Why we’re exhausted: Stress and social media are taking their toll – Chicago Sun-Times

Being tired, it's just part of our daily lives and normal, right? Maybe not. There are a wide range of things that can cause fatigue and according to a survey conducted by the National Safety Council in July, 97 percent of Americans are at risk for fatigue. An overwhelming 43 percent stated they did not sleep enough to maintain a clear thought process and to be productive. Some of the risk factors include overworking, working long, early, or late shifts, diet, anemia or other deficiencies, hormones, sleep apnea, lack of sleep or quality sleep, depression, and and stress. Social media and technology has made it to where people can have access nearly everywhere and has become a modern pastime. While this can be an enjoyable task, it can also be a source of stress and overly distracting for some. For those who impulsively check their social media constantly day or night can overlook the toll it may have on them emotionally and physically, either by becoming too involved with posts or by spending the time they should sleep on social media instead. No matter what the reason may be if you are feeling fatigued it is best to pinpoint the cause and address the issues you might be suffering from. Who knows, maybe slightly changing your diet, starting to participate in yoga, or help from your doctor with a medical cause might help you feel better rested, more productive, reduce stress and overall happier and more confident to start your day.

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