feet prior to assembling the chair. Adding the sliders enables me to easily move the chair where I want it.


    Before repositioning the chair back, make sure the loose air tubes are clear from pinching. Facing the chair, look where the seat and back intersect : 3 tubes on the left and 1 tube + 1 speaker on the right.


    Watch Dr. Alan's YouTube Video on assembling the IT-8200. The chair comes with a long Philips head screw driver and an Allen wrench. In addition you will need a very, very short Philips head screw driver. The short screw driver will be used on the back 2 locking inserts for the arms. The front locking arm insert and the shoulder airbag/speaker sections require the long Philips head.

    Foot/Calf Section:

    If you assemble this section by yourself as I did, the foot/calf section will need to be place on a 2X4 or something comparable in order to align the mounting points between the chair and the foot/calf section. You can't simultaneously hold this section up and screw in the hex head bolts.

    Head/neck airbag:

    When you install the back pad section (contains head/neck and lower back airbags) you may need to tug on the air tubes in order to get the head/neck airbag into position. In all of the videos I looked at online, the bottom of the airbag sits just above the shoulder airbags. That position doesn't fit me or my wife correctly. It becomes very obvious when using the relax program.

    You can gently pull the head/neck air tubes through the back section which allows the head/neck airbag to drop down, lining its bottom up with the shoulder airbags bottom. This makes a world of difference in the neck massage using the relax program.

    Use the head/neck Velcro attaching point as a reference. You should be able to pull out the air tubes to the point where you are still able to attach the airbag to the Velcro and have a 1/2 - 1" of play in the tubes.


    The preset programs relax, extend.... scans your back to determine your height. The manual modes don't do this. From my research I noticed website adds referencing optical scanning for this chair. As an electrical engineer I don't any optical sensors.

    What actually happens when the chair scans your back?

    Basically, the massage rollers runs up your back until the pressure against the rollers is reduced. The reduced pressure position, generally your neck area, is used as a reference point for your massage.

    Neck and Shoulder:

    I like a good neck and shoulder massage. After extending the head/neck air tubes I get a nice squeeze on my neck. Before the air tube adjustment, it didn't.

    When using the other programs I would suggest moving the head/neck airbag out of the way and locking it in place. By doing this, the scan seems to be more accurate on your neck location.

    Note: If you don't lock or tie down the head/neck airbag, especially on the extend program, it will pull the shoulder/head pad off the back of the chair. Without the pad in place, the head (base of scull) massage is rough.

    Shoulder Blade and Upper tail/hip bone areas may need extra padding if you lack any natural padding in these areas. Massage rollers hitting bone doesn't feel that good.


    Years ago I tried a massage chair that squeezed my calves to a painful point. The calf massage on the IT-8500 is tight, but comfortable. The foot tendon airbag feels very nice, wish I could get more massage in that area.

    The 1st time I tried the foot rollers they felt good most of the time, however they did put me on edge a few times. Since, I didn't want to turn off the rollers, and didn't want my massage to be interrupted by pain in my foot, I placed carpet on the rollers (carpet side facing the rollers) to reduce the intensity.

    My main issue is the roller intensity in the arch of my foot. I would like more roller intensity in the heel and toe. Cutting out some of the carpet may solve this issue.


    This is nice. I would like more intensity on the hand and finger areas, more on the order of someone massaging each individual finger. When I get a chance I want to make a bean bag which I can lay my hand on. The combination of bean bag and airbag may get more of the massage I'm looking for in this area.

    At home, I work a lot with my hands and depending on what I'm doing, my hands get pretty sore at times.

    Extend Program:

    This is my favorite. Other than issues mentioned earlier, I really like this one. On the other hand, my wife and daughters enjoy the stretch, but not the pulsing or vibrating part of the program. It would be nice if you could select another massage technique when the pulsing starts. I saw a review were the reviewer indicated you could do that, but every time I try it goes into manual mode which dis-engages the extend programs routine.

    I'm not sure if I can manually simulate the extend program. When I get a chance I will look in to it.

    Manual Modes:

    By default the full zone massage is engaged when the manual mode is used. Without the scan reference point the rollers will run the complete length of the roller track, which may position the roller on the top of your scull, depending on your height.

