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    Rod and Anita Core (verified owner)

    We purchased the Pegasus 2 Smart. Alan was very helpful, he showed us several chairs, answered all our questions and just went out of his way to help. We have been very happy with the chair, we use it every day and have enjoyed the different programs. We have several favorites. We couldn’t be happier.

    Daiwa Pegasus 2 SmartDaiwa Pegasus 2 Smart

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    Patrick (verified owner)

    First off, want to say that I’ve been very happy with Dr. Alan Weidner’s service from Massage Chair Relief. I found this site when I was researching massage chairs on YouTube and ended up watching some of his videos. I decided to purchase from Massage Chair Relief because of their 90 day money back guarantee as well as the lifetime labor warranty. I’m about halfway through the 90 day period and I’m most likely (90%) going to stick with this massage chair … mainly because it’s not easy to go and test out other massage chairs during COVID, and also because it will be a pain to pack up and ship the chair back.

    Overall, I’m ok with the Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus. Ok as in 3 out of 5 stars. Here are my thoughts:

    Neck & Shoulder: Other people have mentioned this already. The pad is terrible. When it’s on, the neck massage does nothing. And those little massagers at the bottom of the head pad don’t give a good massage. And they often hit your collarbone instead, which hurts and doesn’t actually give you a massage. If you take the head pad off, the neck & shoulder massage is decent. However, when it’s massaging the base of your neck, your head is arched back and you’re looking straight up, which is super uncomfortable (this won’t happen if the head pad is on, but then you won’t get a good massage). Also, the distance between the two massage rollers can’t be made narrow enough to give full coverage.

    Back: Back massage is fine.

    Arms: When you are seated upright, the airbags do a decent job of massage your hands and forearms. However, when you are in zero gravity mode, your hands are much higher, and you basically only get a hand/finger massage. In some modes, it can hurt when the airbags try to massage your finger (instead of your hand or forearm). Sometimes the airbags at your shoulders inflate so much that it’s uncomfortable to keep your hands/forearms in the armrest area.

    Butt: The butt massage seems a bit pointless. It just moves you left and right. I guess it helps a tiny bit for certain stretches, but that’s about it.

    Calf: The airbags don’t really give a good massage here. Also feel a bit pointless. Sometimes the airbags inflate so much that they put pressure on your knees, which actually hurts in a bad way.

    Feet: When it’s just the rollers spinning, it does almost nothing. But when the bags around the feet are inflated and the rollers are spinning, it feels great. So look for the programs that include the feet airbags.

    Stretch: The stretch that pulls the feet feels great. The one that stretches your back & hands is not too bad either.

    Remote Control: I hate the remote control with a passion. They try to make it look like an iPad, but it’s clear that whoever designed it has no background in mobile user interfaces. It looks bad, it’s slow & clunky, and it’s organized terribly. Everytime you turn on the massage chair, it takes forever to go through the scan. And if you try to load up a saved profile, you don’t save any time because it takes forever to load the profile. The manual mode is poorly designed. And in general, what should have been a big positive is actually the worst thing about the chair. Also, the fact that you have to look at the screen to make any adjustments is a big negative. I’d actually prefer the simpler button layouts of the average massage chair to this.

    The main reason I purchased this massage chair was for the neck & shoulder massage. With the head pad removed, the Luraco does a decent job (4 out of 5 stars). The back, feet, and stretch massages are good too. However, the arms, butt, and calf massages are all bad. If I just rated the chair itself, I’d give it a 4 (out of 5 stars). But the remote is so bad that I’m dropping the overall rating down to 3 stars. I’m hoping that they put out a software update for the remote that improves things .. if that’s even possible.

    If you are thinking of getting a high end massage chair, my suggestion is to actually go to the store and try them all out in person. See if it is massaging you how and where you like it and also look at the remote to see how easy it is to use. I purchased my Luraco based only on my research online and I wish now that I had taken the time to try out a couple other options before making my decision. Given that I have about half the time left on my 90 day warranty, I’m still about 10% tempted to drive down to the Los Angeles Massage Chair Relief store (a 6 hour drive) to try all the high end massage chairs to see if any of them are so much better that I decide it’s worth the trouble to return the Luraco and buy a different chair. Will see how I feel over the next 2-3 weeks.

