What people need to know about foam rollers

massaging shoulders

Going to the gym can absolutely cause a lot of post-workout discomfort, and many gym goers are looking for a way to ease the pain after a long workout. Foam rollers are now making a rise in the workout world due to how they are able to massage and elevate one’s legs, and its cylinder-shape applies pressure to the appropriate spots for optimal pain relief. The roller’s firm but soft foam material is perfect in ensuring an effective yet enjoyable massage.

Key Takeaways:

  • The right roller is needed for either very tense muscles or for prolonged use.
  • Taking it slow, watching one’s posture, and using it as a post-workout are key factors for best results.
  • In addition to all those, commitment is necessary as rollers need to become a habit to see the best results.

“Foam rolling is fast becoming an essential part of many gym goers’ warm-downs and recovery routines.”

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