    What I discovered, which is not in the users manual or any videos that I could find, is that you can set your own reference point for your height.

    How to set your reference point:

    1. Select a function while in the manual mode

    2. Push the "Zone" button to select the "point mode massage".

    3. Use the "Roller Adjust" buttons to position the top set of rollers just above your shoulders, this is your reference point.

    4. Quickly push the "Zone" button once to select the "Full mode massage" for a full back massage or
    twice to select "Partial mode massage" to get a neck/shoulder massage.


    In my 3 year search for an upgrade to my IJOY massage chair, I purchased the IT-8500 and have been using it for the past 5 days. The chair's price, and by nature, I don't buy before I try, kept me from buying. My wife, who has back issues due to car wrecks and degenerative disc, would not use my IJOY chair unless she was desperate. The chair didn't fit her right and the massage is intense.

    The expectations of the extend program and neck massage pushed me into taking the IT-8500 plunge. My hope is that my wife will use the chair on a regular basis to alleviate some of her back issues. As for myself, other than issues mentioned, I'm happy with the chair.

    If interested, we purchased the chocolate brown, which is very good looking rich brown. The internet pictures don't give it justice. It looks a little darker in person.

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    review of Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair
    Jan 13, 2015 at 08:05 AM

    Our new 8500 is wonderful. Everything we were told it would be and more. The personal service we received simplified the shopping experience. I needed my chair delivered prior to a vacation and with one simple email to the trucking company they responded immediately and made sure my needs were met. Customer service on both the buying and delivery were a 5 star PLUS!

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    review of Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair
    Jan 01, 2015 at 12:19 PM

    First off, I appreciate all the honest feedback that have been posted in these reviews. However, posting a review detailing that you are not mechanically inclined, that your wife doesn't want to use the chair, and that you wasted your own time is of no value. How about making an honest assessment of the massage benefits (or lack thereof) the chair provides.

    Anyway, as with most folks here, I did a ton of research before making my decision. After speaking directly with Dr. Weidner and discussing my requirements I was able to narrow my decision down to the IT-8500. Great choice! I received my chair within 10 days. I opted for the white glove service, which is worthwhile in my opinion. They were able to assemble my chair and perform and operational checkout in about 30 minutes; plus, they removed all the shipping crates, boxes, etc. I was confident after reading all the reviews I would not need the boxes to be sitting around. A very small risk which paid off. The chair is working perfect.

    The massage: Prior to purchasing this chair, I had a lot of tension head-aches, stemming from my middle back and trap muscles, into my neck. I use the chair every day, and no longer have these issues. Even better, my wife was prone to migraines brought on my stress and tension. She uses the chair every day as well and has not experienced a migraine since. She says "how did we ever live without one of these chairs". The massage itself can be as an aggressive deep-tissue massage as you want, but can be manually throttled down to provide a more relaxing massage. The first time you use the massage, you will probably be sore the next day. I would recommend not using the chair for three to five days after your initial session in the chair. This should be expected, as the chair really works deep to relieve the stress and tension your muscles have developed over time. Not to worry, your body and muscles will become accustomed to even the most aggressive settings of the chair. It may take two or three weeks, but you will get there.

    I really enjoy the versatility of this massage chair. Even when running one of the pre-programmed massages, you can manually adjust zones, massages types, intensity, speed, heat, incline and decline, etc. You really can tailor a perfect massage that works best for you. I personally enjoy putting the chair in relax mode, declining the chair back further, raising the legs higher, and using the music sync function. It works surprisingly well. I use meditation music, and the massage rollers sync well with the rhythm of the music; very relaxing. The stretch program of this chair was a nice surprise, doing a great job of arching your back, then rolling/aligning your spine.

    One other thing I wold like to note: I received a free neck and shoulder massage belt (a separate massage device) with my order. If you order this chair and receive this free massager, do not set it aside and not use it. It put the massage belt around my neck and shoulders, cranked up the intensity, and could not help but laugh! It feels as if there are two human hands in the belt, giving you a vigorous knocking massage directly on your muscles. You can use the belt around your waist, chest, middle back, or legs as well. It is AWESOME!!!

    Thank you Dr. Weidner!

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