    Luraco iRobotics 7 PlusLuraco iRobotics 7 Plus

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    Liliana Onsurez (verified owner)

    Best Massage Chair!!!!!!! My husband and I very happy with our new massage chair. Good Customer Service and right on time for delivery too👍👍👍

    Osaki Maestro LEOsaki Maestro LE

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    Alan/Massage Chair Relief – very responsive to any questions or issues, very knowledgeable

    Chair appearance – modern, natural aesthetic

    Overall massage – relaxing experience (but to be fair, I don’t have anything to compare to, since I bought during COVID times without trying other chairs… but I do get the impression the rollers are somewhat innovative)

    Arm rollers – they are very comparable to calf rollers in terms of what they contribute… I think it is a meaningful feature, but I would not prioritize this in a purchasing decision, especially since you might want to instead hold a book or tablet during the massage


    Initial quality – faulty arm roller required replacement when I received the chair

    FFL (the US umbrella for DCore, Panasonic, Positive Posture, etc.) customer service – service tech was unavailable for a month, so I had to repair the chair myself… in general, FFL is not proactive about solving your issues, and you have to continue to follow up with them yourself… I have a few data points on their customer service, since I have also ordered two other FFL products… I have learned they can be either dishonest or frustratingly inaccurate in what they tell you, so unfortunately I no longer recommend anyone purchase FFL products

    Inaccurate body scan and lack of memory settings – body scan frequently thinks my lower shoulder blades are the top of my shoulders, and because there is no memory setting, I need to manually correct this each time… by the way, I am not tall

    User experience in the dark – if in the dark, it is very difficult to fix the body scan results or do anything else nontrivial with the controller… there is a light at first, but it turns off quickly, without an option for turning back on

    Roller intensity settings – there are three roller intensity settings, but the lowest is already intense… higher settings create discomfort for the neck by pushing the user out of the chair without head support

    D.Core CirrusD.Core Cirrus

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    Daniel Thomas (verified owner)

    After a couple of weeks of shopping for a chair I was finally satisfied with the Ogawa Master Drive AI. Shawn was amazing at showing me different chairs and making special appointments for me to try them out. I was given a price I just couldn’t refuse. Only had to wait a week after purchase for the chair to be delivered and put together where I wanted it with the white glove service. After the delivery was complete I did notice there was a chip and scrape on my front door sill/panel. Shawn once finding out about it called me and setup a handyman to come to fix it. I was seriously shocked that this would be done. The handy man came a few days later when we were not home and it was fixed. I couldn’t find the spot that was damaged after he was done. I am absolutely satisfied by the level of professionalism from massage chair relief!

    Now on to the chair. I have had it almost a month and it has definitely helped me from my aches and pains from riding my Peloton every day. The post workout program is my favorite as well as the stretch program. My girlfriend loves it as well. It is super user friendly and the voice activation works as advertised. I usually just tell Alexa to do what program I want instead of using the pad that is provided with the chair. This is a top notch company that I’m so glad I went with compared to the other stores. Thank you for everything!

    Ogawa Master Drive AIOgawa Master Drive AI

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    Patrick (verified owner)

    I received the Pegasus 2 a little more than two weeks ago. I am 51 years old, 6’4”, 240 pounds on a good day and have never owned a massage chair before (in fact, I have never used one before). The pandemic caused me to examine how I could adapt my health regime in a socially responsible way. Previously, I had regularly used masseurs to help my body recover from training and general wear and tear. I wanted to share my initial feedback on the chair after using it for the first 2 weeks.

    First, I assembled the chair on my own after taking delivery. The official advice is for two people to assemble the chair and that would have been easier, but with a little patience, I managed to complete the assembly in 2 hours.

    My headline feedback is, “I really like the chair so far.” I would recommend it to friends, family and other interested people. What I cannot say with my endorsement is how the Pegasus 2 compares to other chairs in its class, but as an investment in your physical health and a desire to have a chair which a large-ish person can tailor to their desired massage whims, this chair must be difficult to beat.

