Massage Chair Industry Update – December 9, 2020 (Video)

December 11, 2020
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
December 11, 2020
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Industry Update – December 9, 2020 (Video)


Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – December 9, 2020”

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Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today is our biweekly massage chair industry update for Wednesday, December 9th, 2020.

[SCREEN TEXT: In-Home Delivery & Set Up Deadlines for Christmas Have Passed – Still Some Options Left!]

Alan: We’re slowly, or actually, quickly approaching December 25th, the Christmas deadline for a lot of people, and boy, oh boy, most of the white-glove delivery deadlines have passed. So, if you want regular curbside delivery, you can still get your chairs in time pretty much anywhere around the country, but if you want white-glove delivery, it’s kind of nip and tuck. Now, if you’re local to one of our stores, which are in Utah, Arizona, and California, Southern California, we can do the, we can still get the white glove done before the 25th if your chair, if we can get your chair to the showroom before, you know, within a few days of Christmas because we have crews that do the deliveries for us. But anyway, if you are waiting for white-glove delivery, and you live in another part of the country, you’re probably not going to get your chair before Christmas, at this particular time. Anyway, and of course, that sounds like bad news, and it kind of is, but of course, white-glove delivery is where they bring it in, what we call in-home delivery and set up, they bring the chair in your home and set it up, and you know, if you have help carrying the chair in to your house, either by you know, neighbors or kids or friends, you know, assembling these chairs is relatively straightforward. There are usually videos on YouTube on how to assemble, there’s instructions in the instruction manual, or the owner’s manual, that comes with the chair, and you can put the chair together. The hard part is just getting it in the house, because of the, most of these chairs come in more than one box. The main chair body is in one big box, and that’s the heaviest, and if you’ve got help with that box and you can get it in the house, then, you know, then you’ll be OK. Anyway, OK, so deadlines for, those are the deadlines for Christmas deliveries, just so that you know.

[SCREEN TEXT: Back-Orders]

Alan: I’ve talked about back-orders for quite a while, and there have been a couple of primary chairs, our JPMedics Kumo and the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid, which have been back-ordered and are supposed to be in this week. We have not heard yet that they are actually even at the port. We’ve not heard, hopefully we’ll hear something today, and as a matter of fact, the Hybrid, the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid, the Gray/Black color has already all been spoken for from this next shipment that’s supposed to coming in this week. The next shipment will be at the end of January, beginning of February. So, I believe there’s like four or five Chocolate Browns still available, and some Black on Black, which is unique color for them. It’s a very limited color, it’s not part of our, it’s not on our website, but it’s just for this shipment only, and they have some Black on Black on that chair. And as far as the Kumo goes, the Cappuccino is back-ordered until like March of 2021. The MA73 and the J7 from Panasonic are also on back-order, but the J7 is hitting the port now, but it takes one to two weeks to get it out of the port apparently because of a shortage of truckers, no thanks to the delightful COVID-19 pandemic, which has discouraged many truck drivers from driving. So, anyway, just be aware that if your chair is on back-order, it is a bit of a crapshoot right now, we don’t know when the chairs are going to be exactly in the warehouses, how available they’ll be. You know, the Infinity Imperial is back-ordered and apparently their chairs are supposed to be in their warehouses by the 15th of this month, which is still enough time for regular curbside delivery, but of course, again, not white glove unless you’re you know, local to one of our stores.

[SCREEN TEXT: Buyer Beware Booklet Now Available on our Website for Download]

Alan: Let’s see, the, I have talked about my Buyer Beware booklet forever and a day on these videos, and we finally have it up on the website. And now, this is a brochure or a booklet, it’s more of a booklet than it is a brochure, it’s kind of a, it’s been a few years in the making because it’s taken me a couple years to you know, verbalize in text, what the things are that you need to be aware of when you’re looking for a massage chair, and we call them, you know, we tell you about red flags. There’s 10 red flags in the booklet, and there’s things that people are not aware of that they need to be aware of when they’re shopping for a massage chair. It’s kind of, I used to call it the Wild West, I think things are getting a little bit more tame, if you will, in the massage chair industry, but there are still things that are being said and done out there that are misleading, deceptive, and downright lies that are out there, and you need to maybe be a little bit more aware of these things before you make a decision to purchase a massage chair from a particular company, or from a particular brand, or off brand. So, anyway, that, if you go on my website and you go, if you look across the top of any page, there’s a navigation bar, and the first one on the left, it says Support, and if you mouse over Support, and scroll down the menu, you’ll see Free Downloads, at the bottom, and you can go and download the Buyer Beware report there, and that will, and I really believe that’s an essential tool in your due diligence if you’re looking for a massage chair. So, take a look at it, it’s a free download, for heaven’s sake, it’s no cost to you at all, and we got nice pictures in there, big text, so for old people like me, you can read it. Anyway, just wanted you to know that Buyer Beware booklet is now actually accessible from our website, and I apologize, ad nauseum, for taking like two months to finally get it finished and get it up on the website.


