Why Massage Isn’t Just for Pro Athletes

scrub, brush, and liquid soap


Because of its association with professional athletics and indulgent spot treatments, the average person may not be aware of the fact that getting regular massage scan improve the quality of their life in a number of different ways. The reason top athletes in all fields of professional sports are turning to massage to optimize their performance is that a half an hour massage therapy session can loosen up muscles and fascia that of grown tight and knotted after engaging in taxing physical activity. Massages can also aid in the healing process by drawing oxygenated blood to parts of the body that have become inflamed due to overexertion.

While most of us don’t put our bodies under the same amount of stress LeBron James does, we could all benefit from the relaxation and healing properties of a quality massage. For example, when a person checks their smart phone to read an email or check out the latest happens on a site like Facebook, we hold the phone at an angle that requires us to tilt their heads in an unnatural way. By doing so, you put a significant amount of strain on your neck, back muscles and spine. By doing something as simple as getting biweekly massage treatments, you can repair damage done by holding your head in such an awkward angle.

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