    The following is some specific criticism of the chair that I hope aids the reader in making his/her decision about purchasing the Pegasus 2. First, the remote attached to the chair is very intuitive and easy to use; it is the primary way I interact with and direct the chair. There is also an app you may download to a device of your choosing and I have used it as well. The app does not offer the full options that the chair has, but it is good. There is also voice activated controls which respond to your voice commands. I find this to not always work as I would expect and despite not saying “Hello Daiwa”, I have had the chair respond to some television programming I had playing in the background which effectively altered the massage program and then shut the chair off mid-massage. It is easy to disable the voice activation and it is not a real detraction from my overall view of the chair’s abilities, but if you want to really have a hands-free chair, I would look at this very carefully before buying this chair. Second, the chair has a body-scan that it performs at the initiation of every massage. I have so far found that this body scan works about 90% of the time. For the other 10% (and I am only speaking about my legs; for my upper body the scan has been 100% accurate so far). I have found that the chair wants me in a tucked position until I use the remote control to make the adjustments that position my body properly for the massage I have chosen – I also want to say this only occurs on a couple of the pre-programmed massages only and does not occur randomly. Given the easy ability to adjust the ottoman, this is not a huge distraction for me and after I make the necessary adjustments at the outset of the massage, I do not need to access the remote again. Third, while I do not know what is on offer from other chairs as far as the pre-programmed massages, I can say that I am very pleased with the ones that come with the Pegasus 2. There are reviving massages, relaxing massages, deep tissue massages, and so on. This brings me nicely on to the fourth feature I want to call out in this review – the manual massage features. This really does offer the user a lot of flexibility. All of the chairs features may be accessed for a person who wants to tailor their massage beyond what is on offer in the 9 pre-programmed offerings and the 3 3-D massages. You may adjust the pressure of the airbags, the speed of the tapping, the speed of the rollers, the intensity – it all there and adjustable to the user’s desire. Lastly, I want to mention that the Bluetooth works well and the speaker quality is great.

    Overall, I have been really pleased with my chair. It has addressed the physical concerns I was having as I was sitting at home for long periods working at a table and could feel my back was stiffening and my body complaining. Those issues are no more since I have had the chair. My intention is to update this review each year to share anything additional that I think is pertinent to know about the chair and whether or not to consider buying it. In closing, i am happy to speak to anyone who is seriously interested in buying the chair from the Massage Chair Relief Folks. Dr. Weidner has my phone number or you can reach out by e-mail.

    Daiwa Pegasus 2 SmartDaiwa Pegasus 2 Smart

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    Brad Beaudry (verified owner)

    The chair is great in function so far. Sometimes the tablet doesnt always operate the best. We have some questions about where our shoulders should be. And werent overly impressed with the white glove service. Worried their might be some loose pieces inside the chair from when the paneling was put back on. Also missed quite a few steps and were here awhile. I still tipped them, and wish for them the best. Im sure they will get better at installing these newer ones now. However, I do believe I would have done the job better myself, and wish I didnt pay $200 for it. Anyways, the chair thus far is still great. And my criticism is not meant to reflect upon the two guys that did the job. I just hope that the rattling I heard when they put some of the paneling on wasnt broken parts of my chair. And I wish it went smoother. My wife had her first nights sleep in a good while after on the chair. If it keeps working this well, we intend to keep it for a good long time. We also appreciate all the customer service we have received from Massage Chair Relief thus far. Great company over all, and thank you all so much for what you do.

    Ogawa Master Drive AIOgawa Master Drive AI

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    Howard Spiller (verified owner)

    After reading reviews and product information, I decided to purchase the Osaki 4000T, but was concerned it may not be comfortable enough since I didn’t have an opportunity to try it out. Since Massage Chair Relief has a 90 day return policy, I decided to order it from them. The buying process was excellent and they kept me up to date as to when I would receive it, zth chair turned out great and there is no need to return it, Would urge oeople to get the White Glove service if they are planning to set it up by themselves since it is extremely heavy.

