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“I’ve tried everything.” Everyone has heard it, and everyone has said it when it comes to back pain, that ubiquitous complaint heard worldwide. Amongst the more serious attempts, because they are costly and somewhat time consumuing are acupuncture , chiroprator visits and massage therapy. Now Consumer reports has taken a look and the outcome has been a decisive maybe. This explains the temporary but tsill genuine relief that our friends report now and again.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chiropractors perform millions of spinal adjustments each year, and studies around lower-back pain indicate that these regular adjustments can be just as effective as exercise and over-the-counter pain medicines — in the short-term at least.
  • Massage therapy also has some short-term impact. Getting our muscles stretched and rubbed does more than make us feel like we’re loving the spa life on the latest Real Housewives spinoff.
  • Studies also suggest that acupuncture works in a similar way — though this ancient healing technique purports to unblock parts of one’s chi, or life essence, for healing — it in fact activates those pain-blocking nerves and sends a call to arms out to endorphins.

“Many of us don’t want to drop an atom bomb of aspirin on our livers, so we turn to techniques like chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and massage for increased mobility and pain relief.”

What’s the best treatment for back and neck pain?