Alan: OK, I have a couple of tips for you. Now, these are tips that, one of them is going to become, well, actually, they’re both going to become, we’re going to make videos of them this week, but the OHCO M.8 is a very nice chair. It’s a beautifully engineered chair, it’s considered made in Japan, it has some interesting features that we’ve not seen on a chair before, like opening side doors, aromatherapy modules, but it has this Sens8 massage mechanism that gives you a very human-like experience. It’s not the deepest massage in the world, like it’s not going to like knock-you-out-of-the-chair kind of intensity, but it’s a very, very nuanced, sophisticated roller. The thing that we, a little tip that we’ve learned for people that sit in the chair is, and first of all, I want to mention that the headpiece has rollers in it, and the headpiece is a fully functional massage mechanism, and it also has airbags on the bottom of the headpiece that push down on the shoulders. The propensity, when you sit in this massage chair, is the same as any other massage chair. You just lean back in it, your head’s cradled in the headpiece, and then you turn it on. The problem is, is that when you turn it on, the chair will recline to a default recline position, and as it reclines, the headpiece will move, your body will actually move down relative to the headpiece, so the headpiece moves up, which eventually, over time, has your head tucked down like this, and the airbags in the shoulders, from the headpiece, aren’t even hitting your shoulders to traction your neck. It’s a delightful therapeutic experience to have the airbags push down on your neck and traction, but your head has to be cradled in the headpiece, and so there’s a back pad that extends down from the headpiece, down to the low back, and that, before we put a customer in the showrooms in these chairs, in the OHCO M.8, we lower the headpiece, and the attached back pad, so it goes a little bit farther down, so that when the customer leans back, the bottom of the headpiece is kind of hitting just below the top of the shoulders, and it doesn’t feel right. You know, when the customer’s in there, they go ‘Oh no,’ you know, they kind of want to get their shoulders snuggled underneath, but I tell them ‘Hold on, we’ll turn on the program and when the chair reclines, you will feel the headpiece move up relative to your head, and relative to your shoulders, and then it will settle on top of your shoulders.’ And then if it still feels like it’s too low, then you can get the customer to, or get the customer, or you, the customer, can get the shoulder snuggled, you know, kind of shuffle, and you know, get that shoulder right underneath the headpiece. But the positioning is important because if you don’t position right, then the airbags are going to push down and not even reach your shoulders, A, B, your head is going to come out of the cradle position, and it’s going to come down like this, so it’s kind of tucking your chin in, and it’s not going to be the most comfortable fit for you. So, we’re making a video of that this week to put on our YouTube channel, but I’m telling you now, so when you have an OHCO M.8, and maybe those of you that own one now might be struggling with that, or if you notice this very same thing that I’m mentioning. But that is a great little chair hack for you for using the OHCO M.8, and it makes for a very, very comfortable, it’s a very comfortable chair to sit in. And then when your head is cradled in the headpiece properly is very comfortable, and if it’s not, it’s kind of like ‘Gee, this doesn’t feel right,’ but it’s not the chair, it’s your ability to get positioned in the chair properly, and that’s what you do.

[SCREEN TEXT: Infinity Imperial (and Other Models) Tip]

