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The Health Mate HM-8200 massage chair It boasts Korean workmanship, quality, and assembly, along with 4D L-track, 74 airbags, zero gravity, “scrubbing” calf & hip airbags, heated rollers/knees/back, speech recognition, BlueTooth connectivity, and a 3 year parts & labor in-home warranty.

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Health Mate by Orest presents it’s luxurious HM-8200 4D L-track model to the premium massage chair market. This fully “loaded” chair comes with speech recognition, negative ion,  toe airbags, 74 airbags, foot AND calf rollers, heated rollers/back/footrest, kneading calf airbags (scrubbing), along with the expertise of Korean engineers and techs in the assembly and quality control testing of their chairs…among many other features!



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4D L-Track Roller

The Health Mate HM-8200 massage chair by Orest has a 4D L-track, which means that the depth of the rollers can be adjusted, thus giving you, the user, the ability to increase or decrease the roller massage intensity. The L-track design of the roller system allows for the rollers to actually hit the gluteal and piriformis muscles, in many cases helping some sciatica issues.

Negative Ion

The Health Mate HM-8200 blows out clean negative ion air from a small opening below the right BlueTooth speaker that cleans up all the positive ion air that is surrounding you. Just another little thing that contributes to the bigger picture of better health.

74 Airbags

Airbags everywhere you’d expect a new massage chair to have them, i.e. shoulders, waist, seat, arms, hands, calves, feet, and more. Because of the enclosed foot massager, the HM-8200 has airbags at the front of the foot massager than will work on your toes!

Mechanical Foot Rollers

Rollers under your feet rotate forward and back to stimulate your reflexology zones. You will feel like a new person after this experience, especially if you are on your feet a lot throughout your day.

Mechanical Calf Rollers with Kneading Calf Airbags

These rollers are located behind the calf muscles and provide a soothing, circular rolling massage of the large calf muscles (called a “scrub”  massage). The rollers combine with the calf airbags to give you a wonderfully therapeutic experience.


The Health Mate HM-8200 massage chair offers you multiple heating options, including the heating pads in the foot rest and infrared heating in the rollers and back. Heat offers a therapeutic relaxation of tight muscles and healing of allows you to adjust the height of the shoulder airbags…a perfect way to fit the chair to your body frame, be it tall or short.

BlueTooth Connectivity

You can connect your phone or device to the HM-8200 via BlueTooth and listen to your playlist over the chair’s speaker system. Just another way to relax in your new chair.

Speech Recognition

The Heath Mate 8200 comes with a voice recognition software that allows you to speak commands out loud to get your chair to do what you want it to do. The ultimate relaxation feature so that you don’t even have to lift the remote control when you use your new chair!

Space Saving Feature

Perfect for tight spaces or smaller living spaces, the HM-8200 can be positioned within just a few inches from the wall (3″).

Up To 50′ Massage Sessions

Although we don’t recommend using a massage chair for too long when you are just getting started, the Health Mate HM-8200 allows you to set your massage session for up to 50 minutes long! Unheard of in this industry. A fantastic therapy for chronic muscle fatigue or injury.

Made in Korea

This is the first chair company that we have carried that claims to have their chairs made in Korea. A portion of it’s manufacturing and all of it’s assembly & quality control testing is done in Korea.

3 Year Full In-Home Warranty

The HM-8200 also has a full 3 years parts and labor in-home warranty. Usually, it can be said that a better warranty means a better chair!