Yes, Stress Can Make Teeth Fall Out—and It Can Happen to Anyone – Reader’s Digest

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The dangers of stress continue to increase, making it imperative for people to recognize the signs and symptoms associate with stress so that they get the help needed quickly. New studies show that stress can make people’s teeth fall out. Yes, this condition can become so severe so fast that people’s teeth actually fall out. This important information may change the way that people feel about stress and the time they take to get treatment.

Key Takeaways:

  • A negative mental state can potentially hurt the bacteria in our mouths. These “changes in oral flora are known to cause heart disease, but they also lead to periodontal disease
  • Dr. Zaiff also notes that when there is a combination of periodontal disease and tooth grinding, tooth loss is certainly a possibility
  • Stress can do a lot of bad things to the body, from headaches to backaches, high blood pressure to heart disease

“[I]f people want to keep their pearly whites right where they are in their mouths, it’s important to get a handle on stress.”

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