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  1. Note: I will not address my buying experience with “Massage-Chair-Relief in this review. I have already done that in a previous review, and they were OUTSTANDING, and purchasing through them is highly recommended without reservation.

    No massage chair is 100% perfect for everyone, and that includes Luraco. However, after having tried the chair for 3-weeks, I provide the following feedback/review. I will address my experience as the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY.

    The GOOD:

    I found that the Luraco i9 Max Special Massage Chair is “feature rich” and one of the better massage chairs in the market today. The “Sliding” armrests not only provides easy entry/exit in-and-out of the chair, but also function to provide a premium “stretch for the arms. This is a feature I have not seen in other massage chairs. The i9 Max Special “Split” L-track is one of the main reasons I chose this chair over the competition. This feature not only allows for a good upper/lower massage, but also provides for an “unbelievable” stretch massage. The chair is wi-fi capable, but the relaxing music that is “already” built into this chair and with the soothing massage that this chair gives, is a guarantee to put you to sleep.

    The BAD:

    1. Length of the Remote Power Cord: I like to lay the Remote on my chest/stomach during the massage (for easy access); however, the Remote Power Cord is too short to do so without continuously having to yank on the cord to stretch it out. I am concerned that I will eventually yank hard enough where it would damage the power cord connection to the chair. Luraco, if you read this, please make the Remote Power Cord 6” longer.
    2. Deactivation of Sliding Armrests: I follow Luraco’s recommendation of turning the massage chair “off” when not used; however, by doing so, it requires the chair to “load/initialize” every time the power button is turned “on”. During this “load/initialize” process, the Sliding Armrest function (button) does not work. This makes chair entry impossible through the retractable Armrests until the “load/initialize” process completes. I prefer not having to wait 1 ½ minutes, twiddling my thumbs, for the “load/initialize” process completes before being able to sit in the chair. Luraco, if you read this, is this something you can fix with a software update?
    3. Unable to do “Multiple” Massages in a Row: When a massage program completes, the chair has the option to either stay reclined (sleep mode) or return to starting position. However, if you want a 2nd massage, the whole process of chair start and body scan must be repeated. Luraco, is this something that can be fixed with a software update where multiple massages can be run after each other without having to go through a body scan every time?
    4. Remote Control: The Remote-Control documentation is not very detailed, and for us non-technical folks, initial use is by “trial & error”. I have yet to figure out the “Spot” massage feature in the Manual Massage settings option. Hopefully with more use, everything will become clearer.
    5. Placement of feet in the Footrest: The Luraco instructions tells you to completely put your feet in the footrest (heels touching the back) for the “Scan”; however, doing so, when the massage program goes into the “Stretch”, where the footrest moves down, the “Calf” rollers (or their housing) dig painfully into your calf’s. I almost cried because of the pain. I’ve tried several adjustments, including calf roller intensity, all to no avail. The only thing that has somewhat helped is if I moved my feet forward where my toes just hang over the edge of the footrest. However, this does not seem right. Instead of being able to relax during a stretch, I now worry if my feet are placed correctly in the footrest. If anyone reading this has a solution (it could just be an adjustment problem), please contact me and let me know. Note: this is the reason I gave the Luraco i9 Max Special a generous “4” rating instead of a “5”.

    The UGLY:

    There is no UGLY with the Luraco i9 Max Special Massage Chair. It is a beautifully designed chair w/full “real” leather upholstery. While not UGLY, and this is a personal preference, I would have selected the “Brown” chair upholstery, instead of the “Black” upholstery I selected for my chair. “Brown” would have been a more relaxing color.

  2. Buying this chair from MCR in Cerritos,Ca has been an amazing experience. Michael was a pleasure to work with and even felt like he was family after all the times I visited the showroom (over 5 times). Never had any pressure to purchase anything and He allowed me
    to take all the time I needed. Dom was also very nice and friendly.
    I got the floor model Osaki Maestro LE with a nice discount and I am very happy with the chair. I use it every night and I am getting a better night’s sleep. My body feels less stressed and tense.
    Overall the chair was expensive but would buy it all over again due to the health benefits and lifetime labor warranty putting my mind at ease.

