Yoga poses people can do at work for their necks, shoulders, and upper back

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Modern technology has created a very precarious situation for those people interested in preserving the health of their spine. When we are using our smartphones it is almost ‘natural’ to create a rounded shape with our spine that arcs our backs in a way that is unnatural. We are furthering the damage to our backs by sitting hunched over day in and day out. While at work especially, it is important to remain aware of what our bodies are doing, and straighten our backs to further the health of our backs.

Key Takeaways:

  • If yoga class isn’t someone’s thing but they still want to reap the benefits, there are poses they can do right in the hone or office to alleviate pain in their shoulders, neck, and back.
  • According to New York City yoga instructor Deborah Wolk, people can correct poor posture and a bent upper spine that comes from handheld device use by practicing simple yoga poses.
  • In addition to yoga, limit the time spent in any one position, including on the phone, reading a book, or typing.

“While the public appetite for essays reflecting on what all this phone time means to our relationships and social lives has been exhausted (because really, what can we do but adapt?), far fewer words have been dedicated to what it has done to our skeletal architecture, and specifically the health and strength of our necks and upper spines.”

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