Alan: The second hack, which I want to tell you about is for, and I learned this on some Infinity models, because there’s a chair called the Infinity Imperial, which is a very, very popular-selling chair right now because it’s kind of on closeout, so they dropped the price down to $4499, and lot of people are buying it. But a lot of people, or not a lot, but a number of people have complained that the airbags in the calves are too strong for their calves, and they turn the compression down all the way, and it’s still too strong, what can we do? Well, I contacted my friend Michael over at Infinity, and he kind of showed me exactly what to do, and so, and we’ll do a video on this as well. But what you do is you turn off the chair from the power button in the back, and then before you turn it back on, you push the button above the OK, there’s a little circle set of buttons that are for you to move things around, up and down, and an OK button in the middle. The up line, or the up button from that, you hold it down, and then you turn on the chair. And then when you turn on the chair, a blue, you know, like it’s like an engineer mode, you can get in to the back office, if you will, of the massage chair, and there you will see, a two out of, the intensity of the air-pressure bags is set at two out of three, and then with the side buttons on either side of the OK button, you can lower it or raise it. If you want more squeeze, you can raise it up even more, and it’ll inflate it even more, or you can go down to a one out of three, and it brings it down to a much more gentle, or I wouldn’t say gentle, it’s just a more reasonable intensity on the calves. But that also decreases the airbag intensity, or increases the airbag intensity all over the body, and so that when you go back in to the massage chair and turn on the power on for the remote, you can increase the intensity if you find that it’s too low, you can still increase it. But now the overall general intensity level is going to be down a notch. So, that’s how you do it, and that hack also works on other chairs from that factory, like the Human Touch Novo XT2, and the Super Novo does the same thing. I suspect, I haven’t tried it, but I suspect that the Daiwa chairs, or at least, I should say, the Daiwa Pegasus and probably the Hubble and the Solace, which have that style of remote, you can do the same there. I haven’t tried it, but I assume you can, because it seems to be a built-in function of a lot of the chairs from this factory. So, anyway, that’s another, a little hack for you, and I think you’ll find that quite helpful for you if you are either owning those two chairs, or if you’re considering purchasing those two chairs. Well, I think that’s about it. We’re coming close to the end of 2020, and what a year it’s been. Of course, everybody talks, jokes, laments about 2020 with the pandemic and all the other, civil unrest, and all of the other stuff that’s been going on this year, it’s been quite a year, and of course, the presidential election. My wife and I came down with the COVID-19 virus, and it was not pleasant. It was, we both had very different symptomatic responses, but the bottom line is you feel very weak and tired, and we did lose our sense of taste and smell, which is, for someone who loves food as much as I do, losing the sense of smell and taste is extremely disturbing, but when it came back, it was wonderful. I still kind of feel, from time to time, I still have, it’s been over a month since I’ve had it, but from time to time, I still feel kind of like a light, kind of a like a dull headache, and sometimes I feel like my chest is still congested a bit from it. I’m an asthmatic, and I’m over 60, so I kind of have this, I’m kind of considered a high risk, and so it kind of, it’s created a lot of congestion in my lungs. And of course, I don’t know why I’m telling you all this now, I’ve kind of gone off on a tangent. But anyway, we made it through it, and I know that the majority of people do, but I can understand why some can get quite ill, and quite, I can understand the ventilator thing, because I’m an asthmatic, and I have had some problems with congestion and breathing. But if any of you are struggling with it, I wish you the very, very best, and if you don’t have it, you know, stay away from it, it’s certainly not pleasant. It feels like a bad flu that’s just kind of doesn’t go away like a regular flu. A regular flu will kind of come and go in two or three days, and you’re back to work. This one, this one lingered for a week or two, and for some, my youngest son, who’s 19, had it, and he had it for like two days, and he didn’t even know he had it, he just thought ‘Oh, that’s weird, I feel like I’ve got a cold, and I can’t smell,’ but that was it and then it went away. He was back within two days, so it varies from person to person. But anyway, I didn’t mean to get off on that tangent, but you know, just please take care of yourselves. Be safe, and of course, do everything you can to protect yourself and others from the spread of this thing, and it looks like there are some vaccines that have just kind of started being tested, or not tested, sorry, deployed, in Britain, and it looks like the United States will be getting some very shortly, and so there’s some hope on the horizon that there’ll be, this is kind of a turning point. And let’s, you know, hope and pray and keep our fingers crossed that it is a turning point.

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Alan: Anyway, that’s it for my massage chair industry update for this week. If you found this video helpful, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us on our our YouTube channel, and of course, if you share this video with your friends and family to help us spread the word about massage chairs, I’d be very grateful.

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Alan: If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at 888-259-5380, and during COVID, I’m answering most of the phone calls, so I’d be happy to talk to you, and of course, if you have any other questions, or you don’t want to call, you can go on, you can email, you can go our YouTube channel, or on our Facebook, or Instagram pages, and Twitter and leave questions there, and we will get around to them, and get them answered for you. But I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and I will see you again in two weeks right before the holidays start. Bye bye.

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