What Tingling Hands Might Mean for Your Back

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If you ever get the feeling of tingling hands, it might be related to something that’s going on with your back. Tingling hands are a relatively common symptom that can be related to spinal causation and even more severe issues like localized nerve anomalies, and compressive neuropathies in the neck or upper back.

Nerves are never something that you want to mess with when it comes to health, because they are so sensitive and easy to damage. The upper spinal nerve roots are responsible for providing neurological signals to the hands and are often implicated in creating tingling, weakness, numbness and pain felt in the arms, shoulders, hands, or fingers. Hand tingling isn’t always caused by back issues though.

There are many sources of tingling in the hands, so comprehensive diagnostic testing should always be performed to rule out the many causes and logical possibilities first. In this article you’ll read about some cases where tingling hands were actually related to back pain, and research efforts that went towards successful treatment.

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