Inada Yume vs. Panasonic 30007

May 20, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
May 20, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Yume vs. Panasonic 30007

A question from a massage chair shopper dealt with the differences between the Inada Yume and the Panasonic EP30007. Here is the

Inada Yume

email exchange. By the way, Inada announced last week that they dropped the price of the Yume by $700 to $5299! Great news for Yume shoppers.

Hi Dr Weidner, Need your assistance please, I was looking @ Panasonic EP30007 and Inada Yume and need to know which is better in terms of full body massage and real bang for bucks, I have tried Yume but didn’t get chance to try EP30007. Thank you Chintan

My Response:

Hi, Chintan

Thank you so much for your email. Both chairs are quite different. The great thing about both is that they both have 3 year parts and labor warranty and both are quality made chairs. You will probably be happy with either one. But, here is my take on how they compare:

1. Yume has the innovative rocking motion and calf kneading (Thera-Elliptical Kneading) features. Inada is always the innnovator in the industry and these two features are new and quite exciting.

2. Yume does not have a foot massage mechanism…only calf massage. Panasonic 30007 has foot and calf airbags, though the therapeutic value of the airbags in the 30007 is not as significant as the kneading calf massage of the Yume.

3. The Panasonic 30007 has hand and forearm airbag massage whereas the Yume does not have any upper extremity airbag massage.

4. Panasonic has it’s grip feature  in the rollers at the shoulder region, the Yume has it’s proprietary neck stretch pillow. On most massage chairs the rollers follow the curve of the spine up to the neck and base of the skull. The 30007 and the new Panasonic MA70 incorporate a feature where the rollers, as they move up the mid back towards the neck, roll over the top of the shoulders a bit before they move on up the neck. This roller feature applies some roller pressure to the back of the trap muscles and the levator scapulae muscles at the top of the shoulder blade.

The Yume has rollers going up the neck, but rather than have the rollers move over the traps and levator scapulae muscles, Inada has incorporated a proprietary neck pillow that uses airbags to inflate down onto the top of the shoulders while at the same time tractioning up on the base of the skull, thus inducing a neck traction effect. This occurs even as the airbags are inflating down onto the top of the shoulder muscles.

Both are very good at trying to involve the top of the shoulder muscles in their massage programs.

5. The remote control of the Inada Yume is very, very simple and easy to use. The remote of the Panasonic is a bit more complicated. Regardless, after using both chairs a few times either remote will be quite easy to use.

6. The roller system in the Yume is newer and feels a bit more sophisticated. You cannot adjust the intensity of the Yume roller system, but you can adjust the intensity of the roller massage in the Panasonic. The rollers in the Yume go down lower into the buttocks than do the rollers of the 30007.

7. The Yume comes in a number of color options, whereas the 30007 only comes in black.

8. If you are over 6 feet tall, you will find the Yume fitting you better than the 30007. The 30007 is a chair built for smaller framed people.

I hope these comparatives help you out a bit. I might just add also that the fact that you have had a chance to sit in one of them (the Yume) is a big thing. If you sat in it and you liked it, that, in my book, is a huge determinant of whether you should get that chair or not. You may look at the features online of both and think that the Panasonic is a better choice because of price and the foot and arm airbags, but when you sit in it, you may feel that it doesn’t compare to the Yume. Just my two bits worth.

Currently on our website we offer a $300 discount on the Panasonic 30007 and recently Inada announced a $700 drop in price on the Yume.

Dr. Alan Weidner
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