Worked to death? Study says lack of control over high-stress jobs leads to early grave

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Even with high stress jobs there is a way to find peace, balance and tranquility. Using some relaxation techniques can help one manage and cope. Symptoms of being in a constantly high stress environment coupled with creating bad eating habits, smoking, drinking or other illicit drug use can lead up to death. There are other ways to manage. While there are some jobs where this is only one way to do it correctly, should look at other ways to help employees with work life balance. Several of these things are the gold standard in modern management in larger organizations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Previous academic research has found that having greater control over your job can help you manage work-related stress
  • those in high-stress jobs with little control over their workflow die younger or are less healthy than those who have more flexibility and discretion
  • Studies exploring the work factors associated with death are largely absent from the organizational psychology and management literatures

“Cancer research studies have found a correlation between eating poorly and developing the disease; at 55 percent, cancer was the leading cause of death of those in the paper’s sample. Other leading causes of death were circulatory system ailments, 22 percent; and respiratory system ailments, 8 percent.”

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