Massage Chair Industry Update – October 10, 2017 (Video)

October 12, 2017
 By Allison Bricker
October 12, 2017
 By Allison Bricker

Massage Chair Industry Update – October 10, 2017 (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – October 10, 2017”

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Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from Massage-Chair-Relief and today is our biweekly massage chair industry update for Tuesday, October 10th, 2017. We are getting down to – well, we are in the fourth quarter now – and we’re getting down to the time when the stock for chairs is going to be building up in preparation for the fourth quarter, or sorry, for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday through Christmas sales.

[SCREEN TEXT: Stock Status]

Alan: But we’ve added – well, first of all, I’ll just – I’ll quickly get in to stock. The only thing I have as far as stock goes, is that the ‘Black’ Human Touch ZeroG 3.0 is back-ordered until December. As far as I know, everything else is in stock.

[SCREEN TEXT: Luraco Legend Updated Launch Date: 11/22/2017

Alan: Now, the Luraco Legend has a new anticipated launch date. It was originally supposed to be the end of October. It’s not going to be the end of October, which is no surprise to me, as you know from my previous posts, but it is supposed to be the 22nd of November, which is right before Thanksgiving, which means it’s right before Black Friday. Now, as soon as that chair is out, we’re going to have it in both of our showrooms. The Luraco Legend, if you’ll recall, is a new 3D L-track. 3D means that you can adjust the depth of the rollers, and L-track means the rollers go down the back, and under the butt, and the 3D L-track Luraco Legend will be the first non-Chinese L-track chair that we’re aware of, that’s in the market, and we’re excited about that chair. I believe it’s going to be priced at $6499. It is American made, like the Luraco iRobotics 7, which is a very, very popular chair, and we’ll have that chair in the showroom as soon as it’s launched. But anyway, that’s the new prospective launch date for the Luraco Legend, November 22nd.

[SCREEN TEXT: Ogawa Sale]

Alan: Now, Ogawa is continuing their sale, which is $500 off the Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair, and that also includes the free two-year extended warranty. I believe that also includes a $1500 off sale on the Ogawa Active, so it’s now priced at $2999. So, that sale has been, you know, with minor tweaks and changes over the course of this year, they’ve had some sales ongoing for most of the year, and I suspect it’ll probably be about the same pricing, or sale pricing, that they’ll have for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

[SCREEN TEXT: New YouTube Playlist: “Why A Massage Chair?”]

Alan: We have also, we just made, we started a new playlist in our YouTube channel, it’ll be started this week. It is called ‘Why A Massage Chair?’, and it’ll go in to, each video will discuss different symptoms that massage chairs can address. The three that we’ve already recorded are headaches, trapezius muscle, I believe, or shoulder pain, and neck. Neck, headaches, and shoulder, but there are so many different symptoms and reasons for buying chairs. It’s not just symptoms, like some people, they just want to sleep better, or some people want to have, you know, they want to recover better from an injury, or perform better in sports, or athletics, or work, or you know, or whatever. So, we’re going to be going in to all those topics. They’re going to be brief videos, a similar format to what we’ve done before, just you know, cheaply edited videos of me talking and describing with chairs, and you know, with my hands, and my voice, describing what these chairs will do, and what areas they’ll help. So, anyway, that’ll be ‘Why Massage Chairs?’ or ‘Why A Massage Chair?’ playlist, and that’ll be on our YouTube channel later this week, and I think I’ll be adding the first – the first one will probably be headaches – but anyway, just so that you know, we’ve got that on or website.


Alan: Or sorry, not on our website, it will eventually be on our website, but it is going to be on our, it’s a new playlist on our YouTube channel, and our YouTube channel, by the way, is, and you can go visit there. And I’ve got, I mean, we’ve got close to 500 videos on there for you to enjoy, or peruse, or learn from, and they’re valuable as far as giving you information about chairs that you can’t sit in, and you can’t experience personally, which is one of the great banes of our business, is that it’s hard to find some of these chairs to sit on.

[SCREEN TEXT: My Visit to Human Touch Last Week]

Alan: Anyway, OK, and then, oh, I visited Human Touch last week, and it was a lot of fun. I went to visit my store, of course, and to talk to my staff, and do some staff training, and whatnot, but I went to Human Touch, and met with Michael Wu, or Michael Yoo, and he is my contact over there, and a great guy, and he kind of gave me a tour of the new digs, because they moved in to a new place, about a mile-and-a-half away from their old place on, I think it’s Cherry was the old one, and now it’s Conant, and now they’re on Conant, and it’s a nice new building. And Human Touch, last November, purchased the ‘Relax the Back’ business, and as you’re probably aware of, ‘Relax the Back’ is a franchise business of about 85 stores around the country, and they have purchased that business. And now, of course, they’ve got the Novo, their flagship chair, which is a chair they love, and are really promoting right now, and we really like that chair too, as I’ve discussed in previous broadcasts how pleasantly surprised we are with the number of chairs of that model that we sell. But they’ve got a big showroom there with you know, two-thirds of the showroom is massage chairs, the other third is ‘Relax the Back,’ and the upstairs of their new facility is for ‘Relax the Back,’ the bottom half is for Human Touch, and they’ve got an enormous warehouse. It’s really quite impressive, you can go on my Instagram, which is Massage_Chair_Relief, and you can see the video of the warehouse, and some other pictures, and as well, you can go on our Facebook page, and see that. But it’s a pretty impressive facility, very nice, and Peter and Michael took some time to go over, you know, new and upcoming things at Human Touch, some of which apply to us, some of which don’t, but good stuff, nonetheless. And I really had a nice visit, it was good to visit with them, and you know, Human Touch was the first, that was the first chair line I ever carried, back in 2005 when I started this business as a website. Really, Human Touch was the only game in town, you know, Inada wasn’t in the picture, they came shortly after, like 2008, you know, Osaki/Titan, Apex, uKnead, Infinity, none of them were really big players in the game, if at all. I think Infinity may have already started, but they weren’t really, they were just kind of getting going, and so Human Touch was really the only game in town at that time. There were some Panasonic chairs out there, but not anything coordinated, and there were Sanyo chairs back then, which have since been bought out by Panasonic, but anyway, Human Touch has been a good company to deal with over the years. They’ve been around for almost 40 years, they’ve got good customer support. This Human Touch Novo XT is a real impressive chair, I like it a lot, and my customers seem to like it, but anyway, we had a great visit, and thanks to Human Touch for making me feel welcome there, I really appreciate that.

