What one’s back pain is telling them – Palm Beach Post


Back aches can have symptoms such muscle spasms, pain that is worse after sitting, numbness such as sciatica. People can treat pain different ways, depending on the cause and length of pain. Acute pain usually needs anti inflammatory medicine, such as Advil, and physical therapy. It usually goes away in about 6-8 weeks. Sub-acute lower back pain takes longer. People might need an injection for this, an xray, and minimal procedures. Chronic back pain can end up with surgery.

Key Takeaways:

  • Back pain can be felt in four ways – dull, stinging, spasms and tightness, pain that increases after sitting
  • Back pain is also described to physicians in terms of onset and duration.
  • Acute pain is sudden and short, subacute is mechanical in nature and lasts up to three months, chronic pain is severe and does not respond to treatments

“Low back pain may start suddenly, or it could start slowly — possibly coming and going — and gradually get worse over time.”

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