Why doctors are still studying JFK’s chronic back pain – Popular Science

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People who have chronic back pain are not alone. Even John F. Kennedy suffered from chronic back pain. In fact, doctors are still studying about his particular condition. He had a lot of medical problems and suffered a great deal from back pain even after having four surgeries. He had many other problems as well, including stomach, bowl, and adrenal problems. It is thought that he injured his back initially while playing football at Harvard. Whatever his problems, he didn’t often let them show.

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite all of Kennedy’s pain, he was still able to succeed in whatever he planned on accomplishing whether it was pulling men to shore with his teeth or becoming senator to president
  • Some say that the brace he received in the fourth surgery, could have played a role in his death.
  • We as a country have made new advances in technology that could have provided more options to Kennedy and things may have been a little different outcome for him

“Back pain was just one of Kennedy’s maladies; he had a sickly childhood, nearly dying from scarlet fever at one point.”

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