[SCREEN TEXT: A Visit to the Rongtai Massage Chair Factory in Shanghai on 11/07/2017]

Alan: I’m going to actually be going, on November 7th, to Shanghai. This is my first trip to Asia, and I’m so excited about it, and Michael at Infinity is setting up a meeting with me, or setting up a schedule for me to go to the Rongtai factory, which is one of the biggest factories in China, and one of the best, one of the top three, I’d say. And that’s the factory that builds the Infinity chairs, it builds the Novo XT, and there are some other lines that are also, or some other chairs that are also built there, but they’re a very good factory, and it’s a big factory. It’s probably, it covers, you know, different buildings and properties, but they’re going to give me a tour of at least some of it, and I’m so excited. I’m going to China, and not because I’m excited about going to China, or to eat the food, or to see the sights, or the Great Wall of China, I’m going because I’m excited to go to a massage chair factory. So, yes, I am a massage chair nerd, and I’m really excited to see a production line of massage chairs. And now, here in the United States, Luraco builds their own chairs, so I have seen, you know, some assembly line and some quality-control testing, and manufacturing done, but it’s on a very small scale, as opposed to a factory in China, where that’s all they do, just pump out chairs for, you know, hundreds of distributors around the world. So, I’m quite excited about that, and needless to say, I’ll have my camera going, and will take pictures, and Facebook, and Instagram, and videotape, and hopefully you know, kind of open the door to, you know, behind the scenes in the massage chair manufacturing business, which I think is fascinating.

[SCREEN TEXT: “Top 10 Massage Chairs” Reports – NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!]

Alan: But anyway, I think that’s about it for this week. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at 888-259-5380, I’d love to answer any of your questions. Oh, oh, I’m going to say this again, I said it, I think, on the last industry update. I get people that call because they find, when they look up ‘Top 10 Massage Chairs,’ or ‘Top 8 Massage Chairs,’ or ‘Top 5 Massage Chairs,’ and invariably, these reports will bring back maybe a couple of chairs that are well known chairs, like maybe an Osaki 4000, or an Inada DreamWave, something like that, but then they have this list of other chairs that no one knows about, or they’re just kind of no-name brand chairs, and I’ve already specified my feelings about no-name brand chairs, and how cautious you have to be buying those chairs because of warranty, and support, and availability of help when you need it after you buy the chair, which is very difficult to get on a lot of these no-name brand chairs, if not maybe all of them. But some affiliate for Amazon will put up a little cheap website, and put up a report that says ‘Top 10 Massage Chairs,’ and you see all these chairs you’ve never heard of, you know, and they don’t even have brand names. It just says ‘Shiatsu Massage Chair,’ and it doesn’t even have a brand name, or anything. You don’t even know where the chair comes from, you don’t know anything about it. You just know what features it has because they list the features, but you have no idea what the customer support is, you have no idea what they warranty is, you have no idea what their track record is. Well, maybe you could, maybe you could go on Amazon and see some good reviews about the chair itself, but my goodness, do not trust those. I had another customer this week that’s, you know, he wants to buy a very, very good quality chair, but then he saw one of these ‘Top 10 Chair’ reports, some chair that no one’s ever heard of, and somebody had it in there, because they know that they can make a good commission on it, or make money on it, by talking about it, and linking people to Amazon. So, anyway, I kind of have, you know, I don’t know, really, we try to protect you, we don’t want you to get screwed over, pardon my vernacular, by cheap chairs, or cheap customer support. I mean, there’re some chairs that I carry, I’ll admit, that probably are – well, not probably – definitely have a higher failure rate than others, and we try to warn you, if you’re looking at that chair, or a chair that’s like that, and those are chairs that I sell, that I could make a profit on, and sometimes it’s better that you know about some of the other things that we don’t trust about the chair, and a lot of those chairs, we stop carrying them, we take them off our website if we’re not comfortable selling them. But anyway, just buyer beware, be careful, and don’t always trust everything you read on the Internet. I think Abraham Lincoln said that, do not trust everything you read on the Internet, Abraham Lincoln. But anyway, just if you have a question about a chair, or are not sure about it, call me, as my customer did, and you know, we discussed these no-name brand chairs, and how there’s no need to worry, if you’re going to buy a good, quality, brand-name chair, that has customer support, and has a decent warranty, and will take care of you if something goes wrong. Plus, we can take care of you, if we carry that, if we distribute that chair, as a retailer. But these other ones, buyer beware, just be really cautious, and I know I just talked about this, either last broadcast, or two broadcasts ago, but it’s a legit concern, so please be careful.

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Alan: But anyway, if you found this video helpful, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us on our YouTube channel, and of course, spread the word about massage chairs by sharing this video on Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, whatnot, we appreciate you helping us spread the word about massage chairs. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and I will see you again in two weeks. Bye bye.

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