  3. I liked the older models of Brookstone much better, this unit is an Osaki massage chair with a Brookstone shell. My biggie complaint is that you CANNOT turn off the airbags as it only lets you ‘turn down’...

  4. Shaun was very helpful on the phone, both before and after our purchase. We're becoming more comfortable with our Kyota Kenko as time goes on. Our chair arrived about a week after we ordered it.

  5. Reason for Update 1-5-2022: SAFETY: Proximity Sensors

    Daiwa 4d Supreme Hybrid

    Daiwa's FORCE Option they display, but don't say much about in their manual

    an influence (as a push or pull) that tends to produce a change in the speed or direction of motion of something

    By the above definition I fully expected Gentle to be 3d turned off, Soothing, varying from 0-3, and Vigorous from 0-5.
    That would make sense.

    My interpretation of Daiwa's definition of FORCE is the number of times a 3d level 5 intensity occurs from start to finish of an auto program.

    Using the "Refresh" Auto Program for 10 minutes, aided by self produced videos, Gentle Force, Level 5 occurred 22 times. On Vigorous, level 5 occurred around 30 times.

    There will NOT be a noticeable difference from a FORCE setting of Gentle, Soothing, or Vigorous. That is basically what Daiwa's response was to me when I questioned and sent them videos of all the modes under the same conditions. I thought the chair wasn't working correctly.

    Healthy back, no issues, this is a GREAT chair.

    From a standing position, if you are able to bend backwards between 30 and 45 degrees without pain or discomfort, most likely you will be good with this chair, otherwise, don't buy the chair. Try a Luraco I7 or I7 Plus (I Own). NOT the Luraco I9 (I've tried), similar bending/arching issues.

    My wife has lower back issues -- degenerative disc. We made the mistake of assuming FORCE was a 3d intensity level. In that mind set we thought she would be able to use the chair on the Gentle setting and I could still get my desired deep tissue massage.

    Unfortunately, not the case, RE-EMPHASIZING; Gentle reaches level 5 multiple times. Very painful for her. She can only use the manual mode "Point" and "Partial" massage with the 3d level OFF for lower back, plus "Neck and Shoulder", "Sweet Dreams" and "Refreshing Nap". Depending on massage location she can get up to a level 2 and with the traps and neck a 5. Using manual mode for her is a real hassle due to multiple changes required to massage her back. That's why the I7 is a much better choice for her. 3d levels are programmable by sections - Low back, mid back, neck, plus you can store all settings in one memory for fast and easy recall.

    I have no back issues and love the chair.

    The back pads allow you to manually manipulate how intense you want the roller pressure points. With No pads, intense roller pressure points, 1 pad, pressure points a little less intense. .....ect.

    If you are 5'7" or shorter, you can use a "Car Front Seat Cover Half Surround PU Leather Pad Mat" (around $11 ebay) for neck and head support. You can also use the included 6 section pad if you want to bring your head a little more forward, beyond that of using the seat cover. Place the edge of the pad around your mid neck area.

    LOWER Rollers:
    In this area use two or more 7x9 Pot holders to ease the byte of the rollers.

    BODY SCAN Adjustment:: No info in the manual on this
    The chair has a manual adjustment option which shows up right after the initial Body Scan. Up and down arrows appear. At this point you can adjust the baseline roller position by tapping the arrows. You will notice each time the arrow is tapped, a 7 second timer appears. You have 7 seconds to decide if the rollers are in the correct position for you, if not, keep hitting the arrows until you are satisfied. Let the timer elapse, and the massage begins.

    If you are at the end of a massage and you want to continue the massage without the chair resetting:
    Before the massage time expires, simply select another massage, then select the massage you desire, The timer will reset. OR you can open "Adjustments", select a different time then select your desired time. This also resets the timer to the desired time. As far as I can tell you can do this as many times as you want.

    Most auto programs do not use "Zero Gravity" for their standard massaging position. If you would like to use "Zero Gravity" as a massage position for an auto program, open "Adjustments" and select a "Zero Gravity" position. The chair will change and stay in that position until the conclusion of the auto program. This works on most of the auto programs.

