What to do About Skiing Back Pain

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Although the winter has already ended for many of us, the back pain we acquired during skiing season may still very much still be present. Skiing back pain is a common consequence of the popular winter sport, but it can contribute to dorsalgia symptoms through many mechanisms, including muscular and skeletal problems.

There’s also the possibility of suffering psychogenic expressions related to participating in the sport, which is why it’s always important to be cautious and aware of your body while skiing. The sport requires many different types of athletic exertions, including downhill, jumping, and cross country, all of which require different movements and skills.

The amount of exertion and force on your spine during most of these movements can have a drastic effect on your back, and result in some pretty bad back pain post-season. Always make sure to stretch before and after skiing, and be aware of the angles and movements you’re making. When season is over, continue to do back stretches, and even get yourself a massage every once in a while.

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