    Osaki OS-4000TOsaki OS-4000T

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    Great Product. Really happy with our purchase. I took my mom to look at all the chairs available at Massage Chair Relief. They have the best selection in SoCal. She spent hours testing all the chairs to really figure out what she wanted. This was a big purchase. The employee was very helpful and I highly recommend purchasing in the store if you can. They delivered and put together the chair for no extra charge and offered to move the chair in the future when we move, etc. I will only come to Massage Chair Relief to purchase in the future. Where else can you try all the brands to see what is really right for me?

    Panasonic MAJ7Panasonic MAJ7

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    This is an early review, but I wanted to encourage people to really go in and try the chairs. I had researched and went into the store determined that I would want one of the two I researched, however….after trying them and some other chairs, I “narrowed it down” to two different chairs and then really found that this particular chair really hit the spots for me! Although the reviews by others is helpful and the research and comparison charts are great – it really takes trying them and seeing for yourself which one best meets your needs. The Massage Chair Relief store, agent and owner were really great! Very pleasant, no sales pitches, just genuinely helpful.

    BodyFriend Pharaoh SIIBodyFriend Pharaoh SII

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I Really Appreciate The Before Delivery E-mails From You...

"Thanks Alan, I received the massage chair on Saturday within the shipping period you stated. The shipping company was excellent; the individual who delivered the chair to my home was not only professional, but very nice! I have already used and setup the chair with no problems. By the way, I really appreciate the before delivery e-mails from you, it was a nice way of keeping me on track of the different stages of the delivery. Much thanks,"Stan TolanGardena, California

"We would recommend Massage Chair Relief to anyone who is interested in buying a massage chair"

When we first came to the store in Salt Lake it was awesome. Stephanie was so nice and knowledgeable about all the chairs that were in the show room. She had us take off our shoes and sit in each chair to see the differences between the chairs. We left that day very happy and discussing which chairs we liked the most. The next day we went to another store here and were very disappointed in the customer service and selection that was available. So we went back to Massage Chair Relief. We spend 9 hours in the store that day. We left for dinner and returned to buy 2 chairs. They were so helpful and friendly. When our chairs were delivered it was a week later. We were so excited that we called our family to come and sit in the chairs. After my father-in-law sat in my chair he went to the store and got his own. We would recommend Massage Chair Relief to anyone who is interested in buying a massage chair. If you live in Utah or surrounding states make the trip to the store. It will be well worth it. Thank you Dr. Al and Stephanie. We love you guys and we love our chairs.David and Brook GonzalesSandy, Utah

"It is a pleasure to buy from Massage Chair Relief"

I ordered this chair for my husband as a gift. It is pleasure to buy from and has very good communication. Highly Recommended. The chair was was a snap to set up. The controls are easy to use and the many different massage options hit about every spot on the body - including feet! The leather is nice and soft, it looks beautiful in my family room. Thank you,Susan QiuTexas

"I was scared ordering a big purchase item through a website, but rest assured these guys...are trustworthy"

I bought a sanyo massage chair from this website through a price match and they had the BEST deal with extra bonus gifts and EXCELLENT customer service when i called them through the phone. I was scared ordering a big purchase item through a website, but rest assured these guys answered my questions and are trustworthy. Pleasure doing business with them, the chair is working great. Thanks.Varinder SinghHicksville, NY

"Thanks again for the great service. You have a customer and reference for life."

Dr. Weidner, Received my chair on Friday. It's AWESOME!!!! It did take some adjusting to get it just right but the more I used it and explored, the more comfortable I got with it. A few observations:
  • Holding the control is a bit awkward, I might install it on a gooseneck (like the Panasonic chair) so I can see it while reclined and have easy access to it.
  • The chair does so much more than the instructions, the combinations are endless.
  • It can be reclined to the Zero Gravity position yet they don't advertise this.
Over the weekend, I had to walk away from it or I would have had too many massages! Thanks again for the great service. You have a customer and reference for life. Best of regards,Jun RoxasIrvine, California

"Your Company Is Providing First Rate Customer Service From The Initial Order...To The Delivery!"

