Work Stress Is a Part of Every Industry at Every Level

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For many of us, work-related stress consists of nonstop emails from the boss and coworkers, the annoyance of the daily commute and this neck and back strain that comes from staring at a computer for eight hours straight. However, there are other kinds of work stress that millions of Americans live with every day that is nothing to do with incessant smartphone notifications and freeway gridlock.

As this Cattle Network piece points out, American farmers face a great deal of work stress related challenges presented by adverse weather conditions and outbreaks of disease among their cattle and crops.

In discussing the work stress farmers face every day, the article illustrates an important point; work stress affects people in all industries and of all experience levels. A chief executive of a major corporation will likely experience great deal of stress related to the complexities involved in managing a big company.

An entry-level worker for the same company’s logistics division will experience work stress, the mental and the physical strain that comes with being responsible for transporting merchandise across great distances under a tight deadline. And while their positions and responsibilities a very different, both the CEO and the logistics worker would benefit from stress busting activities like filling in an adult coloring book or spending some time in a good massage chair.

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