    SHORT People:
    My wife is 5'3" this is the only chair we found that fits her. Example: She can feel the foot rollers on the Daiwa (the whole ottoman slides up), on the I7, she can barely feel the rollers. Fit was a big factor for the Daiwa purchase. She tried multiple chairs but none fit her correctly, there was always something not right.

    The above information was learned after we received the chair. Not enough time in the showroom to recognize the FORCE issue.

    On a personal note:

    The last couple of days I've been cleaning my tile and grout, a great deal of bending in positions I'm not used to. As a result my sciatica started acting badly, to the point of making it difficult to even sit comfortably. I did a 30 min round of the Hybriflex program and the sciatica problem went away. I was hoping it would help, never dreamed it would go away completely. It worked for me, hopefully, it will work for others with an irritated sciatic nerve as well.

    SAFETY - Proximity Sensors:
    I didn't see this in the manuals.  The chair has proximity sensors located on each side of the chair. They are positioned in the divide section ( 2-3inch silver separator) between the upper and lower side chair sections.  To test the sensors, place your hand on or near the separator section after initiating a massage. The chair will start dinging. Take your hand off, and it stops. Try this when the chair is changing positions, the chair will stop, then resume once you remove your hand.

    The Supreme is a hard chair to beat. I fall asleep in the Supreme easier than my i7 Plus. When I wake in the Supreme, I feel like I'm trying to wake from anesthesia. Most of the time(90%+), I start another massage and go back to sleep. The most 30 minutes programs in one night, 4, so far. I couldn't wake up enough to get out of it.

    4/5 stars: FORCE is misleading You really only have 12 noticeably different auto programs not 36 as indicated on some youtube videos.

