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The Human Touch Super Novo is the first massage chair to integrate Alexa voice response technology to operate your massage chair. Also includes 4D L-track roller system, music system, 38 programs, foot rollers, unibody design, & space saving.

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The Human Touch Super Novo is the first massage chair to incorporate Amazon’s Alexa voice recognition technology with the function of your new massage chair. It is called Virtual Therapist…understanding and anticipating the user’s preferences for a truly unique and personalized massage. Simple, hands-free operation that allows you to speak your preferences. It is as easy as asking for a massage. Virtual Therapist will ask each user a series of questions, such as massage preferences, and store that information for each person in your household so you can receive a massage customized to your needs, any time you like.The Super Novo also has a rich feature set that has everything you could ever want or need in a massage chair: innovative unibody design, 4D L-track, zero gravity, Bluetooth technology, 35 auto programs, space saving design, knee, calf, and foot heat, mechanical foot rollers, a 5-year limited warranty, fitting someone up to 6’9″, and so much more. White glove delivery is also included with this massage chair.


3 reviews for Human Touch Super Novo

  1. Samriti Dhingra (verified owner)

    This is a complete chair in terms of a full body massage. We tried multiple chairs in many different stores and this chair has a presence and feel second to none. It does everything well and looks good while doing it. Unfortunately we could not get the red color since it was discontinued by the company but our grey goes well in the room. I love the various options of the Tension Relief, Swedish and Shiatsu massage and it has option to focus on a particular area as well. I use the chair almost daily now!! The remote control can be mounted or left on the arm rest. Bluetooth connectivity is great with Altec Lansing speakers.
    Massage Chair Relief was a pleasure to work with. Shawn was very patient with us and did not force us to choose any particular chair. He let us sit in all the chairs and make up our own minds on the best option. It took us a couple of months to come back to the store as we felt that Massage Chair Relief gave us the best option and choices in terms of buying a good massage chair. We were extremely satisfied with our experience. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a massage chair to visit this store before making a final decision.

  2. K Spitzer (verified owner)

    I took time to research message chairs and visited with Dr. Weidner many times. He was always very patient and informative. Dr. Weidner recommended coming to the show room to try out the chairs. We had planned a trip to Message Chair Relief’s show room in Arizona. Unfortunately, because of a Covid scare, we were unable to make the 13 hour trip. So, we went to Boulder and Arvada, Colorado to test the chairs he recommended. The Human Touch Super Novo was our favorite! It was relaxing and comfortable. We tried out many other chairs, but in my case, the others were uncomfortable. So I highly recommend trying out the chairs before you decide on one. We are extremely happy with our purchase, as were our kids when they came for Christmas! My husband and I both suffer from some lower back issues. After using this chair, his numbness in his foot is gone! Our daughter is eight months pregnant. She has been coming over to sit in the chair to relieve her back pain. Everyday one of the family tries another feature of the chair and finds a new favorite feature. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Weidner. He gives outstanding customer service! Thank you to Human Touch and Dr. Weidner from Message Chair Relief!

  3. Tim Snyder (verified owner)

    This is a great chair. We definitely bought this as an investment in ourselves. The sales experience was great, and although we did buy the most expensive model in the store, we were not pushed to sit in the chair we purchased. Our sales agent was very attentive to our desires, and he had great patience as he let us lead ourselves to the chair we wanted. This was definitely a great sales experience.

    What I love about the chair: The air bags (cloudtouch) have great pressure and feel like they are really increasing the blood flow in your arms and feet. There are several different programs to choose from. My favorite is the stretching program while my wife prefers tension relief. This chair does have all the bells and whistles including a pair of Altec speakers that can play whatever music you like, or as I prefer, some of the built in sound soothers.

    What I don’t like. The pressure in different areas could be tweaked. I feel the pressure put on the Achilles is to tight and can cause some discomfort. I also feel the calf pressure could go in the opposite direction and be firmer. I also wish there was a way to increase only the calf rollers as I cannot feel them very well.

    Overall, this was the best chair we tested in the store.

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Virtual Therapist

By pairing the power of the Super Novo with Amazon Alexa’s voice recognition, the Super Novo is the first massage chair to implement Alexa capability. We call it Virtual Therapist, understanding and anticipating the user’s preferences for a truly unique and personalized massage. Simple, hands-free operation that allows you to speak your preferences. It is as easy as asking for a massage. Virtual Therapist will ask each user a series of questions, such as massage preferences, and store that information for each person in your household so you can receive a massage customized to your needs, any time you like.

4D L-Track

Human Touch adds the 4D feature to it’s latest L-track model. The Super Novo integrates the traditional 3 Dimensions of roller movement (side to side, up and down, and forward and back) along with rhythm/speed changes during each program.

Mechanical Foot Rollers

Just like it’s sibling, the Novo XT2, the Super Novo has mechanical foot rollers under each foot, combined with air cells to provide acupressure compression to key healing points.

38 Auto Programs

So many options for therapy with the Super Novo’s 38 auto programs. Among so many others, this chair has full body immersion, deep tissue, recovery, three 4D programs, and relaxation programs…including a full body stretch program. New to the Super Novo are the Meditation programs and the Yoga Studio program.

Advanced Tile Remote Control

Advanced Tile Remote allows you to easily manage the chair’s full suite of 38 auto programs as well as the myriad of features using a very intuitive interface, featuring a crystal-clear LCD screen. The remote also makes it easy to create a personalized manual massage program with customization.Speaking of the remote control, you have the option to put it on a dock on the arm rest or attach it magnetically to a pedestal.

Bluetooth Technology with an Altec Lansing Premium Sound System

Just pair your device up with the chair and you can play your music playlists over the Super Novo’s built in speaker system, the best sound system of any massage chair on the market. Human Touch has incorporated Altec Lansing speakers into this model.

Space Saving Feature

You can place your chair up to 2″ away from any wall and safely recline your chair without hitting the drywall and scratching your paint. The space saving feature does exactly that…it takes up as little space as possible so that your chair optimizes room space.


Low back heating elements, as expected, but the Super Novo also has heat elements in the feet and calves for even more therapeutic benefit.

Full Body Stretch

The Super Novo utilizes a “bend and stretch” approach to stretching the whole body. Flexion and extension of the hips and back will provide increased flexibility and relaxation.

Fits up to 6’9″

There isn’t any other chair that makes this claim! Not only can the Super Novo handle someone who is 6’9″ tall, it can handle a weight of up to 300 lbs without any difficulty.

Adjustable Knee Massage Position

You can adjust the position of the calf airbags to reach the knee for a full knee joint massage.

Quick Keys

If you don’t want to mess with the full complement of programming functions available on the remote control, you can get started on your massage chair with some simple quick keys, located on the arm rest. Functions available from those quick keys include power, recline, volume, heat, body positioning, and some default auto programs to get you started. Very convenient!

USB Port & Phone Slot

Who isn’t always looking for a place to charge their phone? The Super Novo comes with a USB port, accompanied by a phone slot for your to conveniently charge your phone while you receive your massage.