Why Stress Is Different Now – NewBeauty Magazine (blog)

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The recent studies and insights that have come out regarding stress levels and factors have given individuals new ways to deal with their stress. Although the concept itself is nothing new, the methods that have been derived in dealing with stressors have increased and become more effective. Implementing these methods can have advantageous outcomes for those who suffer from excessive stress.

Key Takeaways:

  • Naturopathica founder Barbara Close says that for any conversation on stress, it’s important to look at not only what is stressing us out, but also how our ability to adapt to it has changed.
  • Sure, massage, skin care and baths have been major players for stress reduction for some time, but Burrows says she’s seen a huge surge in entire facilities dedicated to meditation, infrared saunas, salt therapy, float tanks and LED light beds.
  • Burrows says we are now seeing the same wellness arc in terms of people trying out and seeing the radical benefits of a regular meditation practice, and the popularity has much to do with science.

“In some sense, people who love spas tend to love meditation because they both support relaxation.”