Why massages should be part of your cycling routine – Glenwood Springs Post Independent

Professional athletes use massage to keep performing at a high level. Cyclists, especially those going on long rides through rough terrain, can benefit from massage as well. massage can increase blood flow and promote muscle healing, decreasing recovery time after a long ride. Experts believe that cyclists should get a massage 3-5 days prior to a strenuous ride with a rub down within 48 hours after the ride. Massage can benefit cyclists and other athletes by decreasing pain, inflammation, and recovery time whole increasing range of motion and performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Working massages into a cyclist’s regular workout regimen has multiple benefits like reducing pain and shortening recovery time.
  • Cyclists will receive the most benefit from getting massages a few days before rigorous rides and a light massage within two days of completing a difficult ride.
  • Working with the same massage therapist on a regular basis is best because the therapist can learn the rider’s body and find changes that may signal a problem.

“There’s a reason massage therapists are on the sidelines at NFL games — it’s because the benefits of sports massage are undeniable.”

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