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The ZeroG 5.0 Immersion Seating massage chair from Human Touch offers every feature you could want: 3D massage, Body Map PRO, rotating ottoman, calf and foot rollers, Flex Glide Orbital roller technology, and warm air heating technology.

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The ZeroG 5.0 is an upgraded chair in Human Touch’s Immersion Seating line, which boasts a handful of delightful features that are hard to find in a chair that is priced this low. The features include Body Map PRO targeted massage, one button press-and-hold zero gravity positioning, 3D massage engine to allow you to adjust the intensity of the roller massage, full calf and foot massage (along with foot vibration massage), warm air heating technology, FlexGlide orbital roller massage engine, a rotating ottoman to hide the foot and calf wells. It also has additional body match settings to cater the massage even more fully to your body type. A beautiful chair with amazing therapeutic benefits. It is an easy-to-use, full-featured massage chair that you will love to see in any room in your home or business!


3 reviews for Human Touch ZeroG 5.0

  1. Mark Clark (verified owner)

    My wife loves the chair and uses it many times per day. HOWEVER, It is not reliable. We bought the expensive extended warranty.

    A few months after we got the chair, it had a fault, and Human touch replaced the chair. After about 8 months that chair destroyed itself. The rollers on one side came out of the track and caused massive damage, but without any failure codes. Human Touch sent a repairman out but there was too much damage to repair. Human Touch said they would again replace the chair but we would have to sign to void the extended warranty. This chair lasted about 8 months before strange noises started and I replaced the internals and controller. Again about 8 months later and the chair has failed with error codes and no longer functions.

  2. Wayne A Roehl (verified owner)

    I had a wonderful personal buying experience with Massage Chair Relief owner Dr. Alan Weidner. I live in New York and all of my questions were answered over the phone in a most expeditious and helpful manner. Every quote and answer I received was 100% truthful with no sales pitch at all. I purchased the Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 Immersion Seating massage chair and it surpasses all of my expectations, just as Dr. Weidner explained to me. I highly recommend this chair and Massage Chair Relief, they truly do care about their customers.

  3. Rick Altieri (verified owner)

    I tested this chair at a PCRichards store today. I had read the manual online the evening prior so I would know how to use the remote – they be complicated with all the options. I went thru ALL the remote options in the store – took just under an hour. Found it relatively easy to operate. My problem areas are middle-lower back. I was very satisfied with the massage overall especially in the lower back area. Dr. Weidner is correct in his assessment that chair responds a bit slowly but that aside I found it to function fine. By the way, the entire time I was in that chair not one salesperson asked me if I had any questions. P.C. has a very good sale on the chair but I plan to contact Dr.W tomorrow to see if his company?s price would apply. I am a skeptical person by nature ( I?m a New Yorker) & normally would not order a purchase like this online when it can be ordered locally from a reputable company like PC Richards but after spending an hour on his website my impression is that he is a straight shooter who is trying to build his business the old fashioned way – he earns it. The labor warranty at Dr.Ws is a major consideration in this decision since the Human Touch Co. warranty for parts & labor is just one year & PC RICHARDS does not offer a separate extended warranty which in the case of a large heavy mechanical device like this is an important factor for my own piece of mind. You don?t just through one of things in the trunk & drive back to the store.

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Auto-Immersion Massage Programs

4 programs that can address every conceivable therapeutic need, i.e. Refresh, Relax, Retreat, and Sleep. Simply push a button and the auto program begins, including auto-positioning of the chair back, seat, and ottoman.

Body-Match Customization

Adjustable settings that will cater the massage chair functions to your body type and needs, including height, spinal width, and roller position on your spine.

Zero Gravity

Give your spine a break by slipping into the zero gravity position…the position determined by scientists to be the most optimal for your gravity-bearing, fatigued body. The ZeroG 4.0 even has a one-step button which, when pressed and held, will take you directly into the zero gravity position.

Ergonomic Recline-Motion Geometry

With every program, your body is moved into the optimal position of comfort and it all happens in one, fluid, gliding motion. The great thing about this recline motion is that you only need to place your chair 5″ from any wall to get a full recline.

Rotating Ottoman

Human Touch is notorious for making therapeutic massage chairs look like normal and suave pieces of furniture. One way that this is accomplished is by “hiding” the foot and calf wells under the seat of the chair. Although this ottoman does not retract under the seat, it parks so that when the ottoman is rotated and the calf and foot wells are obscured from view, it looks like a regular recliner. No one would ever know that this chair is a massage chair when they see it in your living room, family room, or bedroom.

Foot and Calf Massage

The ZeroG 5.0 also has mechanical foot rollers in addition to the paddle massage of the calf wells. Foot vibration is also included along with the paddles to make an even more stimulating lower extremity massage and enhance circulation.

Figure 8 Paddle Massage

Paddles, not airbags, provide an amazing calf and foot massage in all of Human Touch’s massage chairs. That is now enhanced by the patented Figure-8 massage technology which will greatly optimize circulation in the lower extremities.

Easy-to-Use “Immersion Director” Remote

No more intimidating remote controls! The Immersion Director has easy-to-follow directions and buttons which will make using the chair a breeze. On the ZeroG 4.0 there is even a body image with sections of the body to press to get targeted massage to just that area. The easiest manual massage chair application we’ve ever seen!

Stretch, Flex, Tone, and Ease Massage Techniques

Human hands are replicated by the use of rollers in the chair back. These rollers have been designed to mimic various massage techniques that provide a wide array of therapeutic benefit to your spine. Easy-to-use buttons allow your muscles to get exactly what they need, based on your needs.

Smart 3D Massage Engine

Adjust the intensity of the massage rollers by using the Smart 3D massage engine settings. With the push of a button, you can increase the intensity of the massage of the upper and/or lower back muscles. Three intensity settings make it possible to cater the massage to virtually any spine!

Body Map PRO Targeted Massage

Human Touch has created the most simple and clever targeted massage program on any massage chair. All massage chairs have manual settings so that the user can target where they want the massage to go. That process usually involves pressing a bunch of buttons to get the rollers to the spot you want them. Human Touch has turned that process into something ridiculously simple and easy to follow. The remote control (“Immersion Director”) has an image of a human body broken up into various regions. Simply press the region that you want your massage and the chair automatically begins targeting that area. Good stuff!!

FlexGlide Orbital Massage Technology

Rather than massage rollers, which is what most other chairs have, the 5.0 has roller balls the work on your back’s musculature. This makes for a smoother in and out, side to side motion, thus making for a more confortable and fluid massage experience.

Warm Air Heating Technology

Human Touch has really come up with a winning idea here: warm air is circulated along the length of you back during your massage to provide a more diffuse and comprehensive heating element for your back. It heats up well and gives you more body coverage than pretty much any other heating element.

5-Year Premium Limited Warranty

Human Touch offers 1 year parts and labor, in-home coverage, 3 years parts, and 5 years structure on this chair.