Massage Chair Relief and Make A Wish Foundation of Utah

November 13, 2008
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
November 13, 2008
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Relief and Make A Wish Foundation of Utah

This year we at Massage Chair Relief "adopted" a little gal named Hannah from the Make A Wish Foundation of Utah. Hannah is a 15 year old who has Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome, which is the result of a genetic error on chromosome 4. This genetic error affects fetal growth and development, resulting in a variety of symptoms. Hannah is non verbal but is able to express what she wants. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite food is pudding. She also likes soft things.

Well, when I was a chiropractor our clinic did a Make A Wish Foundation fundraiser by adopting a little darling girl named Alexis. Her wish was to go to Disneyworld, which she did do. The whole experience affected me deeply. As the father of 6 children I am very sensitive to children and their beauty. I am a pretty sensitive, emotional guy. When I went on a tour of the Make A Wish facility here in Salt Lake City  I was fighting back tears throughout my whole visit to that wonderful place. It was amazing. I would strongly recommend every one of you go there to get a feeling for the special mission of this organization.

Well, to make a long story even longer, when I opened my local showroom for Massage Chair Relief I approached Make A Wish Foundation again and offered to adopt another child. They blessed us with Hannah. What a darling she is!  Her wish was to swim with the dolphins. Well, I just received a letter from our contact at Make A Wish who told me that Hannah just came back last month from seeing her dream fulfilled. She sent me some pictures, but I can't put them up unless the family gives us permission. If they do, there is one picture of Hannah and her Dad with a dolphin that I will put up for everyone to see. It is absolutely priceless.

What we did at our local store was pay $25-50 to the Make A Wish Foundation for every chair we sold through our local Salt Lake business throughout 2008. We actually began in December of last year. We raised $1250 and I would like to thank those of you who purchased from our Salt Lake store. We are so very grateful. I have been touched by your generosity. We did not put promote our fundraiser on the website, since we were working solely with the local chapter. But, in the future, we will do something on a more national level with a worthwhile charity and promote it more on this website.

By the way, for those of you who don't know,  here is the mission statement of the Make A Wish Foundation :

"Our mission at the Make-A-Wish Foundation® is to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy."

Dr. Alan Weidner

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