"Dr. Weidner: I wanted to take a moment to compliment you on your customer service to date. I have been working as an executive assistant for almost 30 years and in recent years have found that customer service hsa deteriorated significantly. Your company on the other hand is providing first rate customer service from the initial order process to the delivery updates. I ordered this chair for my bosses son; perhaps one day I wil be in a position to order one for myself. Thank you for making my job easier. My best to you and your future successes." Regards,Donna Peart

"We Thank You For The Fantastic Service!"

"Hello Dr. Weidner, I wanted to let you know that...we got the chair really fast and are very happy with it! We thank you for the fantastic service and great help on the phone. Thank you! Great service!"Astrid JanssenStroudsburg, Pennsylvania

"...No wonder you are AAA rating from"

This chair is gift for my father and he loves his new chair. My buying process was easy and you have personally replied all my e-mails and qustions. You even gave me ideas regard to removing old chair. I have great experience with my transaction, no wonder you are AAA rating from Your company will be my first choice for my next massage chairs. Thank you.Mina ChangWashington

"I knew that I found the right place to purchase our new massage chair."

I was ready to order a massage chair from another online vendor but after reading your articles, I decided to check them out further through the Better Business Bureau. Needless to say, they had a few blemishes on their record, which was enough for me not to purchase through them. My budget for a new massage chair was 1600 to $2000. initially. But after much research online (which was difficult to find unbiased opinions) I increased to $3000. Thanks to your wonderful staff, I was greeted so cheerfully by Stephanie who answered all of my questions and promptly checked on price matching and shipping time. I knew that I found the right place to purchase our new massage chair. I just thought you should know how much I appreciate the time and effort you have put into your research and for sharing it with consumers like me, who do not have access otherwise to trying out the chairs before we purchase. Thank you again for all of your help. We cannot wait to receive our new Panasonic massage chair. Sincerely,Lynn DettmanGreen Bay, WI

"Once I Tried The Sogno PLUS No Other Chair Was Good Enough!"

Dr. Weidner, I can not tell you how happy I am that I purchased my Inada Sogno chair from you. Your customer service is second to none. Also your personal attention went beyond what I would expect from an internet store. You do need to tell your customers they should not try the Sogno if they are looking at another chair. After taking the advice of one of your sales persons, I went to a local store and tried several of the chairs I was interested in. Once I tried the Sogno no other chair was good enough! Thank you for everything. You gave me an excellent price, shipping was exactly on the day promised. you arranged for the financing, and overall made this one of the easiest pruchases I have ever made. Thanks Again,Bill PoleraNew Jersey

"This is not an actual review of a massage chair per se,

but more of a testament to Dr. Alan's commitment to customer service after the sale. I've had this chair since May 2015 and it has performed well. About one month ago, one of the back rollers came off of the track. As I moved this chair twice between my homes, I cannot blame the chair quality. Anyway, I called Dr. Alan and he immediately started the ball rolling to get my chair repaired. I was able to secure the parts required for repair and scheduled a technician appointment. True to his word, as usual, Dr Alan covered the labor costs under his lifetime labor policy. I paid a reasonable amount for the part. The chair is working again 100%." Philip TylerNew Jersey

"Thank you for taking care of my Inada Chair.

Even after five years you found a technician to come to my home and troubleshoot a minor problem with the neck section of my chair. I am so thankful I used you to purchase my chair and take care of me."Tom BrimerTX

...Your Price Matching, Which Was Incredibly Easy And Totally In Line With Your Claims, Helped Out.

Thanks for your great service getting us our chair. We purchased the Omega Ion chair and we LOVE it. My wife has chronic back and neck problems so her doctor recomended we purchase a massage chair. Without being rich, we were worried about the expense. But your price matching, which was incredibly easy and totally in line with your claims, helped out. The chair was delivered a weel earlier than expected and our backs are so thankful. My wife uses it evey day and it is making a real difference. The only problem is keeping our friends from coming over at all hours to lounge in it. Thanks for the service and the great product. We're thrilled! Thanks,Tim and Ginny ThompsonMadison, WI

Surprising...You Have Been Great To Deal With"

