Has Youth Psychiatry Gone Too Far?

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That headache from your teenage son or daughter might make you think they’re crazy, but apparently, they just might be. These days, almost every US adolescent seems like they have some sort of psychiatric disorder, and that’s according to statistics. The latest statistics from the US government claimed that half of all US adolescents have a “mental health disorder”, but their statistics seem questionable.
When the figures were broken down by sex, it was suggested that over one third of all girls have an anxiety disorder of some kind, which is strange since there are now more female than male undergrads in the US.
Has the criteria for psychiatric disorders gone too far? It seems as if things that sued to be considered normal in adolescence are now deemed as pathological. It’s as if a teenager worrying about a pimple is considered to have an anxiety disorder, and the typical desire to drink is dubbed “alcohol abuse”.
The worst part is that youth psychiatry is becoming a “national crisis”, so millions of dollars are going towards that instead of to those with genuine need.

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