These guys are awesome. I purchased my chair during Covid. I was fortunate to have a plan that cover’s moving the massage chair room to room or to a new place. Very professional. Thanks Massage Chair Relief!
Tom M
My experience at Massage Chair Relief with Michael was a ton of fun and learning! He spent hours helping me choose the perfect chair with spectacular pro-level enthusiasm (his passion is also for unique and heritage tropical fruits..Bravo!) I love the Infinity IT-8500’s stretch function and soothing heat. It feels like a fitness session and relaxation retreat at the same time.The delivery crew was 5-star top notch. They navigated my chair up to the second floor of my library loft through multiple twist and turn stairways- without a sweat!Fully recommend Michael and Massage Chair Relief to the MAX!!!Thanks a billion Michael & Crew
Tina T.
Proud owner of a Daiwa Supreme Hybrid - limitedBlack/Black, and also the Infinity Smart Chair X3 - Black.1 first began my search for a massage chair over a year ago, once I came across Dr. Alan Weidner's Massage Chair Relief store I finally felt like I can get my questions answered. Michael Nguyen, who is the show floor manager thoroughly knows the manufacturing process for each chair. I had intentions of going in and buying an X8 or X9 chair.However, after multiple visits of the bait and testing each chair multiple times, I finally came to a conclusion that just one chair for all my symptoms and physical problems was not enough.lam a previous back brake recovery, I have had surgical disc replacements in my cervix, as well as my lower lumbar. I have four blown discs in my thoracic, along with all that I've also had both knees worked on. This gives you a better idea as to why I'm writing such a thorough review.Between the two chairs, I have been amazed by the back relief, and overall full body relaxation i've been getting from both chairs. This decision was by far better than agreeing to only a three-year coverage of chiropractics in my physical disability court case that was going through at that time.1100% suggest Dr. Wiener's massage chair, relief store and definitely ask for Michael Nguyen on the show floor to pick his brain with his unlimited vast knowledge of the manufacturing process of all the different chairs that you can choose from.Lastly, I'd like to say as a closing statement... Upon delivery of both chairs on two different dates, the two equipment handler's were very kind and professional, respecting my property, as well as ensuring that the spaces were cleared enough in order to assemble each chair. Going above and beyond, even suggesting a different arrangement of my furniture in order to fit the chairs better in the living room space without having to remove any furniture from the environment.Amazing service, amazing equipment and hopefully soon I will find out if it's amazing repair time which I will follow up with buddy on another review.Dr. Alan Weidner & Michael Nguyen, Thanks for everything and all your help,Mike Porter
Michael P.
Wonderful service! Michael was very informative and not pushy at all. Store is very well stocked with all the major chair manufacturers.
Vijay R.
Great service provided by Michael. He’s very knowledgeable and eager to answer any questions.
shawn P.
Best massage chairs and even better customer service
Stan K
Hi Michael,My son and I wanted to thank you for spending SO much time with us this last Saturday afternoon, and answering (sometimes repeatedly for us) all of our questions. We also want to apologize for taking so much of your extra time. I didn't realize it was so late until we got in my car and I felt really bad that you ended up spending almost 45 minutes of extra time with us after your scheduled close, especially with us being walk-ins with no appointment, and at that time, still no purchase, and yet feeling no pressure to leave or feeling rushed (I think my son could have fallen asleep in that rough chair overnight after that neck massage, ha). So thank you for that.After thinking about both chairs, I wrote down the pros and cons of both the Luraco and Daiwa chairs for my own specific needs and, big surprise, I keep coming back to the Luraco. I love the leather and side panels, but those are really just additional and very special bells and whistles (at least the leather is). In the end, the most critical need for me overall are the feet and ankles stretch and massage. This is what I truly need the most. We both absolutely love the Daiwa neck is SO nice! SO nice!!!!, but that isn't as critical as the ankle stretch. I think that the Luraco neck massage will be ok enough for right now. We may just need to run that particular part a little longer, which makes the customizable feature of the Luraco a plus.So, I think I have made my decision on the Luraco i9 Special Edition. I do plan to purchase from you and not another company. That is now a done deal. We were both very impressed by your knowledge, patience and attention to detail, and you were not pushy with us at all. And just so you know, I read some reviews prior to coming to your store and they were all very positive, so I knew we would be in good hands with my purchase. That was why I wanted to visit your store. I was shocked to find out that you had the exact Luraco chair sitting right there that I had my sights on previously, and that we were planning to make an extra trip somewhere else to experience, so that was a win/win for us (thank you for having Luraco fix those additional flaws that you told us about as well!).Thank you again and I hope you had a very nice Father's Day.Best regards,Kathy
K L.
After doing our own research, we found our last stop to be our best stop. If you are looking for a massage chair, or even curious, do yourself a favor and speak with Micheal at Massage Chair Relief. This store has a variety of chairs with various options for all budgets. The best part is Micheal. He's knowledgable of each chairs brand history, features and function, and listens to the customer's needs and wants. I appreciated that he was brand agnostic sharing the features and possible cons of each chair based on what you're seeking. Not pushy, no hard cell, just the facts!If you've done your research, you know there are many chairs to choose from and a lot to consider from warranty to repair and customer service. I hope I never require repair, but the warranty is great and so far, the cusotmer service superb.Thanks Micheal for solidifying our decision with your knowledge and approach, and we look forward to being long-time customers.Natalie and Kevin
Natalie R.
“We did a lot of research and the showroom at Massage Chair Relief would’ve saved us a year. Being able to test each chair with a knowledgeable representative in a no-pressure environment is worth our two hour drive. The delivery was fast and professional. We could not recommend the experience more”
Anton R.
Manager Michael has considerable experience and expertise and he really knows his products. I have really enjoyed the OHCO M8 that I bought from him back in 2019. On the couple of occasions that I have had questions on the chair, he had always been very helpful and responsive. Would definitely recommend buying from Michael!
P S.
I recently had an issue with my 9-year old Osaki massage chair. So I reached out to Massage-Chair-Relief for support, and thanks to the exceptional assistance of Dr. Alan, Michael Nguyen, and Laci Shawver, my problem was quickly resolved. Their commitment of lifetime customer support is true and I can recommend them to anyone in search of a reliable and high-quality massage chair.
Steve L
I phoned massage chair relief of California and spoke with Mike after doing my research. Mike explained that the massage chair I was looking at had been around for ten years and their was updated technology. Picked a chair that I liked that was in my price range. The Ogawa Active XL 3D. Paid over the phone. Received my chair four days later delivered and set up (upstairs). Had some questions about the chair that I could not find in the manual. Called Mike he put me on FaceTime and explained everything perfectly. I am extremely satisfied with Massage Chair Relief and especially with Mike whom I have never met in person. Thank you Mike(Also they have the best warranty)
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