"Dear Dr. Weidner Thank you for offering the massage chair at an affordable price to your patients. It has been an important investment in our health. We knew the value of the chair because we had already tried one in a specialty store. It was an easy decision to make. I have an on going problem with my neck, shoulders, and lower back, and our chair has proven to be a great way to relieve stress and pain from my neck and spine. I am very glad we purchased it, and use it on a regular basis, almost every day. Customer service was especially surprising, also. During shipment our chair was slightly torn. They were so helpful and nice on the phone and within a short period of time the company delivered a complete new chair to our door and brought it in, unpacked it for us and took the damaged one. Thank you again, Dr. Weidner, for a pleasant and beneficial experience, both by the company, and from you. You have been especially great to deal with."Marilyn Broadhead

"Being involved with college athletics, I was constantly plagued with muscle spasms.

My calves and shoulder blades were especially tight, and would inhibit me from performing my best. In search of relief, I tried medication, therapy, and even surgery. Nothing seemed to give me complete relief. That was until I tried the Human Touch Robotic Massage Chair . The Chair was able to target those hard to reach shoulder muscles with my choice of deep kneading, compression, or percussion strokes. I also enjoyed the manual stretch option on the chair. It provided enough tension to increase range of motion in all of the areas of my back. My favorite feature on the Human Touch Chair is the lower leg massage. After one session, my calves felt like new! In my opinion, the Human Touch Robotic Massage Chair provides complete satisfaction for a price that you can not beat. I would recommend this product to anyone!!"Jennifer Brantly

"Wow! What a chair! The HT-125 Human Touch massage chair that Dr. Weidner introduced me

to helped loosen my sore back after having it kinked up for several days. A great massage from head to toe."Jeanette Jepsen
Customer Reviews - broadhead

"Hi Dr. Weidner, This is Lamonte Broadhead calling.

I just wanted to let you know that the purchase of the massage recliner you made available is one of the best investments in our health we have made in a long time. About a month before we read your newsletter with the information about the chair, we had tested one in a specialty store with a price tag of over $3,000.00. We jumped at the chance to buy yours for about $1,000.00 less! We knew it was a great deal. After a hard day's work installing signs, I can sit in the chair for 30 minutes and get a great massage that relaxes me completely. The tension in my back muscles and legs is soon gone because of the different types of movements of the rollers. We use the chair nearly everyday. It is a high quality product that fits nicely into our living room decor. Thank you for making such a valuable product available to your patients." Monte Broadhead

"My telling all the guys he works with to come and get a chair from you!"

I just have to share one thing with you - I have been trying to get my husband to look at those chairs since Christmas. I wanted to get one for him for Christmas and he wouldn't do it. So it was his birthday and father's day and I told him I wanted to get a chair for him. He was very hesitant when I brought him in there. Anyway - he has back and leg issues and he now has used the chair 3 times - and I just talked to him - he works for (company withheld) - and he is telling all the guys he works with to come and get a chair from you - he said they work. He is a great spokesman for your chairs! So - he is sending people in there - some of the guys are under the impression they just vibrate - he told them - it is a full blown massage - and it works.. He made my day - and I want to thank you guys. Please tell Dr. Weidner that I said thank you. Watch for the boys from (company withheld). Thank you so much!!Bonnie HigginsSalt Lake City, Utah

"It Has Truly Improved Our Quality of Life!"

Hi Dr. Weidner, Just wanted to let you know that we are definitely loving our new chair. I apologize for not writing sooner, but we also just started about five new daily therapies for our autistic son, so when we haven't been doing that, we've been IN the chair! The Inada is everything for which I hoped, and more. The customer service was excellent, the chair was easy to operate, and all I do is tell my friends how fantastic this chair has been for us, and how it has been worth every penny. I've even started getting a "Chair-Massage Day" playgroup going for moms of other autistic children, because if anyone deserves a weekly half-hour in this wonderfully relaxing massage chair, it's parents with special-needs kids! Overall, we couldn't be more pleased with EVERYTHING about this amazing chair. You were absolutely right that I would love it. I could go on and on about how therapeutic it has been for all of us. We have improved relaxation, improved energy, more patience- it has truly improved our quality of life, and how often can you say that about a piece of furniture! Many thanks again for all your outstanding customer service, Dr. Weidner! All the best,Dawn HardyMetairie, Louisianna

"I Checked Out Many Places Before I Ordered And You Were Both The Least Expensive And Had The Most Information!

