ZeroG 4.0 – First Time Use (Video & Transcript)

Transcript of Video Titled “Your First Time – ZeroG 4.0 Massage Chair”

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ZeroG 4.0 - First Time Use (Video & Transcript) - ZeroG 2.0Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we are going to show you the ZeroG 4.0 massage chair and how to use it your first time through. It’s a very, very simple chair to use, it’s a very nice-looking chair. I’m going to show you today what you’ve got to do to get started on it on your first visit with it. So, go ahead and sit down on the chair. The ottoman is retracted underneath the chair seat, so you don’t have to worry about your feet just yet. Then, you sit back in the chair and relax, and pull the remote out of the pocket on the side of the chair. The first thing that you’re going to want to do is, on the very first time, is push this button, the ‘Go to Zero’ button. If you push that button and hold it, you’ll see the ottoman come out, where you can put your feet in, and again, this is an ottoman that has paddles, not airbags. It’s a wonderful foot-and-calf massage. If you’ve never had the paddles work on you before, Human Touch is masterful with this technology.

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Alan: Then, the chair, still holding this same button, the ‘Go to Zero’ position, now you let the chair recline. You could stop the recline at any point, I like to go to the full zero-gravity recline. As soon as that is done, then we are going to pick one of the four preset and preprogrammed settings, so I’m going to go with, let’s go with ‘Refresh,’ a little bit more vigorous, and that begins the program. Then, I go down here and I like to turn on the foot-and-calf massage, and there’s three settings. I’m just going to put it to the first one, and there’s also a ‘Foot Vibration’ setting that I like to turn on as well. I like to get everything done on me. There’s also a ‘Seat Massage’ on the side of the remote control. So now, we’re set to go, you can put the remote back in to the pocket on the side, and lean back and relax. You’ll notice also that there’s a pillow up here on the head. You can lift this pillow up and out of the way if you want to get the full measure of the intensity of the massage rollers on your neck.

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Alan: If you’re uncomfortable doing that you can just leave the pillow there. Don’t expect to have your neck massaged, of course, but you can use that to prop up your head. You will find though with pretty much every massage chair, if you struggle getting your head back in a reclined position – and a lot of people do because we have this forward head carriage amongst humans that’s so popular and common, and when I say popular I mean that in a negative way, it’s not a good thing to have – well, when you lay on a chair sometimes it’s very difficult for you to get your head back. In those situations, use the pillow, and after two or three sessions with the chair over a few days, you’ll just find that your head goes back a little easier because the massage chair has loosened up those muscles and those joints so much that your head actually does fall back easier on to the chair. You don’t need this pillow anymore. OK, so I’m on the chair, and let’s – when it’s done, the chair will stop – and let’s go ahead and stop the program now, push the ‘Stop’ button on the side. It will stop automatically after the timed program session, but I’m just stopping it prematurely for the sake of the video.

Hold the ‘Stop’ button down and after a few seconds, it will begin to restore. The first thing that it restores is the ottoman, retracting back underneath the seat of the chair, and you can let that happen. As soon as the retraction of the ottoman is done – and keep your finger down on that – then as soon as the retraction of the ottoman is done, then the chair will begin to restore to the neutral, upright position, and here we go, back up to the position. Again, you don’t have to have this chair but five inches away from the wall because of the way it reclines and comes back up, it does not require much distance from the wall at all. It’s very, very easy to use. Now, we’re almost done with the recline. Now the chair is back to its neutral position, you put the remote control back in to the pocket on the side of the chair, and you’re done. That is your first time through with the ZeroG 4.0 massage chair from Human Touch.

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