What Is Restorative Yoga? (And Why Should You Do It?)

mini waterfalls

Yoga is already full of benefits. It helps with flexibility, helps reduce stress and promoted relaxation and can even be used as a form of physical therapy. Our lives are so incredibly busy and sometimes we just need to start fresh and with a clear head. Restorative yoga helps relax the body and uses a small amount of energy. Here are some great reasons why you should add restorative yoga to your daily routine.

Key Takeaways:

  • The practice can be completed as a full, long session, or even just as a single five-minute pose in isolation.
  • Restorative yoga welcomes all, and is a great practice to incorporate into your everyday life.
  • Whether your body longs for an energetic boost or physical relief, the offerings of restorative yoga are endless.

“Restorative yoga is a gentle and therapeutic style of yoga, featuring poses that open the body and allow the nervous system to rest.”