Thank you so very much for making my purchase of the Human Touch Massage Chair so easy! From the beginning to end your contact and support was wonderful! The chair arrived perfectly and exactly when they said it would. I have Fibromyalgia and massage is one thing that helps ease my pain but it is time consuming and expensive to go for a massage every day. I put our new chair in the living room and we have used it everyday. My husband and sons all use it too and think it's wonderful. Your website is wonderful and the free gifts were very useful. Please feel free to use this message on your site as testimony for a satisfied customer! You are the best! I checked out many places before I ordered and you were both the least expensive and had the most information! THANK YOU!!Barb Vittetoe

"I highly recommend you and your HT-1650. Thank You!!!

WOW! What a great chair. I bought the HT-1650 and could not be more impressed! I am a surgeon with occupational back issues and this chair is making a big difference in my back. The delivery and set up was flawless and the chair operates perfectly. I highly recommend you and your HT-1650. Thank You!!! Michael Phillips, M.D.Oconomowoc, WI

"I bought a Panasonic massage chair over 5 years ago.

I had a problem where it stopped working recently and it was also outside of the warranty. I contacted Massage chair relief to find out who I should contact to get it repaired, and to my surprise, Alan sent a repair technician to repair it for free. Great customer service and support." - Aaron Hansen, Utah "The Lifetime Labor Warranty really works! My chair was over 2 years old so only parts, not labor, were still under warranty from Osaki. Luckily, I purchased the chair from Massage Chair Relief, who offers a lifetime labor warranty. Alan Weidner helped me in my communications with Osaki to ship me a replacement part and followed up with them via email when they were slow to respond. Once I received the part, he found a tech to install the part. It took 3 visits to find and fix the issue; a different part was installed each time but the issue didn’t get fixed until the 3 rd visit. This meant Alan honored the labor warranty 3 times before the issue was identified and fixed! The level of customer service from Alan was top notch and he made the process as easy as possible,responding promptly to my emails, never hesitating to send a tech 3 separate times, and most importantly, he didn’t stop working with me until the issue was fixed, saving me hundreds of dollars in labor. If I purchased the chair from another vendor, I would have either shelled out hundreds of dollars in labor costs or thrown the chair away. Thank you Alan!"Jason LimCalifornia

"The warranty is real! I purchased a massage chair from the online store 3 years ago.

At the time, I had seen some chairs at Costco, and planned to buy one from Costco until I saw better selection on this website. I purchased an Ogawa Refresh chair sight unseen (except for web reviews). At the time of purchase, a lifetime labor warranty was included from the store. I assumed this would be of little use (I have not had good experience with warranties from other stores). Fast forward to 2019, the shoulders of the chair became disconnected. I contacted Dr. Weidner, and he was exceedingly helpful. He had the cost of the repair invoiced directly to him, so I never even saw a bill. I highly recommend this store and the excellent service and warranty. I would not hesitate to purchase another massage chair from this store. You can believe in the lifetime labor warranty!" Julie CFairfield, CA

The Lifetime Labor Warranty really works! My chair was over 2 years old

so only parts, not labor, were still under warranty from Osaki. Luckily, I purchased the chair from Massage Chair Relief, who offers a lifetime labor warranty. Alan Weidner helped me in my communications with Osaki to ship me a replacement part and followed up with them via email when they were slow to respond. Once I received the part, he found a tech to install the part. It took 3 visits to find and fix the issue; a different part was installed each time but the issue didn’t get fixed until the 3 rd visit. This meant Alan honored the labor warranty 3 times before the issue was identified and fixed! The level of customer service from Alan was top notch and he made the process as easy as possible,responding promptly to my emails, never hesitating to send a tech 3 separate times, and most importantly, he didn’t stop working with me until the issue was fixed, saving me hundreds of dollars in labor. If I purchased the chair from another vendor, I would have either shelled out hundreds of dollars in labor costs or thrown the chair away. Thank you Alan!Jason LimCalifornia